Commissions Closed & Life Status

Hey guys~

Due to IRL happenings and not making very much progress on my current commissions, I’ve decided to close commissions. I don’t know when or if I’ll open up for them again.

I thought with being in a better spot in my life I’d be able to spend more time and effort on both commissions and writing in general; however, as time went on, things slowly became chaotic on my end. My current job went from being something I can just go to and make some decent money without really needing to stress out about it, to making me dread each day and wondering how much of a shitshow it’ll be. It’s also left me stressed out and drained to the point where I didn’t want to do much of anything productive and barely taking care of myself; knowing I still have six commissions to work on doesn’t help either.

However, things are slowly getting better, I think; the biggest thing is not letting my job get to me too much. Thing is, I want to keep this job for much longer than a year if I can, as well as stay where I’m currently living, both of which have become a bit difficult lately.

I’ve never had much of an opportunity to establish myself since living on my own prior.

I will continue to work on what is currently in my queue as best as I can. After that, I may focus on personal writing for a little while or as I work on commissions; my characters miss me and I miss them.

In the past, I’ve taken commissions as a means to make a little extra cash on the side; while this is still true, I don’t feel as desperate for the money anymore. And while I do treat commissions in a business-like manner, I want these to be a fun experience for both me and the client; they also help me grow as a writer and explore various themes and topics I wouldn’t write about otherwise.

But…I also need to take care of myself first.

With that said, for those of you who’ve already submitted a form and haven’t gotten your story yet, I will get in touch with you to determine if you still want me to do your commission or not. For those who’ve been wanting to commission me, I do apologize sincerely.