Deciding to open up commissions

Hey Guys~

Yeah I still have one left in the queue, but I would like to try and keep somewhat of a steady flow of commissions rather than opening/closing them at the most random times (at least that’s how I feel I’m doing it, anyway).

So, as of right now, I’ve decided to leave them open, more than likely, indefinitely. Keep in mind, this time around, you are required to fill out a form after reading my guidelines. I’m hoping this makes things easier for both of us and speed up the process somewhat. I have also increased my max word count to 10K words and removed an item on my Won’t Write list. Aside from that, the process is pretty much the same.

I also might keep posting stories to one or two sites, rather than every single one I’m on, but use the others for advertising/communication; not sure on that one yet.




Copy/pasted from my journal announcement on FurAffinity, SoFurry, and Weasyl with some slight tweaking for the blog.

I have decided to open up commissions again. They were fun to do and I would love to write for you guys again.

Also, I’ve decided to open up requests and trades. I finally got around to writing up guidelines for those. All the info can be found under the “About Commissions, Requests, and Trades” menu.

For commissions, I will be taking ONE LAST slot.

First off, this won’t necessarily be a first come, first serve. I will go over your commission request with you via private messages/notes and if I’m willing to do it, you get a slot. However, this depends on how many message me wanting a commission, so it may end up being a first come, first serve if I don’t get a lot of commission requests.

Secondly, I won’t start the commission process until all slots are filled. In the case of slots taking too long to fill up (they don’t fill up by the end of this year), I may go ahead and start on them.

Finally, I do not want due dates. I’ve had this happen to me a couple times already and it got too stressful for me, plus I felt horrible finishing a commission long after the customer requested a completion date. I strive to complete a commission within a month of approval, two months maximum. Writing takes time to do well, and life likes to get in the way…a lot. But I push through and find or make the time to write. On that note, I try to give customers progress updates as much as I can, even if there’s not much progress. This is purely an assurance for you so you’re not waiting months upon months for a commission.

Please don’t hesitate to send a message my way if you have any questions!