Story Trades Info

I am willing to write any genre or form with any rating (general, questionable, mature, extreme), so long as the story or poem features anthro characters. This doesn’t mean I won’t write human characters, however.

Regarding Fanfictions: It depends on the show/movie you would like me to write about. If I’m not familiar with the fandom, I won’t write it. Please let me know which fandom, specifically, you have in mind. A few examples of fandoms I’m familiar with are: MLP, ATLA & LOK, and Star Wars.

You can find all the details for requests below. Please, please, PLEASE read everything before contacting me!

Word count for story trades:

I’m willing to write a story ranging from 1,000-10,000 words for trades. This will be loosely based on how long it would take for the trader to complete their side of the trade. For example, if I wanted a sketch or line art from an artist, I would write a 1,000-2,000 word story for them. This applies to any and all forms of creative work.

What I will trade for:

Any and all forms of creative work. This includes:

  • two-dimensional visual art (traditional or digital)
  • stories
  • comics
  • poems
  • music
  • three-dimensional art (traditional or digital)
  • jewelry, glassware, or other crafty creations
  • minor furry paraphernalia (tails, ears, paws, plushies, clothing, etc.)

I will NOT make a trade for a fursuit. I respect that form of art too much and I would feel obliged to write a novel for the trader. Trades are for short stories only.


Please send me either a rough outline or brief synopsis of what you want to happen in your story! It doesn’t have to be detailed for the entire story, just enough to get me started. If your synopsis seems like you’re basically writing the whole story, there’s a high possibility I won’t write it.

Regarding OCs: Please send me a reference of some kind so I know what they look like. Don’t have a ref? Describe them and describe them well! Also, please let me know what their personality is like and what their backstory is (if they have one). I require both of these even if they may not seem very good. Again, this is to help me get a rough idea of what you want.

Communication can be through either private messages/notes or email. However, please send me a private message/note for exchanging emails or some other form of communication.

Finalization of trade:

The trade is complete once both parties have completed their respective pieces.

If the trader does not complete their piece before I do, I will not show them the finished product until they complete their piece. If I do not complete my piece before the trader does, I do not want to see their piece until I have finished mine.

The exception to this is showing each other WIP statuses for verification purposes.

Cancellation & Denial of Trades:

If I or the trader wishes to cancel a story trade, I ask it to be stated in writing. I have every right to deny a trade if it falls under the “Won’t Write” list below, or if it seems like the trader is already writing the story or poem when contacting me. Other reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to: if I’m lead to believe you’re harassing me, dodgy behavior, long-term avoidance of completing the trade or dodging completion of the trade all together (I understand that all of us have lives outside of the internet and life can get suddenly hectic from time to time), or if you’re not satisfied before completion of my end of the trade.

I want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone: you, the trader, readers, your readers and/or watchers, and myself.

List of what I won’t write about; period (mostly for NSFW requests):

Stories or poems that are more than one chapter or part. This is because I would rather write one-shots for requests.

The following is a list of what I WON’T write about:

  • Babyfur
  • Diaper
  • Farting
  • Scat
  • Snuff of any kind
  • Puking

If the fetish you want isn’t on the no-write list or if you’re just unsure, feel free to ask about it.

Upon completion of the piece, I will send you two files:

  1. A .txt file so you may upload it to your gallery with ease.
  2. A .pdf file specifically formatted for you to keep or share privately.

You may upload your story or poem to your gallery if you wish, or share it around. Please keep in mind that I take credit for writing the piece, so I ask that you link back to my upload or my profile page.

Again, please get in touch with me if you’re still confused or have questions about requesting me.

Thank you.