Trying Out Plan B

Well, finally got around to uploading this one. It’s been a while since I’ve done commission, though I’m pretty happy with how the final piece turned out. Oddly enough, I’m also glad I didn’t go all the way with the sexual stuff in this one; I wanted the focus to be more on the relationship between the characters and not so much the sex (despite one of them having a high libido, probably x3).

Characters © talang43

Story © yours truly

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Frat Cats

If any of you follow Sampsonwoof, you know he likes to write little stories to go along with his personal artwork. I asked him if he’d let me take a stab at it, and he let me 😀

Hope you all enjoy the story, and check out the original upload here –>

Art © Sampsonwoof

Story © yours truly

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An Old Friend

One of three commissions completed, and boy did I enjoy writing this one.

It’s a sequel to “Back for More” and features the same two characters from that story plus a new one. The commissioner wished to remain anonymous, but allowed me to post this to my gallery. Hope you all enjoy!

(I may mark this as “Adult” instead after uploading. It’s not explicitly sexual, but you’ll find out why towards the end.)

Characters © commissioner

Story © yours truly

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Back for More

Second story commission I’ve written. This was an interesting one to write for a few reasons:

  1. I enjoyed the central theme the commissioner requested for this one.
  2. While this seems like a serious test of strength between two men, things get a little…silly (per commissioner request). That made writing this a bit interesting.
  3. This one gave me an opportunity to try my hand at writing action/fighting sequences.

This story is a little on the mature side due to strong language and mild violence.

The commissioner wishes I keep them anonymous, but have allowed me to post their story to my gallery.

Characters © commissioner

Story © yours truly

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A Taste of Excitement

Leave Me Alone by Kenket

Decided to write a small short story based on the above piece by Kenket. It’s one of my favorites of hers and I figured I could use it as a prompt for my writing.

I was trying to keep it shorter than my other stories (1K words or less), but it still clocked in at ~1,300 words. Essentially, I was trying to make this a flash fiction piece.

I also noticed that WordPress automatically inserts emjois, depending on which one you use. I was a little surprised at this; however, personally, I think they enhance the story a little bit since they’re in the context of a text message.

Anyway, enjoy!

It was just for one night; something to help him cut lose and have some fun once in a while. A typical Saturday night at a house party with fellow coworkers, friends, booze, bitches, and that Sunday morning regret him and his buddies met like an old friend. But it was where the ferret fell in love again since his high school days. Frank vowed never to do that again after the sour breakup with his first, and only, girlfriend in what felt like a lifetime ago. He hooked up with women, and a few men, in his college days sometimes, but nothing was serious beyond just messing around. Continue reading