An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Commission for a fellow tiger. This will also be the last commission from me for a while; see this post for more info.

Marvol © marvol

Story © yours truly

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When he opened the door to his office, Issi wished he had just a few minutes more to prepare himself for this moment. He’s heard of how Mr. Marvol ran the company and who he employs; not just anyone can work for G. G. Edwards. But despite his shy, timid nature, the whitetail deer kept a level head as he entered the white tiger’s office. He may not have been as well dressed as the tiger, but he at least covered the basics: black dress pants, a red, button-up shirt, and made sure his antlers remained cleaned and polished.

The tiger sitting behind his desk appeared busy on the phone when Issi entered, to which the he nodded and held up a finger as he continued conversing to whoever was on the other line.

He nodded back in response and quietly pulled up a chair; even if he sat there patiently, he couldn’t help the nervous tick in his leg as it shook.

One of the first things the deer noticed, like most who meet Marvol for the first time, were his light-blue stripes and how his fur poofs out some from under his shirt collar. Of course, that’s not to say he didn’t notice the black suit jacket slung over the back of his chair or the tie he wore; Issi had to admit, the way the color of Marvol’s tie matches his stripes made him that much more handsome. All he could hope was that Marvol wouldn’t mind hiring a gay guy at a stock brokerage firm, let alone his stock brokerage firm.

“…Alright. Hey, I got an interview I need to get to here; I’ll get back to you once I’m done here. Yes…yep, that’s fine…well, just keep seeing if they want to buy; I don’t…yeah, I have no idea why they wouldn’t…look, I’ll call you back later to see what the issue is.” The tiger slammed the phone on the receiver and rubbed his paws over his face, letting out a low groan. He then looked to the deer and smiled, though wished this candidate arrived under better circumstances. “Sorry about that; believe me, you’ll be just as frustrated as I am with indecisive clients.”

Issi let out a nervous chuckle, trying to keep a smile on his face.

“So. You are?”

“Issi. Lowell.”

He glanced at his computer on the desk and, after clicking a few times, soon found his itinerary. “Ah, yes, you’re here for the Financial Representative Trainee position?”

Issi nodded.

“Good. Good. Let’s see if I can’t…pull up your resume here…” A few more clicks later, Marvol glanced over Issi’s resume before speaking again. “Ok, so you double-majored in economics and business, so that’s good. However, one thing I noticed is a lack of sufficient experience that’s relevant to this position.” He then leaned back in his chair, folding his paws against his chest. “So, tell me about that.”

After hearing what Marvol said, Issi had difficulty sitting up straight, and his fake smile slowly disappeared. “I, um, figured that was gonna be brought up…” Fuck, dude! Don’t use your ‘uh’s’ and ‘um’s’ at an interview!

The tiger noticed how nervous Issi became, but kept his relaxed, yet serious pose in his chair. “That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the job. Hell, you double-majored in two fields that we require a degree for, plus,” he paused to look at Issi’s resume again, “looks like you did one…no, three internships, though only for a short time. I’ll be honest with ya, it’s rare I get candidates that do more than the minimum.”

Hearing that made Issi feel somewhat better. “Thank you.” He soon sat up straighter and began to explain his previous job experience; for the most part, it was just to make money and he had to work around the school year.

Marvol nodded. “Understandable. It’s common I get candidates who are fresh out of college and have a job history like yours.” He then relaxed his arms and sat up straighter as well. “So, how would your peers describe you? Personality, work ethic, that sort of thing.”

He let out a shuddered breath before replying. “Well…I do try to be a hard worker and be adaptable. But, um…I know I need to not be so timid and shy, especially if I want a job at someplace like this.”

“Mmmh…yep, this ain’t the line of work where you should act that way. Keep in mind, working at a stock brokerage firm can get very intense, almost on a daily basis; if that’s something you think you can’t handle, well, maybe find a different line of work.”

Issi was silent a moment, then spoke up again. “This has been my dream…sir. I’ve applied to…ten other stock brokerage firms and this is the first one I landed an interview.”

“I see.” Marvol folded his paws under his chin and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his desk and, as if on instinct, licked his lips in a predatory manner. God this kid is so cute. “So, from what I understand it, you’re disparate?”

“Yes.” Is…is this guy gonna eat me or something?

“Won’t settle for anything else, huh?”

Issi paused again before replying. “I’ll be honest with you, sir…I can’t see myself being anything else. I also hope it will boost my confidence, both in what I do and in myself.”

“Hmmm…” He paused, trying not to let a paw wander over his aching bulge in his pants. He soon continued, if only to keep his dirty thoughts quiet, for now. “Let me ask you this, but before you answer, I promise I won’t spill anything, deal?”

Issi nodded, shuffling some in the chair wondering what his potential employer was plotting. Again, he did find the tiger quite handsome, but respected him too much to attempt to pursue anything beyond business. “D-deal.”

He continued. “What would you be willing to do to get this job? Or any job in this field, for that matter?”


“Again, whatever you say is completely confidential between us,” he said with a perverted grin.

Issi let out a shuddered breath. The hell is this guy thinking?

“Listen, Issi,” Marvol began, “You seem to want this job bad, and, in some ways, I admire that. Based on what you’ve told me so far, you’ve worked hard in college and have tried to land a job right out of the gate numerous times. Unfortunately, given how we need new hires fast, I need to make those decisions fast as well. So, in a way, you could say this company is desperate too.”

“H-hey, come on, s-sir. What? You think I’m a slut or something?”

“I wasn’t suggesting that at all, though I’m sure you’ve done some crazy stuff in college, no?”

His cheeks felt warm as he remembered the few times he’d suck off a guy in exchange for writing their essays or doing their homework for them, usually the jocks and frat boys who were just lazy. He knew this wasn’t any different, except for two things: he’d get a high-paying job in return, yet he didn’t know how far Marvol would take things, should he offer the tiger sexual pleasure. He too tried not to rub out the bulge in his pants, even if he didn’t want to actually be that young person who gets a job by offering sex. As soon as he was about to get lost in his fantasies, the tiger’s voice broke his trance.

“Look, I can see you’re nervous and maybe you don’t want to do this at all; I get it.” His voice became low and serious for what he said next; the friendly, yet business-like expression on his face faded. “You clearly know where this is heading. If you don’t take this offer, you won’t get the job and I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Issi slumped in his chair, staring down at the floor in front of him. …I guess it won’t hurt. This has been the farthest I’ve gotten with anywhere I applied to…hell, it sounds like he’s willing to hire me on the spot if I do…whatever it is he wants me to do… He looked up, but didn’t look at Marvol directly in the eye, his cheeks burning hot and his bulge growing ever so tighter against his pants. “What is it you want me to do?”

“First of all, you shall address me as ‘Mr. Marvol’ or ‘Sir’ from here on out, though you’ve been doing a good job of that already. Secondly,” he ordered as he stood up, undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, “Stand up, please.”

Issi did as he was commanded, though refused to look at Marvol, his eyes shut tight and just embracing for what will happen next.

Marvol swept aside all the loose papers and pens that were on his desk, hopping up top for a moment on all fours, then hopping off and landing on his feet closer to Issi. He grabbed Issi’s shirt and yanked him closer, grabbing his snout to force him to look him in the eye, even if they were still shut tight. “Let me get a taste of ya,” he growled as he pulled the white tail in for a rough, yet passionate kiss.

The deer’s eyes shot wide open at the kiss, but gently closed again as he got lost in the passion, letting that rough, tiger tongue invade his maw. It was also here Issi noticed he only came up to Marvol’s shoulders, not counting the added height from his antlers. He soon found his hoofed hands creep towards the tiger’s bare chest but hesitated and broke the kiss. “S-Sir?”

Marvol let out a few panting breaths before answering, though was irritated that Issi broke the kiss. “What?”

“C-Can I, um, f-feel your muscles?”

He grinned, letting out a low rumble in his throat. “Can’t resist, huh?” He then let go of Issi to remove his tie and take off his shirt, exposing his muscular arms and torso, along with most of his stripes. He decided to caress the deer this time, making sure his body was close enough so he could feel. “Go ahead.”

Issi did just that, slowly feeling every bump and curve of those taught muscles through that white fur of Marvol’s torso. He crept downward towards his groin, but didn’t go as far as taking off the tiger’s pants. Moving upward, he then rubbed both of Marvol’s arms, his fingers dancing along those biceps. Looking back up into Marvol’s eyes, he stood on his toe tips and continued the kiss from before, rubbing his back muscles now as his future employer caressed him and gave his rump a firm squeeze.

After what felt like an eternity in their heated passion, Marvol placed both his paws on Issi’s rump and lifted him up, the white tail instantly wrapping his legs around his waist and clinging his arms around his neck. He then turned around and sat Issi on the edge of his desk, breaking the kiss as he let go. “Take your clothes off, please,” he ordered.


“Now,” he ordered with a firm, serious tone, yet he said so with a lustful grin as he licked his lips.

Issi let out a quiet snort as he began to unbutton his shirt and untying his tie. He’s never gone this far with a stranger before, let alone a future employer; it had to be the most embarrassing thing he’s done in his life. Yet the fire in his cheeks and his hardening bulge indicated otherwise.

Getting impatient, Marvol charged up to Issi and ripped his shirt off for him, almost shredding it, and yanked his tie off his neck.

The deer yelped in response, but didn’t retaliate against Marvol’s aggression.

After tossing those aside, he loomed over his future employee and peered down at his crotch. He gave Issi’s bulge a gentle rub, followed by a firm squeeze, before he got to work undoing his belt for him. Once that was done and his pants undone, he yanked those down to Issi’s ankles, finding how much of a fag his new employee really is: he only wore a pair of tight, pink panties, so much so his hard member poked out from the top and made a clear outline of his sack.

“Just relax,” Marvol cooed as he looked into Issi’s eyes for a moment. With a lustful grin, he turned his attention back on the deer’s meat and got on one knee between his legs. He took a whiff of the deer’s musk, finding it smelled a tad feminine, and gave a few gentle licks at that fabric encasing his junk. It wasn’t easy keeping his new hire still as he did this, let alone keeping his legs from wrapping around his neck; it wouldn’t have mattered too much, but on-the-job safety is still priority, even if you’re fooling around with a coworker.

Issi moaned and squirmed, both from that rough, yet gentle feline tongue and the tiger’s paws pushing against his body and legs. His member leaking pre didn’t help him keep still either. Given the number of guys he’s done sexual favors for, this is the first time he was given oral.

Marvol didn’t need to look up at Issi to know he enjoyed this. He gave a long, soft lick across the underside of Issi’s member, to which the deer let out a soft moan in response, then peered up at his prey. “Don’t get too excited now; I still have a few more benefits to show you.” He grinned and bit down on the waistband of Issi’s panties, pulling them down some before grabbing them with his paws and yanking them down as well. Immediately after, he began to caress Issi’s sack with one paw while stroking his hard, leaking cock with the other.

“S-S-Sir?” Issi asked between moans, “W-Why are you doing this? Oh God that feels good!” His head tilted back as he basked in the tiger’s handy work.

He shrugged as he kept stroking. “This job gets stressful and you get horny sometimes.” He then pointed Issi’s cock towards his maw. “Plus, deer are my favorite,” he said as he wrapped his lips around that leaking cock head and began to bob up and down.

“Fuck yeah,” he moaned as he squirmed. He was half-tempted to play the dominant role for a change and place a hand behind Marvol’s head and forcing him down, but he figured that would only leave his future employer pissed off and both of them blue-balled. “You’re…really good at that…sir…fuck,” he panted.

He released that cock momentarily, panting a little. “Years of practice,” he chuckled, “Plus I just…love giving oral.” With that, he immediately went back to sucking off Issi, this time going faster and harder. As much as he desperately wanted Issi to cum in his mouth, it was too early to allow him to do that, plus they still had plenty of time until his next interview.

But soon enough, he began to taste the deer’s pre leaking in his mouth. Even though he still had his pants on, he felt his own bulge aching for release as he too leaked pre in his undies. He released that cock from his maw and stood up, pulling the deer closer so his rump was just off the edge of the desk.

Issi yelped when Marvol yanked him forward and when he felt the tiger’s lips on his again, though eased into it quicker this time.

Marvol released the kiss and grinned. “There’s a bottle of lube in my desk; top drawer on the right,” he instructed as he let go of Issi. As the deer leaned back, turning himself on his side to reach the drawer easier, he rubbed his bulge some more and then began to undo his belt and pants, letting them slide down to his ankles and exposing his light blue briefs. Right as Issi was about to lean back up, he pounced on the deer, pinning him on the desk and yanked the bottle out of his hand. “Stay there; I want to get a good look at that delicious rump of yours.”

Issi groaned and looked back, but remained face down, ass up on the desk. “Yes sir,” he whined, “I-It’s been a while, s-so please be gentle.”

“‘Please be gentle…'” he said, raising an eyebrow as he gripped the waistband of his briefs.

“S-Sir! Sir! Please…be gentle, sir.”

“That’s what I thought.” He smirked and pulled his briefs down, exposing his barbed, feline prick, already dripping with pre. It was then he noticed Issi’s white flag wasn’t raised. He gave a firm smack on his ass and snarled. “Keep that tail up, boy.”

“S-Sorry sir!” He whined, immediately raising his tail tuft.

Soon enough, Marvol began to lube up his prey, instantly getting several moans from the deer and a yelp whenever he added another finger. “You should feel honored I’m the one breaking you in; you’re tight, but I like that.”

“T-thank you sir–oh god that feels amazing!”

“We’re just getting warmed up.” Once Marvol felt satisfied that his prey was loose enough, he lubed up his barbed member, making sure it would be comfortable enough for Issi to take, but not without adding some pain to the pleasure. He gave a few strokes to stay hard and pushed in his tip, entering slowly at first while pulling the deer’s white ass cheeks aside.

“A-Ah! Sh-shit that stings!” Issi buried his head on the desk, trying to relax enough to let that cock enter him. Thicker or longer cocks he’s fine with, and he had no issue with Marvol’s size. That feline cock felt amazing, even with the barbs on the head, but the whole experience so far was on a whole new level of pain and pleasure; and he knew, this was only the beginning.

“You’ll get used to it,” Marvol growled as he began to thrust at a slow pace, “Rrrf! Don’t be clenching so hard, boy!”

His only response were his moans as his future boss fucked him. As much as he tried to relax his tailhole from the thick tiger cock, those barbs were something he couldn’t cope with; it was as if his insides will literally tear open from this romp. Even if he did think Marvol was a tad brutish, oddly enough, Issi felt he could trust him.

Lost in his lust, Issi was caught off-guard when he felt Marvol yank his cock out, then instantly felt those wet, slick fingers prodding at his ass again. He rested his head on his arms, keeping his position on the desk and taking slow, panting breaths and letting those fingers enter his asshole. At least, for now, he could catch a break.

But that break didn’t last for long.

No teasing, prodding, hotdogging, nothing. Once Marvol added the extra lube to his prey, he went right back to it, entering without warning as he let out a lustful growl.

“Aaah! What the fuck!?”

“Com’on kid; man up!” He growled as he grabbed the back of Issi’s head and pressed his face hard on the desk, “You’re gonna have to in this line of work.” He waited to see if his new hire would reply before giving Issi another round of fucking, though he wanted to plow that deer’s cute ass right then and there as it clenched around his cock.

Issi whined as he tried to relax. God, I hope I only have to do this once; I really want this job, though. “Y-yes, S-Sir…ah, fuck…”

Marvol grinned and began to slam his hips against Issi’s ass, though paused a moment so he could press his whole body on top of the deer as he fucked him. The moans coming from his new employee, the type of moans that only virgins and infrequent bottoms make, always drove him wild. He held Issi close with a paw and soon couldn’t help but bite down on his shoulder, growling as he let his lust loose on the deer.

He wasn’t sure what to make of the biting; it turned him on, sure, but he feared of getting injured from it, not to mention how rough Marvol fucked him. Oddly enough, the tiger’s paw against his chest and his bit had a gentle touch to them, though his asshole burned despite the extra lube. By now, he decided to let go of any inhibitions and enjoy the ride, even if he’ll be waking funny and have a puncture wound near his neck afterward and reek of sex. By now, his cock already leaked cum and stained the front of the desk and the carpeting below, as if Marvol planned to literally fuck all the cum out of his balls.

But then he heard his boss growl something in his ear that he wasn’t prepared for.

“Once I fill you up, you may go…oh fuck yeah, you’re tight…”

He whined as Marvol pressed against him more and more; by this point, he was pinned right up against the desk as if he wasn’t allowed to leave until Marvol was done with him. As the tiger slammed against him harder and faster, his whines became screams of both pain and pleasure, and his whole body began to go limp. However, a part of him wished Marvol tugged on his aching, needy cock as he plowed him. He was just able to get an arm free and reach below him by his hard cock and began to furiously jerk himself off. Never before had Issi felt this much tension when fooling around with someone, and he knew this would be a romp he’ll never forget. Soon enough, he orgasmed again as the last of what he had left in balls shot out of his rock-hard cock, staining the side of the desk.

With several hard thrusts, Marvol roared as he came inside Issi, even sliding the heavy desk forward an inch or two in the process. Of course, the screams and moans from Issi made him want to get his cum deep inside, to which he made sure he was balls-deep inside his prey and left his hard cock inside for a few moments afterward. He remained spread over Issi, panting hard after what was possibly the best fuck of his career, soon leaning up and pulling out his dripping cock. He then went to the other side of the desk, limping from all that thrusting and placed a paw on the desk for support. After finding the drawer he was looking for, specifically one on the bottom, he pulled out a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, instantly filling them both up before flopping in his chair. He then put the bottle right on the desk and slid one of the glasses towards Issi, though didn’t grab his own just yet.

Meanwhile, Issi could barely move after Marvol left him. As the tiger fixed them some drinks, he remained motionless and began sliding off the desk, though didn’t fall to the floor. Dazed, confused, yet satisfied, he peered at the dark amber liquid in the glass Marvol slid towards him. “Sir, I don’t drink,” he said, too tired to turn his head to look at his boss.

“Trust me, son, you will after about a month in; might as well start now.”

He slowly slumped upward, though his legs and arms shook as he too used the desk for support. “H-How will I be able to if I can barely move?”

“I, um, don’t normally do this but…” he motioned for Issi to come over by him, “Come. Sit with me.” As he said that, he couldn’t help but feel his cheeks warm, and he didn’t have any alcohol in his system yet.

Issi gingerly hobbled over to his boss, his legs almost giving out from him as soon as he stopped in front of the tiger, naked, dripping with cum, knees wobbling, and a slight hunch in his back. He knew exactly what Marvol wanted as soon as he turned towards him in the chair, motioning for him to come closer. Wincing as his sore backside and asshole stung as he walked, he collapsed into the tiger’s lap and soon felt an arm wrap around his chest, pulling him closer.

Marvol then spun back around to face the desk, letting his arm drop from around his new employee. “Could you hand me that glass there, please?”

Issi did so and began to reach for the other glass of whiskey, but hesitated a moment and glanced to his boss.

“Take it; that one’s yours,” he said with a smile.

Taking his glass off the desk, he gave it a whiff and scrunched his nose at the slight, stinging odor of the strong alcohol.

Marvol chuckled and pulled Issi closer to him again, holding out his glass. “Welcome aboard, son.”

They clinked glasses and both took a drink of their whiskey. Marvol downed his entire glass without any issue, yet Issi couldn’t take a small sip without scrunching his face and shutting his eyes at how strong it burned in his mouth and down his throat and immediately set the glass back on the desk.

“You’re not used to the strong stuff, are ya?” Marvol asked with a chuckle.

“Not really, no,” he replied, trying to get the taste out of his mouth, “Guess I got used to those fruity mixed drinks in college.”

“It’s not for everyone.” He then put his empty glass back on the desk and wrapped his other arm around Issi, securing him in a comforting embrace as he sat on his lap. “So, we gotta clean this mess up and clean ourselves up; I have a private shower we can use. After that, we can get started on the hiring process, which I’ll have to send you to HR for. Sound good?”

Issi nodded, letting his sore body sink into the tiger’s fur. He knew he would have to get up so they can clean, but never had he felt something like this after any sexual encounter. He glanced up at his boss, cheeks burning with desire as his heart raced. “Sir, can we…can we do this again sometime?”

“Let’s see how your performance in the workplace goes first,” he replied, petting Issi’s chest, “And then we’ll talk.”

“Thank you, M-Mr. Marvol.”

He grinned and let go of the deer, giving him a gentle nudge to indicate for him to get off his lap. “I need to cancel the rest of my interviews for this week. While I do that, why don’t you clean up the mess you made on my desk and carpet; there’s a cleaning closet right next to my office door in the corner there. Once that’s done, I’ll get the shower started and we can clean up.”

“What about our clothes?”

“Those…well, let’s just hope they don’t reek of our musk,” he replied with a nervous chuckle.

About six months later…

It was near the end of his shift, and Issi’s eyes drooped as he rubbed his temples. Another long night, and it wasn’t close to ten o’ clock yet. He rested his elbows on his desk as he groaned. “I swear, if I hear that pho–”

*beep beep*

*beep beep*

“Ugghh.” He reluctantly answered the phone and gave his usual, half-assed friendly greeting. But when he answered, it wasn’t an Australian accent or a Japanese voice attempting to communicate in broken English.

“Issi, I’d like to see you in my office, please,” said a familiar, gruff yet gentle voice on the other line. It was one voice he almost forgot about since he was first hired, and he couldn’t help but let his heart flutter and grope at his pants when that commanding voice spoke right in his hear.

“I’ll be right there, Sir,” he replied in a flirtatious tone.

The person on the other line hung up right after he said that, and Issi did the same and whipped right out of his chair. He didn’t care what his coworkers thought of him making a mad dash to the boss’ office; granted, there were only four other fellow second-shifters and the custodian, and after being at this for six months, weird stuff always seemed to happen in the office around this time at night. Plus, it was never uncommon for two coworkers to lock themselves in the bathroom to get their rocks off on each other; however, it was a rare privilege to spend some private time with ‘Mr. Marvol,’ as everyone referred him as.

Issi opened the office door to find the white, blue-striped tiger leaning against the front of his desk in only his briefs. Clearly, he was excited for this just as much as he was, if the tent made by his erect cock in those tight briefs were any indication.

He was about to close the door when Marvol got the jump on him and pinned him against the adjacent wall and immediately began making out with him as he tore off his clothes. Giving into the tiger’s lust, and unable to break an arm free to close the door, he managed to kick it closed with a hoof. He didn’t know what he did to deserve such special treatment from the CEO, but whatever it was, at least he’s doing something right.

So much better than a raise or paid time off, he thought, I guess dreams do come true, sometimes, just not in the way I’d expect.


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