Small, General Update to TOS

I have recently updated my TOS for commissions, request, and trades to include a section regarding cancellation and denial of these. I should’ve included this section earlier, but have failed to do so due to being busy with college this past Spring. But, it’s up now, and I will be linking these pages to all art sites I’m currently on.


Story Commissions, Requests, Trades

Hey Guys~

If you haven’t noticed on my Fur Affinity, Deviant Art, So Furry, and Weasyl accounts, I recently opened up for story commissions, request, and trades. So far, I’ve only gotten a couple bites on commissions, and I’m currently evaluating guidelines for requests (no payment) and trades (a piece of writing for another creative piece).

First off, if you would like for me to write you a story, you can send me a message on any of the aforementioned sites or send me a message here via the “Contact” page under the “About Ricky” page. Guidelines for commissions can be found on any of those sites; however, I do plan on centralizing where the guidelines for everything somewhere, as it will make updating the guidelines easier for me.

As WordPress isn’t a furry-exclusive site (neither is DA, but there’s all kinds of furry art there anyway), I’m debating on posting completed commissions to this blog, with the customer’s permission of course. I already plan on posting to my galleries by default. More than likely, these types of stories will feature any requested fetishes or kinks (because furries are weird), rather than “vanilla” sex as seen in my stories “The Last Time I Dated” and “Runaways.” So be warned.