The Sand Pit

Commission for silver144 on FA

Hope you guys enjoy!

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I wanted to write a prequel to my story “Runaways.” While I do like how that one started, I felt like the beginning could’ve used more. However, it would also make for a good coming-out story on its own.

As always, enjoy!

It was time. She fought against it for so long she couldn’t hide her secret anymore. For years, she kept her love for Rebecca from her mother. Amber knew her mother would freak out, drunk or sober, if she knew her only daughter was also attracted to women. She would be furious if she knew Rebecca wasn’t the same species of Humanalia, beings that look like animals but with a human-like posture and basic body structure. Amber’s ex-girlfriend was a rabbit, not a rat like her or her mother. Continue reading

Midnight Bus

Completed version. I know this will need some editing, I’m quite happy that I finished a story for once.

EDIT: Added an internal description of the restaurant; made a few, minor edits.

She was about to doze off hearing the monotonous hum of the tires on the pavement and the gentle rocking of the bus when it started to slow down; she sat on a wheel seat near the back. She brushed her hair and long, brown ear lop out of her face when she stirred as the bus slowly swerve onto the shoulder of the highway, tires crunching on the gravel as it slowed to a complete stop. It was close to midnight, hardly any cars passed them. Her and the rest of the passengers on the bus were stuck on I-57 in the middle of winter. The only sight to be had was barren, snow-covered farmland for miles. Rebecca’s exodus up North was put on pause. Continue reading