Sparring with Youth

My part of a trade/collab with Rioku Zakoi. Depending on how things go, and how I ended the story, I would not be surprised if this becomes a little series, at least regarding the match.

It was quite interesting writing out a match on my own rather than RPing one like I usually do. It was kinda fun and a little different ^^

Go check out the original pic he did, here >>>

Rioku & art (c) riokuzakoi

Ricky & story (c) yours truly

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Frat Cats

If any of you follow Sampsonwoof, you know he likes to write little stories to go along with his personal artwork. I asked him if he’d let me take a stab at it, and he let me 😀

Hope you all enjoy the story, and check out the original upload here –>

Art © Sampsonwoof

Story © yours truly

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