Demonic Servitude

Second commission for guythreepwood on FA. This is a sequel of sorts from the last story I wrote for him.

Characters © guythreepwood

Story © yours truly

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As he stopped to catch his breath, he peered around the corner of the building he ducked behind. “Fuck!” The guys who tried to mug him were hot on his tail, and he had to move quick. Thankfully it was nighttime and hardly anyone was out, so he could easily run down the street as fast as he could, hoping to find another hiding spot. By this point, he didn’t care if anyone saved him from these thugs or if the cops showed up, nor did he know how far he was from his apartment; he just wanted to ditch them for good.

Chris knew he wasn’t in the best shape, and he was already tired after another long day at his new job. Yet, as soon as he exited the building doors, the same thugs that chased him now jumped him from behind an alleyway. He wasn’t much of a fighter either, but he managed to escape with only his ripped, button-up shirt. His sandy-colored hair became more frazzled from sweating, running, feeling the adrenaline rush as his survival instincts kicked in.

Soon enough, he found his next hiding spot. “Of course it’s a dead end,” he exasperated, “But it’ll have to do.” He managed to duck in a nearby alleyway just before the thugs rounded the corner and crawled into the dumpster that was half-full of rotting food and trash from a local restaurant. He kept his breath as quiet as he could, trying hard not to gag at the stench.

“Where’d ya go you little twerp!” Shouted one of the thugs in a deep and booming voice.

“We know you’re back here somewhere!” Shouted another, this time in a higher-pitched voice.

“Give us what we want, kid, and we won’t have to hurt ya!” Shouted a third, and feminine, voice.

Chris continued to keep his breath quiet and not shuffle around in the trash. Heh, all those years of hiding from bullies are paying off. He soon heard heavy footsteps grow louder and louder, then softer and softer, then louder again. He started to panic as the thugs shuffled about outside of his hiding spot, not realizing he started to hyperventilate. He screamed and curled up in the trash when the lid of the dumpster flung open and a hand grabbed the back of his shirt collar to lift him out of his hiding spot.

“Hey fellas! Look what I found in the trash!” Shouted the only female thug, who wore tight, leather pants and an opened leather jacket, revealing a pink and white crop-top that just went above her naval. She hoisted him out of the dumpster and tossed him on the ground.

The thug with the booming voice gave a hearty chuckle. “He must be a featherweight if you could toss him out like dat!” His appearance matched his voice: big, muscular, wore a stained, loose t-shirt and loose, ripped jeans, and his bald head shone in what little light bled into the darkened alleyway.

“Hey, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I’m weak!”

The third thug stood above Chris and knelt down, putting a knife to his throat. He had a similar build to the female thug, but wore, what appeared to be, a generic basketball jersey and cargo shorts that hung a couple inches below his hip, exposing the waistband and part of the plaid pattern of his boxers. “Why don’t we just kill him now and get this over with?!” He kept his attention on Chris when he spoke.

“N-No! Please! Here, I’ll give you…all of my money, my card, everything!” He scrambled for his wallet in his back pocket as best as he could. Once he grabbed it, he tossed it aside towards the street, in hopes that someone may pass by and see all this.

“Go get that wallet baby,” the larger thug commanded, not once looking at the female thug.

“Don’t kill him yet, Slick; I want to see you finish the job.”

“Ah, don’t worry, Trish,” Slick said, giving a sly grin, “I don’t think he’ll be getting up anytime soon.” He pushed the knife against Chris’ throat, though not enough to draw blood just yet.

When Trisha stood back up after picking up the wallet, a large, dark form swooped right in front of her face, making her scream and step back.

“Ugh! Will you keep it down!” Slick barked.

“Baby, what is it?” The larger thug looked down by her feet and then her hands; the wallet was no where in sight. He then looked down at Chris and glared at him. “Whaddya trying to pull? You think we’re stupid or somethin’?”

Chris had a fearful look in his eyes as they shifted left and right. “I-I don’t…I don’t know what you’re talking about. Honest.”

“Stop makin’ shit up!” Slick yelled, pushing the knife further into Chris’ throat, this time drawing a trickle of blood.

“P-Please! Don’t kill me!” He pleaded, tears starting to stream down his eyes. As he did, he could hear the larger thug’s footsteps going around him, but his eyes were still locked on Slick, wide with fear.

The larger thug walked up to Trish and put a hand on her shoulder. “Baby, what the hell is–” He immediately let go after he spun her around, rather, after he spun her petrified body around and it wobbled some before staying still again.

“Yo B. What is it?”

He turned around and knelt behind Chris’ head, pushing his fingers as hard as he could against his temples. He snorted and growled as he pushed inward, completely ignoring his victim’s cries for help. He looked right into Chris’ fearful eyes, spit flew out of his mouth when he spoke. “Cut his fucking throat, Slick!”

Just then, the same, black figure swooped down, knocking Slick off of Chris and into a wall. The larger thug instantly let go right when this happened and stood up, spinning himself around and looking towards the sky. His heaved quick breaths as he searched for whatever attacked his two partners, but couldn’t find anything.

Meanwhile, Chris took this opportunity to make a break for it and ran out of the alleyway. By now, he didn’t care if his wallet was long gone; he could let the police handle it once he contacts them. But his escape was cut short when his path got cut off by a tall, lithe, grey demon creature with short, dark blue hair. He had sky-blue horns on the tops of his large, black wings, shoulders, and head, and a few strips on each wing near the joints that were the same color. The demon’s eyes glowed a pure white and seemed to stare right at Chris. But as the demon stepped forward, he walked right around him and straight for the thug, his gait slow and intimidating as his tail thrashed behind him.

The remaining thug stared right back at the demon and pulled out a hand gun that was tucked into the back of his pants, pointing it straight at the demon approaching him. With shaky hands he fired it at the demon’s chest, but the bullet flew to the center of his shoulder. That is, if the demon didn’t catch the bullet in mid-air to stop it in its flight, holding up a hand and keeping the bullet stationary in mid-air. He panicked and fired at the demon several times, yet each bullet seemed to magnetize towards the space above the demon’s hand.

Sweat dripped down his face as he lowered the gun, soon tossing it aside and backing up against the wall; the demon did not stop his approach, still letting the bullets hover in the space above his hand. The thug gave quick, heaving breaths and, realizing this was a spiritual creature of sorts, he got on his knees and folded his hands, looking up into the demon’s glowing eyes. “Please man! I’m sorry!” He pleaded, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I dunno if you two have somethin’ going on or what! Or if it was because I fucked up, I’m sorry! Just don’t kill me, please!” By this point, the thug couldn’t bear to look at the demon any longer; all he could do was wait for whatever punishment that would come to him.

Without a word, the demon moved his hand aside, letting the bullets drop to the ground. “Very well,” he began, his voice was wispy and echoed, as if there were multiples of him speaking at once, “I will show mercy. However…” He lifted the thug up by the chin with a foot, then shoved him against the wall with the same foot pressed hard against his chest. “I’d see how I could redeem myself, if I were you. It is not my duty to judge the souls of sinners; you’ll find out who’s job that is when you leave this world.” With that, he let go of the thug, who then scrambled up to his feet and darted out of the alleyway, nearly knocking over Chris who began to stand up as well from where he hid.

The demon turned around as the thug ran off, his eyes stopped glowing and were just a dull, light-grey; as far as Chris could tell, he didn’t have pupils nor irises. He then turned his attention to Chris and walked towards him.

Chris immediately stepped back and sunk low, falling on his ass and scrambling away from the demon. He swallowed, trying to form any kind of plea as tears began to run down his face. “P-Please…d-don’t…hurt me…”

He knelt in front of the human, keeping still and holding out a hand. “I’m not going to hurt you.” The demon’s voice was much calmer and singular; no longer was it a booming, echoing multitude of voices like when he threatened the thug. “I can sense you’ve gone through too much already, even before this unfortunate occurrence.”

Chris tried to relax himself, though his breathing and heart rate remained at a quick, steady rhythm. “I…I guess so, yeah…”

“Yet you’re not sure if your master can protect you?”

“Wait…how do you know about Chad?” He yelled.

The demon shrugged. “Call it a hunch. Or the fact us demons know a lot more about mortals than even they know about themselves.”

Chris couldn’t help but blush, now having thoughts of the red panda run through his mind, feeling those soft paws of his. Just the thought of his loving master calmed him down after getting mugged and witnessing this demon save him.

He continued. “In any case, because I chose to save your life, I am now bound to you as your servant and guardian. I know of your relationship with your master, and I will not get in the way of such a strong bond. The only way I can break from this service is if you die or you say, exactly, ‘I need not your services anymore.’ It’s as simple as that.”

“Really.” Chris raised an eyebrow as he stood up, still getting over the shock of this encounter. “That simple, huh?”

The demon remained crouched as Chris stood, both hands relaxed between his knees as he looked up at the human. “Yes…Master.”

“Hmmm…well, first things first, I need to get home before I get mugged again.” He noticed the demon was still lowered, waiting patiently to be told to stand. “Oh, you can stand up too.”

The demon did just that, and it was then Chris noticed he was at least a head taller than him. Chris blushed even more at how close he was to someone so tall and fit, even if they weren’t a human.

He cleared his throat a moment, trying his best to remain somewhat serious. “S-So um…we can walk to my place if you’d like, though I guess you could hover next to me if you’d like,” Chris chuckled.

The demon stood with his back straight, hands folded above his pelvis. “That would be wonderful, Master.”

He beckoned for his servant to follow, to which he immediately did as he flapped his wings some and began floating towards his Master. They both exited the alleyway and went down the sidewalk; it was still dark and only a few street lights were on, with the occasional car speeding down the road. Chris looked up at the demon as they walked. “Oh, I forgot to ask…what is your name?”

The demon thought a moment before speaking. “If you must know, my name is Seth’tollal. However, I am your servant now, so you may call me ‘servant’ or ‘slave.’ I am alright with either.”

“I see…w-well, anyway, I’m Chris. Buuuut I guess you can call me ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’ if you want,” he chuckled.

“Thank you, Sir.”

They continued to walk down the street, turning a corner or crossing a road if necessary. As they walked, they chatted about their lives, though Seth’tollal seemed to keep certain details from his master, about the differences and similarities between demons and angels, and menial things about the mortal world. Soon enough, they entered the noticeably run-down building where Chris stayed in, heading up a flight of stairs and down the hallway until they reached a brown, wooden door that read 224 in old, brass numbers. The demon had to duck under the top of the door frame, the tops of his wings just brushing against it. Chris locked the door behind him after they both entered and gave his demon servant permission to explore his home.

The apartment’s interior looked just as run down and worn as the rest of the building: chipped paint on the walls, scrapes against the wooden frames and doors, the carpet with its faded stains that never came out, and the tile for the kitchen and bathroom areas faded. But Chris kept his place clean and organized as best as he could; at least nothing was lying on the floor and the carpet was at least vacuumed, and hardly any dust cluttered what little furniture he had. It was only a one-bedroom, with the kitchen and bathroom just to the right of the front door, adjacent to one another, and the opened doorway into the bedroom was in the far-left corner of the unit; the rest was a wide, open living space. It was here Seth’tollal’s height became apparent, as his full height reached just under the ceiling.

As the demon maneuvered and shuffled around as best he could, Chris unbuttoned his shirt as he headed to the bedroom to change, yet felt bad how his servant had just enough room to move about his small apartment. He stood in the bedroom doorway, keeping his shirt closed even though it was fully unbuttoned as he looked to the demon. “H-Hey…S-Seth?”

He immediately turned his attention to his master and rushed in front of him, taking a knee and keeping himself lowered. “Yes Master.”

Chris still felt awkward about this relationship between them, but tried to at least play along with it for now. “So, um, I don’t know the extent of your powers, but would it be possible to shrink yourself a little? I-I just want you to feel more comfortable since you’re so…tall.”

The demon shot his head right up at his master with a smile. “Of course, Sir. Thank you.” He stood up and focused his pure, light-grey eyes at Chris, paying attention to how much shorter his master was. He closed his eyes and shrunk himself to the human’s height, then opened his eyes again. He then looked up a moment, noting how much more head-room he had between his wings and the ceiling. “Will this be suitable, Sir?”

He stared at his servant a moment, then shook his head to bring himself back to attention. “Oh, yes, yes. That’ll do fine. You also look less…intimidating,” he shuddered. “A-Anyway, I need to get outta these clothes. I would ask if you could make dinner but um,” he chuckled, “I hardly have anything and…I don’t know if you can cook.” He pursed his lips and sighed.

Seth’tollal placed a comforting hand on his master’s shoulder. “Don’t fret Sir; I will make us something wonderful.” He smiled and let go of him, waving him to go into the bedroom. “Now go get comfortable, Master,” he insisted with a mischievous grin.

Seeing his servant grin like that made him suspect the demon had an ulterior motive, yet he played along with his game. “Y-yes…of course…” he stammered, turning on his heel and darting into his bedroom, closing the door quickly but not enough to slam it shut. Chris threw off the rest of his work clothes until he was down to his briefs and bare-footed. As he did so, he could hear his demonic servant hum a surprisingly pleasant tune as he shuffled about in the kitchen. He put on a pair of blue, plaid pajama pants and an old, white t-shirt, both of which have been lying on the floor for who knows how long, but didn’t leave his bedroom just yet. The demon seemed to keep humming away, this time sounding like an old, familiar hymn, and for the first time as long as he could remember, the smell of real, substantial food emanated from the kitchen through the minute cracks between the door and its frame. Wait? How in the hell… He opened the door, completely ignoring his wondering suspicions about the demon.

His servant looked over his shoulder as he sautéed what smelled like a mix of fried chicken or beef and veggies while slowly twirling his finger over a rotating wooden handle stirring a boiling pot. “Oh good. Dinner’s almost ready, Master; just need to add a few more things to this dish here…” His voice trailed off as he refocused on the task at hand as he stopped stirring for a moment and added some spice.

Yet Chris did not remember having any spices in his kitchen. In fact, he never had any veggies or meats in his refrigerator either because all he lived on was ramen, cold-cut sandwiches or pb&j’s, tea, chips, cereal, milk, orange juice, and fast food or take-out. When he sat down at the table next to the kitchen area, Chris had to look away a moment as he felt his face flush red. How? HOW in the hell did you forget he’s technically naked!? All the demon wore was a white apron, the tie around his back and under his wings accented his blue, toned butt for his master to ogle at.

Seth’tollal turned off the burners on the stove and opened the oven door to check on whatever was cooking inside. When he did so, a scent of roasted, though slightly burnt, meat rose out of the opening and dominated the small space of the apartment. Chris looked to kitchen, then to the smoke alarm in the living room area, which was connected to the building’s fire alarm system, praying to whatever God there was that the demon wouldn’t set it off. Whether it was from his nerves about his servant setting off the smoke alarm or it was hot in the apartment from his servant’s cooking, Chris wiped his face with his shirt and was tempted to take it off. Yet his suspicions about Seth’tollal stopped him from doing so; he suspected his servant wanted to see him shirtless, though it’s not like Chris had much compared to the demon’s toned figure.

The demon grabbed for two plates and two glasses, despite Chris’ lack of memory of even having ceramic plates and glassware to begin with, and glanced over behind him as he cleared some space off the small counter top. “Master, you like meat, yes?” he asked as his tail swayed playfully, hoping he’d draw more of his master’s attention to his butt.

Chris chuckled, though tried not to focus on his servant’s butt as he spoke. “Hey, whatever you’re making, I’ll eat it; I’m sure it’s waaay better than what I usually have.”

He smiled as he turned his attention back to the counter, this time reaching into the oven with his bare hand and placing the pan of cooked meat on a couple of potholders. “I’m glad, Master.”

As Chris tried to look past the demon, ignoring that tone butt and swaying tail, he wasn’t exactly sure what his servant decided to make for dinner. Fried chicken and veggies with salami or something? No…salami’s usually served cold-cut. Sausage? The slightly burnt meat on the pan was elongated, as far as he could tell, but nothing else indicating what the demon just cooked up exactly. No don’t think so…ah well, so long as it’s good; can’t wait to eat some real food for a change.

Soon enough, Seth’tollal had two plates with the same amount of food on each. Both had a helping of sautéed white meat, that appeared to be chicken, and veggies next to three or four evenly cut slices of the baked meat stick, which had a dark red and brown interior, and a tan and black exterior. But the one thing that confused Chris was the hole in the middle of the mystery meat slices, as if there used to be a bone there and was pushed right out; there was little indication of any tearing or cuts in the meat that would’ve indicated otherwise. After the demon arranged the silverware on the table, he placed the plates down, then sat at the chair next to Chris. He realized he still wore the apron, so he took it off and tossed it behind him, where it faded into nothingness before reaching the kitchen area.

It was then he noticed his master’s concerned look about the food in front of him and frowned. He put a hand on Chris’ shoulder and spoke softly. “Eat, Master…please. I’ve seen what you have around here to eat; it’s not a healthy lifestyle, so I want to help you eat better, live better.” He began to smile and hoped he sounded encouraging to his master.

Chris kept his arms tight to his side as he glanced over at the demon, a hint of blush formed on his cheeks. He didn’t know what to say, other than “Thank you…my servant…” His stomach churned at referring to the demon as such, even if Seth’tollal was willing to be a servant or slave. All his life, he was submissive with most things; he only took charge if he absolutely needed to do so. It was why he liked Chad, even if they did have a somewhat wide age-gap: his boss was friendly, humble in his own way, playful, casual, and he couldn’t help but blush and feel aroused in his pajama pants thinking about the red panda’s naked body looming over him. Seth’tollal’s voice snapped him out of his daydreaming.

“What is it Master?” The demon asked with a concerned look, his hand still on Chris’ shoulder.

He shook his head and looked at his servant eye-to-eye. “Sorry, I was just…daydreaming and…loss sense of where I was for a moment…” He chuckled. “By the way, you’re gonna have to get used to that if you’re going to be my servant.”

The demon shrugged and removed his hand. “Guess I’ll take it as it comes then,” he murmured. “So, my Master, I would love it if you took the first bites and see how you enjoy my cooking.” He grinned, almost staring at Chris to watch for his reaction.

“If you say so…I am quite hungry, to be perfectly honest…” He eyed his servant a moment before turning to the plate in front of him. As he cut away at the sautéed meat, he found it to be tough, yet it seemed easy enough to cut through it without a steak knife. He still couldn’t figure out what kind of meat this was, but he was hungry and hardly at anything for breakfast and lunch today. The meat had an odd flavor and texture to it, nothing he recognized; yet, he had to admit, it was tasty and appeared his servant knew how to cook it thoroughly enough that it didn’t taste raw. But then a thought bugged him: Why and how would a demon cook his meat? Wouldn’t he be capable of eating it raw? If that’s the case, does that mean… Forcing himself to swallow the mystery meat, he decided to take another bite and try to finish the meal for Seth’tollal’s sake; at least he knew where the veggies came from and how they were supposed to taste like.

“Well,” he exclaimed when he noticed his master going for a second bite, a bright smile on his face, “What do you think, Sir?”

“It’s…mmm…it’s good,” he lied as he finished chewing what he had in his mouth, yet showing that he liked it. He swallowed. “What kind of meat is this? I’ve never had anything like it before.”

The demon pretended to think for a moment. “Well…let’s just say it’s best not to know where your food comes from.” He grinned, indicating no hint of uneasiness in his words.

Chris was silent a moment, then pointed at the demon’s food with his fork. “You should eat too, Seth. Between saving my life, escorting me home, providing an actual meal for me…you should eat up too.”

“Right. Of course, Master.” Try as he might, Seth’tollal couldn’t fight the urge to skip their dinner entirely and make his claim on the human. As he ate, thoughts of forcing the human on his knees and making him the slave instead clouded his mind, yet his hunger took priority. Part of him wished Chris didn’t ask what the meat was made of; he didn’t want to scare off his so-called “Master” by telling him where the meat actually came from. While he enjoys helping humans, he reserved his bonding servitude for those strong-willed enough to be an appropriate master. He needed to figure out how to turn the tables with their relationship, which he knew wouldn’t be hard; when he first met Chris, he could tell right away he was a submissive human and a pushover.

This was gonna be a cakewalk.

They both soon finished dinner, which, to both their surprise, Chris finished his whole plate. As soon as they finished, the demon grabbed his plate and then his master’s, stacking all the silverware on top and placing them in the sink.

Chris remained in his seat, facing his servant and trying not to stare at that toned, dark-blue ass of his. “So um…hehe, got anything planned after that tasty and…interesting meal?”

He nodded as he cleaned up the dinnerware and cookware. “I noticed you favor a hearty cider, yes?”

“Y-yeah, I mean, it’s good and not terribly expensive. Better than cheap beer or boxed wine, that’s for sure,” he chuckled. “I know it’s not…fancy, really, but–”

“That’s perfectly alright, Master,” interrupted the demon, not once looking over from his cleaning as he hand-washed the dishes. “I believe they came in bottles, correct?”

He nodded as he began to get up from his chair. “Yep. Again, nothing fancy, really…”

If it gets you drunk enough, that’s fine by me. Seth’tollal grinned. He soon finished cleaning the dishes, then placed the last of the them on the drying rack and put away the hand towel, spinning around on his heel. “Now,” he began, “You’ve had a long day, Master. Why don’t you take a seat on that couch over there and I’ll join you shortly.” He pointed towards the main area, his tone making what he said sound more like an order than a suggestion.

Without a word, Chris did just that and searched around his meager DVD collection for anything that may be interesting for him and the demon to watch. When he couldn’t find anything that would be remotely interesting, and something he hasn’t seen for the fifth time in the past few months, he flopped on the couch and pulled out his phone, lazily checking everything as he waited.

The demon did not take long to join his master. Soon enough, he too headed into the main area, two opened bottles of hard cider in each hand, and sat on the couch as well right next to Chris, extending the bottle closest to his master towards him.

He grabbed the bottle and took a sip, setting it down on the table next to the couch. “Thanks.” He put his phone on the table as well. “Whew, been a while since I’ve had this…feels great though.”

The demon took a sip as well, surprised at the tart yet sweet, apple taste of the cider. Over his thousands of years of existence and interacting with humans, it was a rare opportunity for him to get the chance to relax, let alone consume alcohol. Even when he did, he was accustomed to beer, mead, or wine and the range of hoppy to berry flavors they provided. How in Lucifer’s name did I not have this stuff before?! He couldn’t help but take another swig before resting the bottle on his thigh, though still held onto it.

Chris just chuckled at his servant’s range of expressions, going from genuine surprise to pure enjoyment and finally, satisfaction. Even if Seth’tollal didn’t have pupils or irises, Chris noticed how expressive the demon was despite that. He took another swig of his own cider, letting the alcohol do its thing.

It was then he started to feel…dominant. Sure he enjoyed the demon’s service and company, and was thankful that he saved his life, but he found Seth’tollal to be…cute. Not so much in his appearance, but the simple fact his servant seemed so pleased to put himself in such a position. He took a quick swing, giving a sly grin towards his slave. “Hey Seth,” he commanded.

This is new. The demon’s ears twitched as he looked over to Chris. “Yes, my Master?”

Chris stretched himself out, extending his arms above his head and stretching out his legs, flexing his toes before relaxing again, hands clasped behind his head. “Oof. I did have a long day, especially after getting mugged. Which, by the way, thank you for that.”

The demon nodded. “Of course, Master.”

“But,” he continued, “Oi, between running around the office all day and then running from those thugs, my feet,” he said as he pointed to them, “are killing me. Can you give them a good rub down for me…slave,” he ordered as he grinned.

He took another swig of cider and looked around for a place to set it somewhere, but decided to set it on the floor next to the couch and hoped it wouldn’t spill. “Of course, Sir.” He slid off the couch and glided over in front of the human’s feet, crouched at first and then on his knees. Wow…you have…very few calluses for someone who’s on their feet all day. He tenderly grabbed a foot, pressing his thumb against the fleshy bottom and rubbed it. How the hell does a human like you get feet so soft without even trying?

“Ahhhh…man that feels goooood…” Chris leaned back further, feeling himself sink into the couch as he closed his eyes.

The demon soon grabbed the other foot and began to massage the bottoms of both feet simultaneously, rubbing his thumb along their fleshy bottoms and rubbing the tops with his fingers. Soon, he moved his hands near the toes and began to rub those as well for a while, then moved his hands downward again. “How are you feeling, Master?”

“Keep going slave,” he cooed, “You’re doing great so far.” He still had his eyes closed, yet could also feel himself tenting in his pajama pants, not that he cared. “Mmmm, haven’t felt this relaxed in…in a long time, really.”

Seth’tollal just grinned once he saw how much his master enjoyed this foot massage. He rubbed the middles of both feet, then moved his hands near the soles and ankles. Here, he put both hands around one ankle, caressing and massaging it a while before getting both hands around the foot. He too could feel himself enjoying this as his cock began to poke through the slit in his crotch. He looked up to his master as he switched feet, massaging and caressing it in the same manner. “You have very lovely feet, Master. Very clean and soft.”

Chris opened his eyes and peered down at his slave, leaning forward and petting his hair. “Why thank you, my servant.”

“Is this how they are naturally?” He blurted.

Despite the blankness of his eyes, Chris couldn’t help but chuckle at the demon’s excitement as his face glowed with curiosity. He petted his servant’s hair one more time, then relaxed his arm on his side while grabbing for his cider. “That they are, my slave: au naturale.” He took a swig of his cider before setting it back down on the table. “Now, slave,” he began with a commanding tone, yet still appeared relaxed on the couch, “Give these feet a good cleaning while you’re down there, and make sure to get between my toes.”

“Shall I grab some supplies to do so, Master, or–”

“Your tongue will do just fine,” he commanded.

“Y-yes…Master.” This is…very new…and yet why am I enjoying this so much? The demon gingerly touched his tongue against the bottom of his master’s foot, slowly licking up and down the bottom of one foot.

“Mmmmm, yes that’s it,” he cooed, shuttering against the alien texture of his slave’s tongue against the soft skin. Chris huffed as his slave licked the bottom of his foot, not realizing he began to give the same attention to the other one. He wanted to resist relieving himself right then and there, but he could see himself tenting in his pajama pants while he felt himself leak pre already. Damn! No wonder Chad loved it when I gave his feet attention so much. Shit feels goooood.

Eventually, the demon moved on between the toes, digging his tongue deep in those crevices. He felt how much his master shuddered at the touch, so he placed both hands on whichever foot he was cleaning to keep him still. It was by this point Seth’tollal got into it; he too felt his own member poking out of this slit by his crotch, getting harder and harder the more and more he attended to his master’s feet. After he licked between the last crevice between the toes, figuring they received a decent massage and cleaning, he looked up at his master. “I can see you’re feeling much better, Master.” He too could clearly see how much Chris was enjoying this too. Yet, the demon struggled to come up with a plan to get this human on his knees instead.

Chris huffed and looked down to his slave. “Oooo, very much so.” He wiggled his toes and inspected them, then lightly pressed one against the demon’s chest. “You do good work, slave. Maybe I should keep you around for a while, show you off to Chad.” He took one more swig of the cider; it was then he noticed how buzzed and horny he was. The bottle wobbled when he placed it on the table again, but didn’t fall over and balanced itself out. He cocked his head, noticing how hard his slave was by now, mulling over what he wanted Seth’tollal to do next.

The demon massaged his master’s feet, patiently awaiting further orders.

“Hmmmm…hehehe,” he giggled while giving a goofy grin. “Stand up, my servant,” he ordered, motioning the demon to do so with a finger. The demon obliged and Chris stood up as well, looking up as his servant and placing a hand on his chest. “I think it’s only fair you deserve some lovin’, Seth.” Before he allowed the demon to respond, he spun Seth’tollal around and forced him in a sitting position on the couch.

“M-Master! What are yo–ooooo…” His eyes closed as he gripped the couch cushions under him when a warm, wet suction encased his hardened member. Half-opening his eyes, all he could see was his master’s head sliding up and down his cock, a hand gripped around the base to hold it steady. “N-nngggh…” Now’s my chance while he’s like this!


The demon petted his master’s hair while he went down on him, sucking, gagging, bobbing up and down on his cock.

But he needed the human down further.

“M-Massster, fuck…” Seth’tollal whined as he threw his head back, “C-Can you m-maybe give my l-legs and feet a, fuck, m-massage t-too? Shit you’re good at that,” he moaned between panting breaths.

Chris stopped his sucking and eyed up his servant, releasing the demon’s cock from his mouth. “Well…you did save my life…so…I think…that would be fair…” he said between breaths.

The demon tilted his head forward and smiled, catching his breath as he tried to give an intimidating look. “Thank you…human,” he cooed, grinning.

He looked to his servant with a quizzical look from the sudden change in his tone, yet he legitimately wanted to show his appreciation for Seth’tollal after saving his life. He sunk lower on his knees, rubbing his servant’s legs on his way down until his hands reached the tops of his feet. He began to massage the top, bottom, and sides of one foot; the demon’s skin felt like smooth leather, yet had a slight roughness as if it was made of scales.

“Oooo, yeah…mmmff. Forgot how you humans can have such a soft touch.” He curled his toes and stretched his legs as Chris rubbed his feet. “Why don’t you clean them good for me, yeah?”

“S-Sure…” Chris could detect the stench from Seth’tollal’s feet, which is when he remembered that his servant never wore any foot coverings since first meeting him. And yet, he wanted to be lower than Seth’tollal, if his tenting pants were any indication; he also knew he was leaking down there as he massaged his servant’s feet. Without missing a beat, he began to lick the bottoms of his servant’s feet, then between the toes; he even decided to suck on the toes some, though making sure to watch the claws.

“O-hohoho,” he giggled, flinching his leg back, “That tickles.”

“Just wanted to make sure your toes were extra clean,” Chris chuckled as he went back to rubbing Seth’tollal’s feet.

He wanted to say something but huffed on instinct instead once he felt Chris’ hands massage his toned legs now, creeping inward as his master made his way towards his crotch again. “Back for more, huh?”

“Didn’t finish my dessert yet.” He gave a sly grin as he gripped his servant’s cock, stroking it to keep it hard before going down on him again.

Seth’tollal threw his head back and huffed, making sure to let himself relax as his master sucked him off. He felt himself getting close, and dammit did he want to just grab Chris’ head and shove his cock into that soft, wet mouth of his as he would blow his load. But he resisted doing that; after all, his master wanted to pleasure him in this way through sheer will and gratitude. He decided on stroking his master’s hair and giving him some encouragement. “God you’re so good at that master.”

Chris kept at it, sucking and licking as moaned. He wouldn’t be surprised if his servant noticed his pasty white cheeks become red, especially with Seth’tollal encouraging him like that.

He moaned as well, his breath quickening. “M-May I cum in your mouth, M-Master?”

Chris slid his mouth off his servant’s cock where it made an audible *pop* sound. He let himself catch his breath before speaking. “Give it to me, Slave.” He immediately went back to sucking his servant off, putting a lot more suction and tongue action as soon as he tasted that demon pre.

“F-Fuckin’, shit I’m gonna blow already at this rate.” Seth’tollal felt himself start to tense up as he thrusted his hips upward, trying desperately to not face-fuck his master right then and there as Chris picked up speed. Damn this kid’s gonna make me cum quick!

As Chris increased the intensity of his blow job, he too felt like he was about to cum when he reached a hand down his pajama pants and began to stroke himself. He moaned as he sucked. He wanted to taste that demon cum, and he wanted it filling his mouth NOW!

Soon enough, Seth’tollal thrusted upwards harder as he growled. “Nnngghh, taste my, nnngh, demon cum, h-human, ffffuck!”

The rush of warm, salty demonic cum filled Chris’ mouth as he tried to swallow as much of it as he could. He gagged from both the amount and strange taste of the demon’s seed. As this went on, he felt his own hand get covered in his own, sticky cum in his pants, moaning as loud as he could with his servant’s dick in his mouth. He kept his focus on that cock, sucking and licking away any cum that didn’t make it down his throat.

Seth’tollal combed his fingers through Chris’ hair. “Chad has trained you well, it seems.”

As he said that, Chris stopped and looked up at his servant, though his eyes were downcast. “I’m not a very good master…am I,” he sighed.

The demon was blunt. “No. No, you are not. I’ve had masters who demanded I waited on them hand and foot, sometimes literally like what I just did and what you’re doing right now,” he stated, indicating so with his hand, “and I’ve had some treat me as a convenient servant around their home: help with cleaning, taking care of their kids or pets, shopping, servicing their guests, etcetera, etcetera.” He sighed deep. “And then there’s you…I knew right away you’re someone who’s submissive, someone who doesn’t like to give orders or be the boss to others.”

Chris shrugged, though remained downcast, glancing up at his servant every so often. “I enjoy it. I enjoy servicing others when and however I can.” He then lowered himself closer to his servant’s feet, petting them. “I’m sure you can tell I have a thing for these,” he chuckled as he blushed.

He snickered before continuing. “I’ve never had a master who pleasured me like that before. It has always been the other way around, no thanks to the oath I’m required to make.” His face scrunched as he made a stink face. “Ick. So. Many. Unsavory. Genitals and assholes…”

Chris stood, trying to hold back a chuckle. His knees and legs felt shaky from kneeling for so long, but he got used to it from being Chad’s pet. He sat back in his spot on the couch, though scooted closer to his servant that their legs would touch. He looked to Seth’tollal and threaded a comforting arm around his back under the wings.

“Seth. You saved my life. You provided an amazing meal in my own home; the only time I get that is if I’m at Chad’s. You gave me a foot massage, which no one’s ever given to me before, not even Chad. The least I could do is help you relax a little.”

He simply smiled and felt his cheeks flush, even though his blush wouldn’t be noticeable with his dark-blue skin.

“Listen,” Chris continued, “How about we do this: you can be my escort to and from work and, while I’m at work, you can take care of the apartment while I’m gone. In return, I’ll help you relax in any way I wish.” He suddenly blushed upon having a thought. “We can even get Chad involved sometime, if you wanted to know what he’s like.”

“That would be wonderful, Master.”

Chris chuckled, nudging his servant on the arm. “Bet he’d like having two foot slaves, eh?”

Seth’tollal grinned and continued. “As I’ve said earlier today, I will not get in the way of you and Chad’s relationship…but that does sound fun, I’ll admit.” He felt his cheeks flush harder as he gave a nervous chuckle.

“It’s a deal then?”

Seth’tollal nodded. “Just um…one more thing I’d like to do, Master.”

“Wh-What’s that…Seth?”

He was quiet for a moment. “Close your eyes…Master.”

He leaned in and gave his master a quick, but deep kiss on his lips, rubbing a hand on Chris’ leg close to his crotch. He smiled at his master. “It’s a deal.”

Chris looked dumbfounded after the kiss, then giggled and rested his forehead on his servant’s shoulder, eventually putting both arms around him. “Heh…I think you and Chad will get along just fine.”


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