Some things…

Hey guys…It’s been a while…

First of all, you may have noticed I recently uploaded a story commission; this means I’m now finished with what commissions I had left in queue. However, I don’t think I’ll open up for commissions again anytime soon, for a few reasons:

– I want to start writing stories for myself and work on older ones that have been on the backburner for too long.
– I need to work on my personal life as much as I can to where I can feel fully content with my current situation. It’s much better than where I was at a year ago, but there is some areas that need improvement.
– I want to start reading more; this can range from stories I find online or others share with me, or from the number of books I own that have been sitting on my shelf as decoration.
– I may start writing stories for free/PWYW via ko-fi, mainly in terms of a YCH, regardless if others’ character(s) play a major or minor role in the story. I may keep this limited to friends, though, and I’m not considering these as requests.
– I did have an actual YCH story idea in mind, but I may just scrap it or rework it and write it as a personal story. Might have this one include other people’s characters, if they are willing to allow me to use them.
– I might just close requests and trades/collabs for now; again, I want to write for myself.

A lot of this I should have done when I first joined the fandom, rather than take on commissions as soon as I had an identity established. But, I guess better late than never, eh?

Will I get published, who knows? Will I decide to self-pub later down the line? Maybe. But the first step I need to do is write, and write, and write.

As a side note: I no longer RP. Please don’t ask or I will ignore you. I no longer have the desire to do so, nor do I have the time anyway anymore.



Update regarding commissions and life things

Hey guys!

Figured I’d share a quick update about what’s been going on over on my personal blog; you can find the post here.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

Thank you,

Commission Queue

Hey guys~

I’ve decided I will no longer be accepting commissions and will be going back to slots. Between getting things ready to move and a fairly inconsistent/crappy work schedule, it’s been hard for me to find time and energy to work on commissions and even my own writing projects.

I don’t know how many slots I’ll do at a time just yet, but I will list off which ones I’m currently working on in this journal and try to keep it updated when I can. You can also take a look at my Trello for these as well, which is linked to my profile page.

Once the current queue is completed, I’ll try to let you guys know what my plans are with taking commissions, along with a potential YCH story I’ve been wanting to try out.

Also, just want to say thank you to everyone who has commissioned me thus far and have donated to my Ko-fi; it’s been quite fun writing for you guys and seeing that you all appreciate my work! 🙂

Commission queue:
1. Alan Greymuzzle 2
2. Anonymous commission
3. RexOrchid 2 (needing to start draft)
4. Italianblackcat
5. Anonymous commission


Commissions and life things

Hey guys~

I’m currently in the process of figuring out this whole moving thing, because I need to secure a place and be out of my current apartment by the end of August (which is when my lease is up). I also still have to sort through stuff, pack, figure out transport, and make sure my current apartment is clean for the next tenants (and so I don’t get charged from my security deposit). I’ve also had a lot on my mind with where I want to go to start my own life and establish some sort of permanence in my life for once. That’s the gist it, anyway.

With that said, I will more than likely hold off on commission work for a while; I’m currently working on one at the moment, but once I finish up that one, I’m going to need to focus on this moving thing for quite some time. There are numerous personal projects I’ve been meaning to work on as well, but even with those, I just don’t know if I’ll have enough time right now.

For anyone who’s already filled out the form, please send me a note, message via one of my IM methods, or an email if you wish to stay on the wait list or would like to be removed; situations like this is the reason why I don’t take payment up front well before I start on a commission.

I’ll probably still keep them open, but keep in mind: you will be waiting a while.

I sincerely apologize for all of this; my life’s been a mess lately and I need to focus on what’s important.


Slight changes to Guidelines

Hey guys~

Come next round of commissions, I’ve tweaked my TOS/Guidelines somewhat and will be taking commissions a little differently (some of this will also apply to trades and requests).

Changes to all:
– Maximum word count I’m willing to write has increased to 10,000. After writing a few of my own stories that are around this length or higher, I’m more comfortable taking commissions of this length.
– “Watersports” has been removed from the Won’t Write list. Let’s just say…it’s a fetish I recently got into and want to explore myself…don’t judge me >.>

Changes to Commissions:
– There will be a form you must fill out if you wish to commission me! I will link that on my profile page as well as the very bottom of my guidelines page.
– Now that I will be doing this, I’m thinking of waiting until all slots are filled up before starting on commissions. However, I understand they may take a while to fill, so I might still do first-come-first-serve (after approving your commission request, of course).

Also, each time you donate to my ko-fi, you automatically get a one-time discount on a commission based on how much you donated!

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. I do hope to get started on my last commission for this round, plus I’m working on a story featuring my horse and my cheetah characters; it will also be an expansion of my story “Letter to the Unknown.” I don’t know if I’ll just post that on here when I finish or try to get it published, but we’ll see!


Posting commission slots

Hey guys~

Since I’m starting to get a bit of a backlog of commissions now, along with wanting to get into a few upcoming furry anthologies, I’m gonna have to start determining slots now.

In the past, I’ve done three slots and that seemed to do well. However, I’m thinking of bumping that up to four slots. Currently, three slots are taken up, so there’s one more left for whoever ends up getting it.

I strive to provide timely updates as best as I can, and these will be updated as such once I get a chance to post who already got what slot on here somewhere. I’ll see if I can create a post I can pin to the top of my blog on here, or I may create a separate page for slots; I’m not sure yet.

I’ll admit, progress has slowed down for me lately but I’m trying to pick up the pace again. I’ve been trying to stay positive about life things as much as I can because I know how detrimental it can be to my work ethic. Also, with Thanksgiving here in the States, winter coming up where I live, the Holidays, and New Years coming up, I don’t doubt I’ll be a tad busier than usual with family things and life things that may pop up. Best thing I can do is take things one day at a time.


Why I haven’t been writing lately (I know, I know)

Hey guys~

Yeah…I haven’t been writing a lot lately; a lot of that is due to how fast things have been changing in my life for the past few months. Between starting a new job and starting my last semester in college a few weeks ago, I also got thrown under the bus and was forced to find a new place before my friend moved to Utah (which was today). So, after working a temporary summer job, I had to start a new, full-time job (which is night shifts), start my last semester of college (which is thankfully just two classes), and move to a new place fast. All at the same time. Continue reading

Opening up for commissions, possibly

Hey Guys~

Things have been tight (No…get your mind out of the gutter), financially, and my current job barely pays me enough. I’m living on my own now, so I have ALL THE BILLS to take care of. Someone kill me.

I do want to finish up a commission I’m currently working on, which I would like to finish by the end of this month, if not sooner. Once I’m finished with that, then I’ll open up for commissions, possibly. In other words, I’m still closed for commissions, but I may be opening them back up at a later time. Please don’t ask for a commission until I’m open. However, I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the commission process, pricing, what I’m wiling to write/not write, etc. for future reference.

As much as it can be annoying sometimes, I sincerely enjoy writing stories for you guys!


Projects, Projects, Projects

Hey Guys,

Just a quick-ish update on what I’m planning on doing.

First of all, in case you haven’t noticed on my profile page, I decided to set up a ko-fi profile to try out for a while. It’s a small donation service for people to show support for content creators and give them a little motivation. There’s a link for it at the bottom of the page.

Now onto business. Continue reading

Small, General Update to TOS

I have recently updated my TOS for commissions, request, and trades to include a section regarding cancellation and denial of these. I should’ve included this section earlier, but have failed to do so due to being busy with college this past Spring. But, it’s up now, and I will be linking these pages to all art sites I’m currently on.