An Old Friend

One of three commissions completed, and boy did I enjoy writing this one.

It’s a sequel to “Back for More” and features the same two characters from that story plus a new one. The commissioner wished to remain anonymous, but allowed me to post this to my gallery. Hope you all enjoy!

(I may mark this as “Adult” instead after uploading. It’s not explicitly sexual, but you’ll find out why towards the end.)

Characters © commissioner

Story © yours truly

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Back for More

Second story commission I’ve written. This was an interesting one to write for a few reasons:

  1. I enjoyed the central theme the commissioner requested for this one.
  2. While this seems like a serious test of strength between two men, things get a little…silly (per commissioner request). That made writing this a bit interesting.
  3. This one gave me an opportunity to try my hand at writing action/fighting sequences.

This story is a little on the mature side due to strong language and mild violence.

The commissioner wishes I keep them anonymous, but have allowed me to post their story to my gallery.

Characters © commissioner

Story © yours truly

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Midnight Bus

Completed version. I know this will need some editing, I’m quite happy that I finished a story for once.

EDIT: Added an internal description of the restaurant; made a few, minor edits.

She was about to doze off hearing the monotonous hum of the tires on the pavement and the gentle rocking of the bus when it started to slow down; she sat on a wheel seat near the back. She brushed her hair and long, brown ear lop out of her face when she stirred as the bus slowly swerve onto the shoulder of the highway, tires crunching on the gravel as it slowed to a complete stop. It was close to midnight, hardly any cars passed them. Her and the rest of the passengers on the bus were stuck on I-57 in the middle of winter. The only sight to be had was barren, snow-covered farmland for miles. Rebecca’s exodus up North was put on pause. Continue reading