Some things…

Hey guys…It’s been a while…

First of all, you may have noticed I recently uploaded a story commission; this means I’m now finished with what commissions I had left in queue. However, I don’t think I’ll open up for commissions again anytime soon, for a few reasons:

– I want to start writing stories for myself and work on older ones that have been on the backburner for too long.
– I need to work on my personal life as much as I can to where I can feel fully content with my current situation. It’s much better than where I was at a year ago, but there is some areas that need improvement.
– I want to start reading more; this can range from stories I find online or others share with me, or from the number of books I own that have been sitting on my shelf as decoration.
– I may start writing stories for free/PWYW via ko-fi, mainly in terms of a YCH, regardless if others’ character(s) play a major or minor role in the story. I may keep this limited to friends, though, and I’m not considering these as requests.
– I did have an actual YCH story idea in mind, but I may just scrap it or rework it and write it as a personal story. Might have this one include other people’s characters, if they are willing to allow me to use them.
– I might just close requests and trades/collabs for now; again, I want to write for myself.

A lot of this I should have done when I first joined the fandom, rather than take on commissions as soon as I had an identity established. But, I guess better late than never, eh?

Will I get published, who knows? Will I decide to self-pub later down the line? Maybe. But the first step I need to do is write, and write, and write.

As a side note: I no longer RP. Please don’t ask or I will ignore you. I no longer have the desire to do so, nor do I have the time anyway anymore.


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