Formatting Your Manuscript – 25 Lines Per Page

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Jenny Hansen

When someone in my writing chapter asked me if I could “please, please, please write a blog about how to get 25 lines per page,” I responded “of course I will” even though I’d never done this setting in my life. I thought, I’ve been teaching Word since version 2.0, I can do a pesky Paragraph setting. Right?

Not so much.

I’ve been writing for nearly a decade and teaching computer classes for longer than that. Why had I never done this before, you ask? Mostly because I’m half blind. Times New Roman, for example, makes me crazy because when there is an “r” and an “n” next to each other, to me they look like an “m.” I secretly believe that if my manuscript is in an easy-to-read font like Arial or Tahoma, the editor (that poor soul who reads thousands of pages a week) will be more kindly disposed to buy…

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