Adventure of an Intimate Kind

Another commission for my friend, Alan. This one is a sequel to the last story I wrote for him, “Trying Out Plan B”, and I had a lot of fun writing this between the subject material and where this raunchy adventure takes place.

Characters © talang43

Story © yours truly

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It’s been a few months ever since that fateful night at Boondocks; that fateful night when Jackson began to explore other options, thanks to a certain, young German Shepherd. Since then, he and Justin spent significant time together at either of their apartments, though usually at Justin’s, or go out on a date someplace in town or elsewhere close by. And with each visit came deeper and deeper explorations of their intimacy, much beyond attempted blowjobs by this point like when they first met. Justin remained patient with Jackson, allowing him to explore his bi-curious sexuality at his own pace, yet encouraged him to try anything and everything that would bring them closer together.

Today of all days was simply another day Jackson could spend time with the young German Shepherd, but Justin had other plans in mind to test the handsome Golden’s courage.

Jackson finished loading up his car with the last of their supplies for their camping trip as Justin came out of his apartment building, carrying the last of his bags on his back and shoulder.

“Okay, I think that’s everything,” said Justin, dropping the duffel bag over his shoulder onto the asphalt of the parking lot. He glanced inside the trunk and the back seat of Jackson’s car, noting how little space there was by this point. “Think we could stick these in that corner there next to the cooler?” He asked, pointing towards an empty space in the trunk that was just big enough for only one bag.

Jackson looked to the empty space in the trunk, then looked in the back seat, noting there was a little space there as well. “Here,” he said, opening one of the back doors and grabbing the duffel bag off the ground, “You didn’t put anything that could get crushed in here, did you?”

Justin had to think a moment before answering. “I don’t…think so…”

“Alright,” he said with a shrug, stuffing the bag in the small, cramped space in the back seat. He then slammed the door shut, nudging against it to make sure it closed completely. “Stuff your backpack in the trunk then; we’re gonna need to head out soon if we need to check-in by three.”

Without a word, Justin stuffed his backpack in the empty spot by the cooler and slammed the trunk shut as Jackson passed behind him. He then grabbed the Golden’s arm before he could make it to the driver’s seat. “Hey hun?”

He let out a low growl, more in annoyance with the Shepherd’s stalling, but he did enjoy his touch. “What is it?” He tried not to sound annoyed, though he wouldn’t be surprised if it came off as such.

Justin gave him a quick, but deep kiss on the lips while rubbing his arm. “Stop being so stressed out, okay? We’ll get there on time,” he said with a smile.

He sighed then gave Justin a quick, but deep kiss back. “Just need to fuel up and we can get something to drink, if you want,” he said, trying to smile and not let the stress of travel get to him.

“We can do that, sure.”

As soon as Justin let go of Jackson’s arm, the two dogs got into their respective seats up front, with Jackson driving. He pulled out quickly, but carefully and was soon exiting the parking lot, thus beginning yet another adventure together as a couple. This time, Justin found out about a nearby state park that, while they have heard of it and would pass by it from time to time, neither of them thought of spending a long weekend there together. After much planning and stress-induced arguing, more on Jackson’s part, they were able to make it work.

Justin made sure of that, if not for his own plans to succeed.

*     *     *

Jackson continued to unload the last of the remaining supplies from his car, tail wagging behind him; along with getting a chance to spend a long weekend with his love, he was glad this trip had been going smoothly so far. Their site was perfect for them too: secluded, far from any entrance to the park, and far from the nearby highway. To top it off, there was only one other site next to them, yet separated by a line of trees and currently vacant; he wanted to make sure he and Justin had plenty of privacy during their camp out, knowing full well they’ll be doing risqué activities together.

As he carried the second cooler to where he piled the rest of their food, he couldn’t help but giggle when he noticed how much Justin struggled to get the tent set up.

“Com’on…you…fucker…dammit!” He growled, “This pole just barely reaches.”

“Here, hun,” he said, holding up the first tent pole while nudging it forward some,” Try it now.”

Justin smiled as his tail wagged after getting the tent pole set up.

“Now the other one and…” He paused when he noticed what was missing under the tent, then sighed. “You forgot the tarp…”

The German Shepherd thought a moment, then darted his head back and forth around their site. He then facepawed and groaned.

“I can see if there’s someplace close by that sells them…just leave the tent there for now, okay?”

The Shepherd’s ears splayed as he stood up, his tail dropping behind him. “Sorry, hun; I know I’m not the best at planning things,” he said with a nervous chuckle.

“Heh, that’s why you have me.” He scratched the dark brown tuft of fur between Justin’s ears before leaving on his impromptu errand.

Meanwhile, Justin decided to set up the propane-fueled camping stove on the only picnic table on their site, hoping nothing blows up while Jackson was gone; he knew he wasn’t the best at setting up these things, despite going on numerous camping trips in his lifetime. He then organized all the food and cooking utensils around that, then decided to try getting a fire started; he figured Jackson would get some firewood while he was gone, but he wanted to surprise the Golden. Not wanting to stray too far from their site, he scavenged any useful wood he could. After making a few trips back and forth between the edge of their site and the fire pit, it wasn’t long before Justin was on the verge of wandering where ever his nose and eyes took him while minding the poison ivy and poison oak scattered about off-site and off-trail. He never realized how far he strayed as he went deeper and deeper within the forest.

Soon enough, with the few good sticks and branches he thought would be good enough for kindling, he stumbled upon a small clearing right along the shore of one of the lakes within the park. He grinned as his tail wagged, scouting out the area. “This miiiight work for what I have in mind,” he thought aloud. He kept a mental note of its location before rushing back to their campsite, trying to keep hold of what firewood he collected; after all, he didn’t want his love to worry about a lost dog in the woods during their camping trip, especially right after they arrived.

Thankfully, Justin made it back as soon as he saw Jackson’s car return to their site. He smiled and waved, wagging his tail, before getting to work setting up the fire, glancing over occasionally to see if his love would need any help unloading. Yet soon enough, he slowly began to lose focus on his current task as he drank in the sight of just how handsome the Golden appeared. Jackson still had that bit of post-marriage pudge, sure, though ever since they’ve started dating, Justin has helped him work out more and feel more confident in his body.

Even Jackson’s wardrobe received a more casual makeover during the time they’ve been together, especially during the warmer months. He himself would wear the same, or even be shirtless, constantly during this time of year, but Justin felt happy and aroused seeing his boyfriend feel comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts on a semi-regular basis lately. When they left the apartment, during the whole car ride to the campsite, and even now, he had difficulty preventing a lustful grin from creeping up whenever he would stare at his boyfriend for too long.

He shook himself out of his daze and looked back at what he wanted to accomplish before, though his ears perked and rotated towards a soft, steady crunching noise approaching him.

“Hey hun, I decided to pick up some firewood on my way back; you mind helping me really quick?”

“Hmmm? Oh! Yeah, sure,” Justin said with a grin as he hopped back up, pouncing onto Jackson and holding him from the side.

Jackson chuckled, tail wagging and brushing up against Justin’s as they walked. “Hey now, we still have a few more things to set up before we can snuggle.”

“I know, I know.”

He stopped in his tracks just before they reached the car, giving a quick kiss to Justin’s cheek. “These and the tent should be the last two things, and I saw you have…something set up for a fire.” He looked back to the fire pit, noticing that the wood Justin collected was a random pile of sticks rather than a formation to start a fire.

“Oh…yeah,” he chuckled, feeling embarrassed.

“Eh, don’t worry about it. Dunno about you, but I remember a thing or two from Scouts when I was a pup.”

“You were one of those!?”

He shrugged. “It was a long time ago…a very, very long time ago…damn.”

“You’ll have to tell me all about that sometime!”

He chuckled and gave another kiss to Justin’s cheek, wiggling his arm free and wrapping it around the Shepherd’s waist as they continued towards the trunk of his car.

*     *     *

Evening began to fall upon them after they made their way towards the clearing near the lake; the night sky was just as clear as it has been during the day. Even though the sun began to set, it was still moderately warm as the heat of the day dissipated. The two lovers had a fire going and were snuggled up against each other on the ground, their bellies full of their fire-cooked dinner and their backs resting against a fallen tree trunk they found nearby. Aside from the crackling of the fire, the only other sounds were the chirps and whirrs of the cicadas and crickets, along with the atmospheric sounds from other nocturnal critters, and the gentle waves lapping against the muddy bank. A half-full bottle of red wine sat next to Justin and, because neither of them wanted to bring any fancy glassware, they split it between them straight from the bottle.

Justin had his head resting on the Golden’s shoulder, his paw tucked under Jackson’s shirt as he petted and stroked his belly. He crinkled his nose and put it right up against his neck, taking a big whiff; while he did notice Jackson’s musky scent all day, he never focused on it until just now. “Rrrruff…you smell amazing, hun,” he cooed.

Jackson felt his cheeks warm and smiled, putting his nose on top of Justin’s head and taking a whiff of his sweet scent. “It’s been hot as hell all day, and I’ve been working up a sweat loading and unloading and getting everything set up.”

Justin then looked up at him, their eyes meeting each other. “Doesn’t matter to me, handsome.”

They shared a deep, slow, passionate kiss, tongues dancing together in each other’s maws. Soon enough, Justin removed his paw from under his lover’s shirt and climbed right on top of him, straddling his crotch. He then began to grind against Jackson, still keeping the kiss going as he also rubbed the Golden’s chest. While the cargo shorts both of them wore felt bulkier and more confining, it only hyped up the anticipation for them.

Justin broke the kiss and took his shirt off, tossing it aside on the ground, but far enough away that it wouldn’t land in the fire.

Jackson grinned and rubbed the Shepherd’s toned body, tracing a finger along any visible muscles. He then leaned up some as he too took his shirt off and tossed it; even though his chest and arms were showing the results of their workouts, his belly was still a little pudgy. But in this moment, it didn’t matter how good he looked; he could trust that Justin would love him just the same.

They began to kiss again, this time Justin pressing his now exposed torso against Jackson’s, still slowly grinding against him.

The Golden rubbed his lover’s back, but soon his paws wandered down to his ass, giving it a firm grope as they kissed.

“Mmmm, someone’s feeling frisky,” Justin cooed, “Usually I’m the one who does those sorts of things.”

“Spending time with you has helped me in more ways than one,” Jackson replied with a lustful grin.

“Dirty old man.”

“Hey, I’m not that old.”

“True, but you’re still my dirty old man.”

He chuckled. “Fair enough, you horny youngin’.”

Justin continued the kiss again, though only for a moment. His paws soon wandered down towards Jackson’s shorts and he began to undo his belt.

“Woah! Hold up there, you,” he chuckled with a nervous grin, “D-Don’t you think we should take this inside the tent, or at least back at our site? I mean we’re so…exposed out here.”

Justin straddled him, rubbing those soft, golden shoulders. “You sure, hun?” He asked, trying to smile.

“Well…I mean, I am pretty comfortable right now,” he said, grinning as his cheeks warmed, “Especially with a young stud on top of me and showing this old dog some lovin’.”

He chuckled and gave Jackson a quick kiss, then slid back down to finish what he started. Once he got that annoying belt undone, he began work on getting those shorts off. As he did, he felt a gentle paw stroke his headfur and then gave him a light scratch behind his ear, making him pause for a moment as he grinned back up at Jackson, wagging his tail. When those shorts did come off, the pungent, sharp odor of his lover’s musk penetrated his nostrils as he exposed the red trunks Jackson wore underneath. Justin couldn’t help but dig his nose right into that crotch, licking that growing bulge up and down its length.

As he did this, Jackson huffed and tilted his head back a moment, trying to let it all happen without his anxieties getting in the way. He always thought the idea of public sex was hot and had always wanted to try it, but the fear of getting caught drove that fantasy out of his mind; even Cynthia wasn’t able to convince him to try out any exhibitionism.

Yet here he was, letting another man almost ten years younger than him give him oral in a public park, in full view of any passersby on the lake or on the coastline across the way. He would’ve began questioning his relationship with Justin, but yelped and let out a shuttered moan as he felt the cool night air around his cock, interrupting his thought process, and the sensation was soon replaced with a warm, wet suction. He looked back down at Justin, moaning and panting softly as he held the Shepherd’s head with a paw, as if he wanted to guide him along his length.

Justin reveled in the taste of the Golden’s cock in his maw, especially since Jackson decided to be a little dominating by gently forcing him over it. He moaned as he slurped and played with those fuzzy, golden orbs right underneath that sheath, rubbing one of Jackson’s inner thighs with his other paw as the warmth and glow of the fire burned bright behind him. Every so often he would release that tasty cock to get some air, but soon would go right back to it. While he wanted to take off his own shorts from his aching bulge, he decided to hold off for now; at least with this, he wanted to gauge his lover’s confidence with exhibitionism.

He kept this up for a few moments until he heard Jackson growl and grunt.

“Ngggh…w-want me to cum in your mouth, baby?”

Justin released that cock once more with a *pop*, stroking it a bit as he wagged his tail. “Give me all you got, big guy.” He then immediately sucked on that cock again, though went a little faster and added more suction.

“Oooo, that’s it, baby…ngggh, fuck you’re good at this.” He soon began shoving Justin’s head over his cock, feeling himself begin to blow his load. “Aaaaggh…f-f-fuckin’ hell…s-shit!”

A warm rush of sticky ooze filled Justin’s maw, making him gag somewhat as he tried to swallow all he could. He sucked on that cock some more, if only for the sensation of it, as a small amount of cum and drool drizzled from the corners of his maw. He released Jackson’s cock again, panting heavily and licking up any cum that got on his lips, soon licking any remaining cum off his lover’s cock. He then let go of Jackson and sat on his knees for a moment, panting hard as he got his breath back.

Meanwhile, Jackson was so far leaned back that he arched over the log behind him some, panting and well spent after getting serviced.

Justin waited a few moments before crawling up beside Jackson again and snuggled up to him, even though the Golden was clearly tired out.

“So…?” He asked, rubbing a paw against that golden chest.

“That felt…amazing…” he panted.

“You weren’t nervous about it at all?”

“I…was at first…but, heh, I almost…forgot where we were,” he chuckled, leaning up a bit and holding the Shepherd close to him.

“Good. Because this won’t be the first time we’ll be doing this,” he teased with a grin.

He chuckled. “We’ll see, hun.”

*     *     *

After the two had their fun beside the lake, and after all that trouble they had setting up their tent, Justin and Jackson fell asleep beside the now doused fire in each other’s arms and half naked still. The cool, morning breeze tickled their fur as it blew the ash-laden smoke from the dying fire, its embers glowing beneath the pile of ash and wood. Off in the distance and high in the trees around them, birds chirped and fluttered about in their mid-morning routine as other, small, rodent-like wildlife chittered and darted about along the ground.

Jackson was the first to stir, his ears perking up at all the mid-morning noises around him. With a big yawn, he let go of Justin to stretch his arms, soon putting them back around his love. However, his eyes shot wide open and his heart began to race when he realized how exposed he was out in the open air. He couldn’t move to at least put his undies back on, though a part of him didn’t want to for Justin’s sake, plus he felt comforted with the Shepherd in his arms like this.

He took a moment to breath and relax himself. Okay, okay…no need to panic now; it’s not like anyone will stumble upon us anytime soon, and we’re too far for anyone on the lake to really see us. He then looked down at the Shepherd, petting the sleeping dog’s back. Heh, not like I can move anyway with this handsome thing on me.

Justin soon began to wake as well, yawning and stretching his arms out. He looked up into Jackson’s brown eyes with a half-tired look and smiled. “Morning, hun,” he uttered.

“Morning sleepy head,” he chuckled, scratching the Shepherd’s cheek, “Think we should head back to camp so I can get some breakfast started?”

He quietly nodded, but then rested his head back on Jackson’s chest as he began to get comfortable again.

“Hey now, I can’t exactly do that if you’re still being a lump.”

“Ugh, I guess,” he complained, jokingly. Before he got off his lover, he climbed up Jackson enough to give him a quick, tired kiss on the lips. Once he got off, he stood up and brushed off his cargo shorts and fur of any dirt or debris from last night, stretching out some more as he rubbed his head, looking around for his shirt.

Jackson got up afterward while pulling his undies back up and putting his cargo shorts back on. He brushed off his clothes and fur as well while also looking for his shirt. Once they were both clothed and repacked what they brought with them from last night, they headed back to their site. During their short walk back, Jackson noticed how groggy Justin appeared; after living with him for months, he knew full-well coffee needs to be the first thing made in the morning.

After making it back to camp, and after fueling Justin with caffeine, the Golden prepared breakfast on their camping stove. Justin padded over to him and wrapped his arms around his waist as he cooked, holding him close and nuzzling his neck. “So, any idea what you want to do today?”

He reached back and scratched the Shepherd’s ear for a moment before getting back to preparing their breakfast. “I was thinking of leaving that up to you, since you’re more adventurous than me,” he chuckled, “I know there’s plenty to do around here.”

“Hmmm…could go hiking, swimming, they do have canoe and kayak rentals here, plus we could just explore and see what’s around; I mean, this park is huge, there’s gotta be some interesting finds around here, if we look hard enough.”

Jackson smiled and was able to break from his cooking for a moment. He turned around and put his paws on Justin’s sides, “Sounds like a plan to me.” He gave his lover a quick kiss and returned to what he was doing. “But after breakfast, okay?”

“Okay!” With a wag of his tail, Justin kissed his cheek and gave him a quick but tight hug from behind, then headed to their tent to prepare for a fun-filled day of adventure.

*     *     *

“Ugh…hun, can you…can you slow down, please,” begged Jackson between panting breaths, “I’m melting back here…and this humidity…sucks…whew!” He walked with a hunch, fanning himself with his shirt collar.

Justin panted hard as well; he already removed his shirt about a half-hour into their hike. The trail had been fairly level so far, though wound about through the trees at times, and they already encountered two forks along the path. Neither of them knew their last choice of direction would lead them to a steep hill where the trail hardly turned to make the ascension easier. As he paused mid-climb to wait for the older Golden, he took a quick swig of his water, though it didn’t help much to wet his dry mouth from panting so much.

Slowly but surely, Jackson caught up to Justin; he felt his legs giving out on him, but he desperately wanted to power up this hill just as much as Justin. He straightened himself back up as best he could, given his angled stance, and began to take off his backpack. “Fuck, I’m gonna do what you’re doing,” he heaved as he tore off his shirt and stuffed it in his bag, simultaneously grabbing for his water bottle to drink from.

Both dogs panted heavily as they took a moment to rest and rehydrate; they both looked up the hill, gauging how much further they needed to climb.

“How far…do you think we got left?” Justin asked.

“Not far, I don’t think…I just know…when I went hiking years ago…steep hills…are usually short hills.”

Justin took another swig of water before putting his bottle away in his backpack. “I’ll try to keep a good pace for ya, hun. I just wanna get up there and see what’s at the top…or on the other side…you know?”

Jackson took a few moments to catch his breath and put his bottle away too before he spoke. “I do too; it’s just…heh, it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this…let alone with someone I care about.”

He smiled, feeling his face warm, and not just from the heat and humidity in the air. Justin looked around and found an old, long branch with a fair amount of girth, though it did have some moss and fungal growth on it, but he knew it wouldn’t matter. He then offered it to Jackson. “Here, I think a walking stick might help.”

“You saying I’m too old to carry my own weight around, sonny?” Jackson teased with a smirk as he took the improvised walking stick.

Justin chuckled in response and they both continued their climb.

Yet as soon as they did, Jackson wrapped an arm around the Shepherd in a tight side hug, not caring that both of them were shirtless and reek of heat musk. He then gave Justin a quick lick on the cheek before letting him go so they could see what was beyond the top of the hill.

Justin made it up the hill first, naturally, but stood at the top hunched over with his paws over his knees once he got there, panting heavily. God my legs are killing me… Every muscle twitched and ached from the climb, yet the drive to keep going burned inside him. He looked down the hill from whence they came, noticing the Golden slowly but surely making his way up the hill to join him; even with the branch in his paw, Justin could tell he still struggled to make the climb.

Huffing and puffing, Jackson made his way closer and closer to his lover, though stopped to catch his breath just before he reached the top himself.

“Here hun,” said Justin, shuffling back down and offering a paw.

He immediately grabbed it tight, interlocking his forearm with the Shepherd’s, and was pulled up by the stronger, younger canine. Once he joined his lover, he too stood hunched over and panted heavily, digging the branch into the ground as he leaned his weight on it.

Justin squirted some water from his bottle in his mouth as he looked onward. “Well hun…looks like we’ll be doing a little more walking…but…it’ll be worth it.”

Jackson peered onward as well after taking a drink from his bottle, his tail wagging lazily behind him. “At least…we won’t have to climb anymore hills…”

“And I think…I see another part of the lake here.”

“Hopefully…it won’t be…too buggy,” he chuckled.

Justin grinned and put his bottle away, holding out his paw towards Jackson. “I promise I won’t go too fast this time.”

He took his lover’s paw, giving him a sly grin as they continued their hike towards this other lake shore.

Sounds of chirring frogs and chirping crickets in the nearby, tall grass filled the open air, along with the fresh smell of the murky water. They eventually found a clearing large enough among the thick foliage for them to rest for a while.

It was then Jackson noticed the sky grew a few shades darker once they reached the lake and, when he looked up, grey clouds began to envelope the once open, sunny skies. He nudged Justin, who was looking out onto the lake and taking in its beauty.

“Hmm? What is it, hun?”

“We may need to find someplace to hunker down for a while,” replied Jackson as he motioned upwards towards the darkening sky, “Think it’s gonna rain here soon.”

Justin looked up for a moment and sighed. “Man…and to think we found a good spot too to cuddle up at.”

Jackson smiled, feeling his face warm a little. “Wanna keep walking, see if we can’t find anyplace to take shelter?”

He nodded. “Really don’t want to deal with soaking fur again like the night we first met.”

“Same here,” he chuckled.

They pressed onward and continued to follow the trail, which ended up running along the lake shore, winding in and out of the thick foliage of the forest. The skies above continued to grow darker as thunder began to rumble above them. Any part of the trail that dipped into the forest became much darker now, with only the rare, occasional flashes of lighting flickering up above, illuminating their path for a fraction of a second. They eventually found several, large rock formations that appeared to have formed a miniature canyon where the surrounding foliage took over the rocky landscape, growing around, above, below, and within the rocks.

It was then both their ears perked and turned at the soft *pitter patter* of rain dripping onto the leaves above them, forcing them to wander off-trail towards the rocky formations. The two canines managed to find a small alcove within the rocks right along the ground, where it appeared the grasses and smaller plants took over any dirt that would’ve normally been hidden by direct sunlight. Their newfound hidey-hole was just big enough for them to sit or lie comfortably next to each other, and deep enough to keep any significant amount of rain from soaking their fur.

They began to settle themselves in as the storm above grew louder and more violent. The wind picked up speed, rattling the leaves and smaller branches in the trees as more and more rain went from a light, trickling drizzle to a spraying downpour. The thunder continued to boom softly at frequent yet random intervals, though the lightning remained rare and infrequent.

“Well…wanna just wait it out?” asked Jackson.

Justin sighed as his ears drooped a little. “We don’t have much of a choice, really.”

He took his lover’s paw and shifted closer to him, putting an arm around the Shepherd to try and comfort him.

Justin looked towards Jackson, nuzzling him and giving him a kiss on his cheek. “Wished we could’ve done more today, hun; who knows how long this storm will last.”

“I know, sweetie…I do worry about our site though.”

“Should be fine; we have enough tree coverage that our stuff shouldn’t get too wet or blown around.”

Jackson checked his watch and frowned. “Depending on how long this storm lasts, we might not be able to head back until nightfall.”

Justin smacked his forehead with his paw. “Dammit! I knew I was forgetting something! Well…hang on.” He dug out his phone from his backpack, noticing the battery level read 25%. Somewhat panicked, he dug around his backpack some more and breathed a heavy sigh of relief once he found the portable battery bank. He turned his phone off and plugged it in, making sure it was charging before he stuffed that and the battery bank back in his backpack. “There! Now we have a flashlight, once that gets juiced up.” He beamed as his tail wagged, brushing up against the rocky wall behind him and the dirt on the ground.

“Oh,” he chuckled, “I was gonna say that I packed a flashlight with me, just in case, you know?”

“Oh yeah…right,” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, “You got that whole ‘Be Prepared’ motto ingrained from being in Scouts.”

“You know it.” He smiled and put both arms around the Shepherd this time, holding him close and leaning against him, to which Justin wrapped an arm around him in return.

“Hey hun?” Asked Justin.


“I’ve…I’ve always wanted to try something that I’ve only done,” he paused as he thought for a moment, “Eeeh, about two or three times, though it’s been a while; only if you’re up for it, of course.”

The Golden leaned up and tilted his head. “Depends on what it is…”

“Well, we’re probably gonna be here a while and, well…” He began to lightly grope at his crotch, just enjoying the feeling of his paw rubbing his sheathed junk. “I doubt anyone’s gonna be around for a while either.”

“Oh…” Jackson looked away, feeling his cheeks warm as he let go of the Shepherd. “Heh, you mean public sex?”

“I know it’s risky and you like your privacy and all, but it–”

“I’ve always wanted to try it, actually…”

Justin felt his cheeks warm as well as he looked at Jackson quizzically. “Really.”

He nodded. “Never had that fantasy until I began dating Cynthia, but we could never find the time or a good spot to do it; kinda have to find someplace that’s a happy medium of privacy, yet there’s a chance of someone seeing you far off in the distance.” He chuckled. “At least, that’s how I would prefer, sort of like what happened back at the lake.”

Justin grinned as he licked his lips, soon giving the Golden a deep but brief kiss. “We have a perfect spot right here, babe.”

He melted into that kiss, soon hugging the Shepherd tight, almost pushing him down on his back. He panted after breaking the kiss. “I’ve also been feeling…needy.”

“Hmmm?” He tilted his head with his paws close to his chest.

“You’ve been such a tease with that sexy body all damn day, and I’ve been wanting a piece of your perfect ass.”

“Well this is new,” he said in a fake, surprised tone as he grinned. This exact moment, the moment before Jackson claims him as his own, seeing how aggressive his lover is acting, all of this was what he wanted to experience throughout their relationship. Even if this doesn’t go well or end up happening, he was happy how much Jackson’s confidence has grown during their time together.

Jackson began to spread himself over the Shepherd, giving him a deep kiss as he began to grind a little against his crotch.

Justin did not retaliate whatsoever. He wrapped his arms around the Golden as he pushed upward, feeling his cock poking out of its sheath and knew his lover was just as excited.

They kept grinding for a good while, sharing this intimate moment close to each other’s bodies within the semi-privacy of the rocky alcove as the storm grew louder and heavier above. Jackson eventually broke the kiss and moved back on his knees where he could easily reach for the Shepherd’s shorts and began to slowly take them off for him.

Justin smiled as he lied on his back, his arms relaxed above his head as his lover exposed his nethers to the cool outside air. His member grew out of its sheath, twitching a bit whenever he felt Jackson’s warm touch.

He tossed those shorts aside and began to take his off as well, every so often pawing at his growing erection. He then reached for Justin’s backpack and dug around until he found the bottle of lube, knowing full well he would’ve brought it with. Setting it on the ground next to him, Jackson positioned himself above the Shepherd’s cock, gripping their members in his paw as he slowly began to thrust.

He moaned a little while moving his hindquarters up as they frotted, tasting his lover’s tongue again as they kissed. When Jackson pinned his shoulder down with a paw, he was somewhat surprised at how aggressive he got, though he didn’t mind one bit.

Jackson thrusted harder, though didn’t want to end things just yet. He broke the kiss and leaned back up, letting go of their cocks. He then grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a tiny amount on a finger, rubbing it against the Shepherd’s pucker while sticking it in a little.

“Mmmmfff! Ooooo that feels good.”

He chuckled. “Doing okay, baby?”

He nodded. “Just be sure I’m stretched out enough; it’s been a while since I’ve done this.”

Jackson smiled and removed his finger, lubing it up a little more before sticking it back in, this time going deeper.

“O-O-Oooohhh wow!”

He giggled at how much Justin moaned just from getting fingered. Figuring his lover got used to his pucker being played with enough, he then made sure two fingers got slicked up well and slowly inserted both of them at the same time, instantly getting a satisfying, yet surprised moan from the Shepherd. “Heh, ya doing okay, hun?”

“Nnngh, yeah, baby; I just gotta…nnggh…try to relax a little.”

He kept his pace slow as he fingered his lover’s pucker, digging those fingers deeper and deeper as much as he could while spreading them a little every so often. Hearing Justin moan just from this turned him on enough, but he wanted to go further, and he knew Justin wouldn’t object. Feeling, and hoping, the Shepherd was stretched out and lubed up enough, he then began to stroke his semi-hard member a bit before greasing that up as well. He shuddered a bit between as he stroked, getting turned on by the fact someone could wander over and notice them making love in such a public area.

Jackson looked down at the Shepherd, panting a little at the anticipation of how this will feel, considering he’s never fucked a guy before. “O-Okay, baby…ready?”

Justin panted a bit before responding, feeling both nervous and excited as he felt his cheeks warm and his cock twitch. “Just start slow, sweetie.”

He lifted up the Shepherd’s leg and pushed aside his ass cheek with his free paw, as the other was busy keeping his cock slick and hard. Scooting forward on his knees, he slowly pushed his cockhead against the Shepherd’s pucker, though had to use a little force to get past the head. Once he did so, he let out a loud growl as Justin moaned.

“H-Holy s-shit you feel good…”

Jackson slowly began to thrust once he got in, keeping a paw near his cock while the other pressed against Justin’s chest, soon wandering towards one of his pecs to grab onto. He began to growl once he got a steady rhythm going, letting his cock go as he pinned Justin down by his chest and squeezing both his pecs.

Justin growled playfully as he hissed, immediately clenching his passage around his lover’s cock as he tried to ease into the sensation. “A-Ah…f-fuck babe…never…realized how…aaaggh…thick you really were…”

He grinned and panted, keeping up his rhythm while pushing down harder on the Shepherd’s chest, though tried not to put too much pressure on his ribs.

“Nnnggh…Christ babe, I…fffuuu…I didn’t know you could be this aggressive,” he moaned as he panted.

Jackson slowed down a moment and eased up his hold on Justin’s chest. “Is…is that…alright?” He asked between panted breaths.

He nodded. “Love having…an aggressive dom if…I sub…”

“In that case…” He leaned in and kissed Justin passionately, slowly thrusting in and out but picking up the pace. Their tongues danced in each other’s maws as Jackson made love to the Shepherd.

After sharing this moment for a while, Jackson broke the kiss and slid his paws by Justin’s legs, lifting them up more as he scooted closer to his lover. He went back to thrusting again, keeping those legs up and around his waist.

Almost as if on instinct, Justin began to wrap his legs around the Golden’s waist to pull him closer and deeper inside. As he did this, Jackson let go and loomed over the Shepherd, his paws flat on the ground near his head.

Eventually, Jackson began to pound into Justin’s ass hard, letting himself flop right on top of the Shepherd as he pressed his knot hard against that open pucker.

“H-H-Hoooooly fuck babe…” Justin moaned loud and shuddered a bit, shocked at how aggressive Jackson is acting right now, but loving it just the same. It wasn’t before long until he felt teeth bite down hard near the nape of his neck, along with an intense suction, making him moan even louder.

Jackson kept pounding harder and faster, keeping his body pressed close to Justin’s with his muzzle close to an ear. “Grrr…want me to…cum in ya? Try the knot?” He growled.

He huffed and put a paw on the Golden’s back, his legs still wrapped around his waist. “You gettin’ close baby?”

“Yeah…fuckn’ hell you’re tight…”

Justin then got both arms and legs tight around his lover, nuzzling his neck as he moaned. “Give me all of it stud.”

“Hold on tight nnnggghhh fuuuuck!” Jackson gave a few hard thrusts and, with some effort, managed to knot Justin. With a few more thrusts with the knot in, he let go all of that pent-up frustration from being teased by Justin and not having topped anyone ever since Cynthia. As he did this, he heard Justin’s loud moans and yelps, feeling him claw at his back as his entire body shuddered from getting knotted and bred, along with his lover’s cum staining his shirt.

They took a few moments to catch their breath, though remained in their close and intimate position for a while before letting their bodies fully relax. Knowing they needed to wait a while for Jackson to deflate enough to pull out, they slowly let go of each other. Justin flopped on his back with his rump still raised a bit, and Jackson straightened himself out while still on his knees, hoping that it won’t take too long for him to deflate.

Meanwhile, while they were making intense, passionate love to each other, the rainstorm soon subsided, though it had gotten dark by the time the skies began to clear. The air outside cooled off yet remained moist, but the atmosphere within the alcove remained warm for a while between the two dog’s heated, musky bodies. When Jackson glanced outside and noticed how dark it got, he and Justin agreed to spend the night under here after they untie from each other and would then head back to their site first thing in the morning.

*     *     *


Everything back at their campsite was soaked from the storm, along with some wind damage to their tent and several, small scraps of trash strewn about their site. Their stove, leftover food, cooking and eating utensils they didn’t bring with them, and their extra firewood all got soaked and blown around as well.

Jackson rubbed his temples and groaned. At least I remembered to close my car’s windows…

Justin pawed his face and sighed. “This is our last day here anyway, right?”

“Technically, yes,” he said without looking up, “We don’t check out until tomorrow at noon.”

“Well…what now?”

Jackson removed his paw from his face and looked up, scanning their ravaged site as he sighed. “Clean up; salvage what we can…” He began to head towards the now wet picnic table. “It’s our only option, really,” he said with a shrug.

Justin followed and, when they made it to the table, both of them set their backpacks next to it. He noticed how soaked their opened stove was and that it was still connected, but thankful the propane wasn’t left on. “You think this still works, hun?”

“Hmm?” He looked over when the Shepherd spoke. “Oh…well, it’s mainly gas-powered, so it should be fine.” He then began to unhook it from the tank and close it up. “However, I don’t want to risk anything, you know?”

“Right, right…”

“Anyway…see how much we’ve lost to the storm; I’m putting this away and…” He let out a sigh, “might as well put the tent away too.”

Justin glanced over at the tent for a moment and his ears splayed back. He then looked back to the Golden, rubbing his shoulder with a paw and gave a half smile. “We’ll figure something out hun…” With that, he went off to start picking things up around the site while Jackson took care of their makeshift kitchen area.

About an hour and a half of throwing out most of what they had and a resupply trip later, their site almost looked the same as when they first arrived. Seeing that it was around midday and both of them worked up an appetite, their only option now was to either improvise a fire-cooked lunch or go the cold-cut sandwich route; after cleaning, driving, and Jackson trying not to panic from the situation, they decided on the latter option and quickly prepared their lunch on the picnic table.

“Hun, you wanna just stay here for today and relax for a while?”

Justin finished chewing the bit of his sandwich before answering. “Well…I was hoping to explore a little more…but I’d rather be with you while I do it.”

“Heh, I figured as much,” he said with a grin.

“But, if you just want to stay here, that’s fine by me; I know you’re not the most adventurous type,” he chuckled.

“Honestly,” he began, blushing a little, “doing all that fun stuff with you out in the open like that…it’s the most adventurous I’ve ever been in my life…”

Justin paused a moment, surprised at what Jackson just said. “R-Really?”

He nodded. “I’m…I’m glad I met you, sweetie. You’ve helped me in more ways than one, plus got me out of a slump that, honestly…may have resulted in something…bad…”

Justin finished eating, though stared off in the distance as he pondered on what Jackson said. He looked away a moment, then leaned over to hug his lover tight, not at all easing up on his grip.

“Ack! Ya goof!” He struggled to wiggle an arm out to wrap around Justin while trying to keep hold of his sandwich, soon enough petting the Shepherd’s back as he kissed his forehead.

The Shepherd nuzzled into Jackson’s chest, still keeping a tight hold around him. “Don’t leave me…please…”

“I would never do such a thing. You’ve made me so happy these past few months we’ve been dating; why would I ever stop loving the man who…well, saved me?”

Justin looked up into Jackson’s eyes, his own slightly watery from feeling this sudden wave of emotions. He then leaned up to kiss his lover’s lips, to which Jackson followed suite with no hesitation. Their kiss soon began to get a little heated, making Jackson set his sandwich down so they could fully embrace each other. They both had tears in their eyes, despite their passionate embrace, both dogs feeling a mix of happiness, fear, regret, and love.

This time, Justin was the one to break the kiss. “I’ll be honest, hun, as much as I love to travel and go on adventures, it…it would be nice to settle down with someone who I can share those adventures with…”

Jackson let out a breath before he spoke. “It’s gonna be tough, but…I think I’ll manage; honestly, so long as we’re going on adventures together, that alone is enough to make me happy. I wouldn’t want it with anyone else.”

Justin smiled as he kept his focus on his lover, leaning in towards his chest again and holding him tight. “You’re such a sappy sweetheart, you know that?”

He chuckled. “And you’re a lovable dork.”

Justin let out a playful growl as he snuggled against the Golden. “Dirty old man.”

Jackson snuggled back, also letting out a playful growl. “Yeah? But I’m your dirty old man.”

They snuggled against each other in serene silence. The only sounds were the calm wind through the trees, the dripping rain water from the leaves and branches above, the wildlife around them, and their steady breathing. Justin had his ear right up against Jackson’s chest, easily hearing his steady heartbeat that began to lull him to sleep.


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