A Life-Changing Promotion

The following post contains mature content. Please proceed if you’re comfortable/mature yourself with reading such things. Thank you.

Long overdue commission I recently completed. I felt bad for putting this off for so long due to college; I really enjoyed writing this one and liked the idea for this story. And yes, this is a long one, but I think it’s worth a read.

As always, enjoy!

Half the names on the list had already been crossed off. Chad rubbed his temples after interviewing twelve candidates over the past week. “Dammit! I swear, not one of these college kids know what they’re doing. Do they expect me to just give them the job on a silver platter?” The red panda rubbed his face with a paw and looked at the next name on the list. He rubbed his chin when he noticed the next interviewee’s species on his resume. “Interesting.” He paged his secretary to let in the next candidate, if he’s there.

Chad made sure to straighten out his long, silver hair and brush off his suit before Chris entered his office. He stood behind his desk and smiled as the human entered. Just like all the other candidates before him, this one tried to keep his back straight and his expression calm and professional. He wore a white, button-down, collared shirt and a striped, green tie and black pants and shoes. His short, sandy-colored hair was combed to the side. As much as Chris acted and dressed professionally, he darted to the door to stop it from slamming behind him after he yanked it open. He looked to the red panda in front of him, standing erect again and trying to ignore the beads of sweat on his forehead.

Chad placed his paws on his desk, beaming at Chris. “Hey there! You here for the accountant position, correct?”

Chris walked forward and sat in the chair on the other side of the desk, though he appeared to be going through the motions to get this over with. He gave a shy smile. “Y-Yes, s-sir. It’s um, for an internship position, actually.”

Chad noticed how straight the human’s back was in the chair, his hands in his lap. He noticed his hands shook; nerves most likely. Keeping the friendly approach, he held out his right paw, which Chris immediately shook.

“Well you got a good handshake down, guy!”

He quickly put his hand back in his lap, as if Chad intended to bite it off. “T-Thanks Mr…”

“Hardy. Chad Hardy.”

“T-Thanks Mr. Hardy.”

He raised a paw. “Please, I don’t like formalities when it comes to employees who will work closely with me.”

Chris scratched his neck. “S-Sorry.”

He chuckled and sat down in his chair, reaching for Chris’ resume and cover letter. He glanced at both. “So…Christopher Reid, huh? Kinda sounds like Christopher Reeves.” He grinned.

Chris just gave a nervous chuckle. “Yeah you’re…you’re not the first one to tell me that.”

“Nah, I’m just teasin’ ya,” he said as he threw a paw out, “But uh, yeah! You just got by ‘Chris’ I’m assuming?”

“Y-Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Alright, excellent.” He glanced over the documents once more, scanning for anything he wanted to ask. “So, I see your major is, in fact, accounting and it looks like,” he looked closer, “you’ve been in school for some time?”

Chris exhaled a deep breath. “A little too long than what I would’ve liked.”

“It’s perfectly fine.” The red panda smiled. “Hell, it took me longer than four years to get my degree too.”

“I hope that doesn’t deter you from considering me.” Chris had difficulty smiling, trying to remember to do so, even if it may appear he was blowing the interview.

Chad’s voice went quiet. “Hey, I get it. Life happens, you know?” He didn’t wait for a response as he looked over Chris’ documents. “I’m glad you got yourself involved with extracurriculars; that’s always good.”

Chris just smiled, but shifted his eyes. So glad he didn’t mention the LGBT Alliance thing. Why the hell would I put that if I get asked about it all the fucking time? He quickly turned his attention back to the panda once he spoke again.

“So tell me a little more about what classes you took. I like to get a feel for where my future employees are coming from.”

He proceeded to discuss his academics, the few clubs and organizations he got involved in, except for the LBTQ Alliance. He explained that he tries his best and would complete assignments or other tasks in a timely manner and to the best of his abilities. As Chad fired question after question, about his future, what he wanted to get out of the job, what he could contribute to the company, Chris felt himself become more and more confident about himself and the interview process. Huh, this wasn’t so bad after all!

Chad straightened out the documents and set them aside. “Alright Chris, just one last question and then you can get outta here.” He rested his paws open in front of him. “Now…you’re the first candidate I’m going to ask this, and I hope you don’t mind as I’m curious: Do you mind having Humanalia coworkers? I just want to be sure you’re comfortable with that, as you’re the first human who could work for this company.” He relaxed his arms and leaned back, waiting patiently.

Chris shuffled in his seat some, having a hard time looking at Chad after he asked that. “Um…” He began, trying to come up with the real explanation why he prefers Humanalia over humans. They’ve always attracted him and he remembered that all but two of his friends growing up were Humanalia. He remembered wanting a relationship with a fox, one of the most common Humanalia, but neither of them could work it out because of the distance. He opened his mouth to explain himself, but all he could muster was, “No. I don’t mind.”

The red panda smiled and stood up, holding his right paw out again. Chris immediately did the same and they shook. “You should hear from us within the next couple weeks, ok?” He kept Chris’ hand hostage in his paw, feeling himself getting slightly aroused at that unique touch against his paw pads.

“T-Thank you Mr. Hard- I mean…Chad.” He let out a nervous chuckle. Noticing Chad kept his paw clasped, he slowly loosened his grip to free his hand, to which Chad did not object to. He walked around the chair to head out of the office, waving behind him. “Thank yo-oof.” He bumped into the door on his way out, forgetting to open it. Letting out a deep sigh, he opened the door and slammed it behind him.

Chad sat back down and told his secretary to cancel the rest of the interviews. He unzipped his pants to whip out his hard-on and started stroking. “Oooh all the things I want to do to you Chris,” he moaned, “Fuck. Humans can be so cute.” He used the rest of the afternoon to make a mental checklist of all the naughty things he wanted to do with his newfound pet, blowing off some steam in the process.

About four months later, the final day of Chris’ probationary period.

“So Janice, what do you think of that new intern?” I ask my HR manager. That cheetah, boy can she get shit done as fast as she bikes, and her lithe figure under her blouse and pants shows it; let’s just say her biking gear does not hide it well. I swear, she rides her bike like I drive my Ferrari: fast and can turn on a dime. We sometimes race each other to work just for the hell of it.

She takes a sip of her coffee, though we both know she doesn’t need it to keep up around here. “I think he’ll do well around here, chief. I’ve asked Deb to double-check his numbers once in a while; not a single mistake yet.”

“Good, good.”

“Thing is, she worries about him. Says he tends to be a tad too…focused,” she says as she makes a sharp, forward gesture with her free paw.

“Well that’s good then, isn’t it? Should show the kid really wants the job, right?”

“No, I mean,” she huffed, “some of the janitorial staff would find him working in his cubicle. Hell, Deb would have to remind him every day to clock out before she leaves. Sometimes he does, most times he doesn’t.” She takes another sip before continuing. “I’ve asked him to come speak with me several times and he never does.”

I raise an eyebrow, brushing my hair back. “Does he mean to do this?”

“Oh no no, not at all, chief. He says he’ll talk with one of us ‘eventually’ but never follows through with it.”

“Hmm. Interesting, let me check something quick.” I pulled out my phone and checked my appointments. “I’ll be damned.”


“Does he know about our meeting this afternoon?”

She held up her paw. “Say no more chief. I’ll confirm that for ya.” And with that, she was off to take care of business.

“Go get ’em girl!” I held back a chuckle before casually making my way back up to my office to prep for Chris’ performance review.

2:30 pm was what it said on my phone after checking it periodically while me and Janice waited for Chris to arrive. I know both of us have told him when this meeting was and that it was priority; hopefully that would force the kid’s hand if he got distracted by work again. I leaned back in my chair and let out a long sigh. “Well I can see punctuality will be a problem,” I muttered to myself.

“Actually, sir, he’s never been late or missed a single day since he started,” said Janice. I noticed a slight irritation in her voice and glanced over. She sat in a chair beside my desk with a manila envelope on her lap. Yep; she’s annoyed too. Once her tail starts twitching like that, you know she’s angry with something.

I leaned up and looked at her curiously. “Really? Wonder what’s the holdup then.” I gave my secretary a quick call. No Chris there. I gave Deb, his supervisor, a quick call too. Yep. Still in his cubicle working diligently like always.

“Can you get the kid up here now please, Deb? We’re both rearing to get this over with and Janice is giving me the stink eye up here.” I let out a chuckle and noticed that she, in fact, was looking to tear my throat out with those teeth of hers. I immediately started to act more serious after that.

Eventually, I hung up and checked the time again: 2:38 pm. I groaned and rubbed my face. “Fuck. This is gonna be pointless.” I practically slammed my forehead on the desk, liking the fact my silver hair encompassed my face to hide it from Janice. It didn’t hide her stern tone though.

“You know this is company policy? Right?”

“Yes, I know!” I’m sure that sounded muffled to Janice, but I didn’t care by this point.

“You’re going to need to take this seriously. Look, I don’t care if there’s…some other reason you like Chris or not. You need to be honest and fair with this.”

My heart skipped once she mentioned “if there’s some other reason you like Chris.” Even if she could see my face right now, I’m glad my fur was dark enough to hide my blush.

Then her voice became…sultry? “I see the way you look at him Chad.”

Fuck! Am I that obvious?

I leaned back up and checked my phone again, though moved a paw on my temple to keep Janice from seeing my face. 2:40 pm.

I slammed the phone on my desk and rubbed my face hard, trying to be somewhat serious about this and not think about how cute Chris looks. My muzzle opened as I was about to get back at Janice when, lo and behold, that cute fucker gently opens my office door and pokes his head in.

“H-Hey, sorry for being late Mr. Hardy.” Even after working here for three months, this kid is still nervous to talk to anyone. So cute. “Oh! Ms. Jäger! I-I forgot you were going to be here too…” He looked like he couldn’t decide whether to enter my office or slam the door and run once he saw Janice. Geeze kid, I know she can be scary at times but she’s not gonna eat ya.

She chuckled a bit at his reaction. “Well I am the HR director here, so this meeting is just as important to me as it is for you and Chad here,” she said, casually gesturing her hand towards me.

“Y-Yes, yes, it is!” I chimed in, trying to appear serious, straightening myself in my chair. “I’ll be honest, there’s not much we’ll need to go over, and I’m sure you want this to be done and over with quickly. So, the sooner you get in this office, the sooner we can get started, alright?”

Either Chris took that as a command or he was wanting to get this over with just as much as I did; he slammed that door behind him and plopped himself in the chair across from me with no hesitation. I noticed Janice stared a bit at what just happened as soon as I did.

She shrugged and started the meeting. “Ok then,” she began, “So, Chris, you’ve been with us for a while now. But before we start sharing our thoughts,” she gestured to me and herself, “we’d like to hear what you think. Any thoughts, questions, concerns?”

Chris seemed to be trying hard to sit up straight and control his breathing. “I-It’s definitely been a new experience for me and…I’m still trying to get used to this environment,” he said with a nervous chuckle.

“How so Chris?” Janice asked.

“W-Well…” He looked between Janice and me. “I’m not use to having a red panda, a cheetah, and a calico cat as my superiors…” He must be talking about Deb when he mentioned the calico.

Me and Janice looked at each other; I could tell she was just as concerned as I was. We both turned back to Chris. “Hey, it’s ok Chris,” I began, “Believe me, we’re a little new to a human working for us. But I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about you from your coworkers and supervisor.”

“R-Really?” he asked.

I nodded, but then quickly turned to the cheetah. “Oh! Janice, you have what those comments were, right?”

“Of course, sir.” She opened a manila envelope with the review papers and found the document she wanted. She pulled it out and set it on top of the closed envelope. “Ok,” she began, “So, like I mentioned, many of the comments from your supervisor and coworkers have been positive: diligent, responsive, you respond well to additional requests from Deb, and you’ve been speedy with your work.” She chuckled. “There was one response which said, and I quote, ‘I swear the kid is part cheetah; he gets shit done as fast as you.'” She then looked to me and gave me her ‘oh you’ look, holding up the document. “That last one was from you, wasn’t it?”

I just kept my focus towards Chris and grinned. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I could tell she was rolling her eyes before she continued with the review. “Anyway. Now, we’ve also received a few comments that were…concerning to say the least.”

He started to slump in the chair; his tone sounding apologetic. “Oh…really?”

Janice quickly held up a paw. “It’s not too bad; we like seeing our employees working hard and enjoying their job.” Her tone went from business-like to what I could describe as motherly. “But we don’t want you to be working too hard. You get what I’m saying?”

Chris nodded, though the kid seemed a little confused.

“Look,” she continued, “The only employees we would rather have in the building after hours are Chad, myself, any of the supervisors, and the custodial staff; we kind of need to hang around late. You don’t need to be doing that, especially since you’re only an intern here. Though, I admit, you’ve been a damn hard worker for one, possibly the hardest working intern we’ve had.”

“Oh yeah, definitely!” I chimed in. “Hell, I would’ve hired you as a full-time employee right on the spot if it weren’t for our policies.”

“Exactly,” said Janice as she put the document back in the envelope. “Now, uh,” she looked towards me, “Chad do you want to start or…”

“You can start Janice.”

“Ok.” She breathed and took a deep breath before she shared her thoughts. Most of it was the same, positive feedback from his coworkers and Deb, along with the very little negative feedback. She even offered to take him under her wing. I felt a little uneasy about that; I wanted this kid all to myself and under my foot. Just picturing him as my little pet turned me on; I wasn’t even paying attention to what Janice was saying until she shouted my name a few times. Damn, I must’ve been out of it.

I shook my head and gave her my attention. “Uh yeah, yeah. Sorry Janice.”

She huffed and scowled at me. Fuck, she knew I wasn’t paying attention.

I sat up straight in my chair, hoping she didn’t see my growing hard-on from my perverted thoughts. I gave the same kind of feedback as what everyone else has said about Chris. Fuck, I just want this stupid review to be over with so I can spend some one-on-one time with my hard-working human; the kid deserves to be rewarded for his obedience.

After I finished my piece, I told Janice she could leave for the day and that I wanted to keep Chris in my office for a little bit longer. She glared at me, giving me her ‘I-know-you’re-up-to-something-but-do-I really-want-to-know’ look before leaving, slamming the door behind her. Feisty kitty when she’s irritated like that.

Chris glanced at her as she walked out, then jumped when she slammed the door. “Um…did I do something wrong, sir?”

“Oh no, Chris; you’re fine.” I grinned and got up out of my chair to lock the door.

“S-So what did you want me to stay behind for?”

I just turned around and smiled at him. “Just thought we should get to know each other a bit more, boost your confidence with being around us all day.” I unbuttoned my shirt as I approached him.

His look was priceless.

As soon as he saw my toned body and fur under my shirt, his face became beet red and he quickly turned away from me.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I came up behind him and laid a paw on his shoulder. “It’s alright Chris,” I spoke softly, “I’m not gonna hurt ya.” I gave the cute fucker a light pat on his cheek before heading back in my chair. Kid seemed to like my body so much, why not give him a little show, eh? And I did just that, turning around and slowly taking off my shirt, then taking off my shoes and pants so I was just in my boxer briefs and socks. Geeze, no matter how hard I try, I still seem to always have thicker thighs compared to the rest of my body; ah well, I’m sure Chris won’t mind.

His dumfounded look said it all when I turned around; I think I petrified him.

I grinned and motioned for him to come over as I sat down. His obedience was quick and prompt; I like that in a new employee. To test his obedience further, I told him to strip down to his undies; again, quick and prompt, but damn was he tenting under those boxers.

He stood there quietly, patiently, clammed up; it’s like he knew what was going on and knew exactly what to do in this situation. God, he was cute! I’ll have to ask him about his fantasies sometime.

I cooed and leaned up to give Chris a little scratch on his cheek. “I think you’ll make an excellent pet Chris; you’re so obedient.” I ordered him to kneel and take off my socks as I leaned back in my chair.

And that was the first time he smiled, though it could’ve been out of nerves; at least I know my new employee and pet enjoys worshipping his master.

I tried to hold back a giggle once he began touching my bare feet with his hands. He was…massaging them? My human knew what I wanted after all! But just to be safe, and to see how submissive he was, I shoved the foot with my toe ring in his face. “My ring isn’t gonna shine itself! Get lickin’!”

He hesitated.

I scowled. “Afraid to lick your boss’ gross feet? Too bad!” I then put my other foot on top of his head to help guide him closer, and as a reminder of who’s in charge.

He licked slow at first, but my persistent foot on his head forced him to go faster, even got him to start sucking on my toes. As he licked and sucked on the ringed toe, I started thinking that he hesitated on purpose; as if he wanted someone to order him around and use him. Just the thought of having him be my little human pet got me harder than ever; I couldn’t help but pull down my boxers and start jerking it while Chris sucked on my toes.

He stopped and looked, dumfounded and wide-eyed.

I looked down at him and grinned. “What? You thought I wasn’t getting turned on by this?” I then pressed his face back to my toes. “Keep cleaning! I want that ring to shine.”

I leaned back at let him do his thing. He would look up at me every so often. I didn’t mind, so long as he kept cleaning his master’s ring; I would at least allow him to admire his master from below where he belonged. Damn! Did he look adorable down there!

I soon felt myself getting close and had to quickly think of what to do; I really did not want anyone asking questions, especially Janice. But damn is he good with his mouth.

And that’s when I ordered him to start sucking my throbbing cock.

Hoooo boy was he good! Eager too! I ruffled his hair some more, since it was already messy from my foot. “Such a good boy,” I cooed.

That encouraged him. His mouth felt so warm around my cock. I started to thrust in my chair. So close!

I then gripped his head and forced him down on my cock as I jerked upward, blowing a load that I’ve tried my hardest to keep down ever since his interview. I could hear him gag with every burst. Did I care? Fuck no! I wanted him to swallow every drop of his master’s seed.

I kept him on my cock well after I was done. “Need to make sure you can swallow boy!”

And after I was sure of that, I allowed my pet to finally breath. He cleans up nice, save for the drool and cum dangling from his lips; at least he won’t need to do clean-up duty on me.

He stayed on his knees and wiped his face clean, licking my cum off his hands. After he was done, he knelt there, waiting quietly, trying to keep his heavy breathing to a minimum.

I gave us both a moment to catch our breath before speaking. “Phew…man I needed that…” I then pulled up my boxers and slumped back in my chair. “I will need you to stop by the same day next week, Chris; maybe we can do something fun over a weekend.” I grinned, looking down at him.

His smile was genuine this time. That made me happy.

I looked at my phone; about an hour or so of the day left. I motioned towards the door and looked back to Chris. “Get dressed and go home early kid; you’ve earned it. Just make sure the door’s locked before you leave.” I gently smiled, not giving a shit if I’m in my underwear for the rest of the day.

He got up and got dressed without a word, that is until he was about to leave. His face was still beet red then. He turned around and spoke in, quite frankly, the sincerest he’s ever been, “Thank you…master.” He smiled and sighed before locking and closing the door behind him.

I remained slumped in my chair. I’m happy for Chris; maybe someday he’ll get a promotion if he keeps this up, both with his work and with being my pet. I’ll have to find him something better to wear than those boring, old boxers. And a cage; gotta make sure to have one of those just in case. Oh! A tag and a collar! Duh! I’ll let him pick one out some other time, that way it’s a little more personal for him. I’ll need a leash to go with that too.

I yawned and curled up in my chair, dozing off and started dreaming of all the fun we’ll have together during his time here.

A few months had pass since Chris’ performance review; since then, I had him come into my office for more ‘performance reviews’ after hours, though I didn’t do these too often. I don’t want to hinder my favorite employee’s work ethic, you know? But damn, does he have a soft touch! Every time my human pet massages and plays with my feet, I swear, it’s the best feeling on my pads all day. There were a few afternoons where I forced him to stay under my desk, but allowed him to play with my feet or my goods while I worked. I admit, a couple calls would’ve been very awkward if me or my pet didn’t hold back our moans.

It took a hell of a lot of convincing and lying to keep Janice and Deb out of the loop. Sure, I’m the boss and can do whatever the hell I want, within reason and policy, but I like to keep good relations within the office, especially with those two; it keeps moral high and employees motivated.

Yet I couldn’t explain why I had such a soft spot for Chris. Why was I doing this to him? Yeah, he likes it, but I don’t want rumors to spread or end up firing the kid for ‘sexual harassment.’ Before he came along, I’ve always had the hots for Janice, even if it does look like we’re just buddies. That…sexy cheetah bitch drove such a hard bargain though, I had no choice but to fold.

But that didn’t matter anymore. Chris looked like a lost and scared human in a jungle full of weird animal people when he first stepped in my office. I knew someone had to take him under their wing, maybe literally. And me being the boss and someone who cares about the well-being of his employees put me in that position. I also may have a soft spot for the submissive type, and my pet was fit the bill. God, I love being in charge.

One Friday morning, about a couple hours or so into the work day, I did my usual morning patrol to greet my employees before heading over to Chris’ cubicle. It’s been a slow week and this morning was no different, so I felt no need to check in with supervisors or Janice.

I walked up behind Chris and leaned against the edge of the divider, taking a sip of coffee before I great my pet. “Mornin’ Chris.”

He jumped in his chair and got all tense before he spun himself around. He seemed to have immediately calmed down once he saw me, but still spoke quietly like he always did. “Morning mast–”

“Just call me Chad down here,” I said, cutting him off.

“Morning Chad,” he said with a soft smile.

I couldn’t help but smile back and look in those emerald eyes of his. Man this kid looked so innocent, yet I know how much of a kinky foot slut he is. I think we stared at each other for a good second, just enjoying each other’s warmth, before I realized I wanted to ask him something.

“Um,” I gave an awkward cough, “Heh. I um…can you stop by my office after work today please?”

“Of course maste–I mean Chad.” He started to turn a deep red.

Chris if you keep blushing as much as you do, I swear you’re gonna become a red panda too. Not that I would mind, of course.

I took a deep breath, trying to keep my usual business casual persona. “I uh, I want to talk to you about this weekend.” I tried to keep my voice low. Again, rumors and all that bullshit. “You busy?”

He shrugged. “I usually have nothing going on during weekends anyway.”

I smiled at him and straightened myself out. “Awesome. See you after work Chris.” I winked at him before heading back up to my office, hoping he got a chance to sneak a peek at my poofy tail bouncing on my butt as I walked off.

Everything was ready at my house: the cage, the collar, the leash, the jockstrap, the food and water bowls, food and drink for me and my pet, the candles…the bed. I prepared all week for this weekend. All that I needed was Chrissy boy.

To my surprise, Chris sounded…excited to spend time with me this weekend. He also didn’t mind skipping the bus and coming home with me after work; just makes things easier for both of us. Besides, he’s saving money on bus fare.

I’m glad Chris wasn’t too freaked out during the drive to my place. It’s a nice, little bachelor pad; just a one-story ranch house that’s the most well-kept home on the block. I always aim for practicality, but I always like to keep things shine like new. Even if the outside of my house didn’t show I was loaded, aside from my Ferrari, you wouldn’t know until you stepped inside. Of course, shocker, I have tons of potted bamboo plants and ferns scattered about my home; some in simple, plastic pots, some in delicate ceramic vases. I admit, I have a hell of a time resisting nibbling on the bamboo; it looks so tasty! There are a mix of expensive paintings I’ve won at auctions hanging on the walls; most of them Chinese settings, some natural landscapes, some nudes. Hey! It’s my place. I can hang a painting of a naked tigress in my kitchen if I want!

Chris was like a kid in a candy store when he glanced around the living room. I let my pet explore my home, hoping that he’d eventually find his cage. But that will be for later; I have a lovely, yet simple dinner to prepare for us.

I did what I always do before making dinner: put my shit in my room and strip to my boxer briefs. I’d always put on an apron too; don’t want to dirty up my fur now. Yeah, it’s the subby thing to do, and gay as hell in general, but I’ve lived alone for so long…guess I just got used to it. Besides, I know my pet loves admiring his master’s body.

I didn’t know what he liked, so I decided to keep things simple for us tonight. I made my usual helping of bamboo, the kind I allow myself to eat, along with seasoned chicken and eggs, and fresh raspberries. I made the same for my pet, without the bamboo, and decided to let him pick what fruit he would like. Dinner was done in about 45 minutes. I didn’t have a formal dining room, but I had a small dining area in the kitchen. The table was set, food prepared, candles lit, everything was ready, save for the wine.

I was never too picky about wine; so long as it was top-shelf and red. I called to Chris as I filled the glasses on the table. “Dinner’s ready my pet!

He padded into the kitchen in only his boxers and bare feet; I never knew how cute his feet looked, because this was the first time I saw him with no socks or shoes. He tried to keep himself from slouching over, most likely out of embarrassment, but it’s as if he knew I wanted him to dress down this much. The tent in his pants was an obvious indicator of that.

The human spoke softly, but loud enough so I could hear. “I-I figured you’d like me to wear something more casual master.”

“Good pet,” I said walking towards him. I had already removed and hung up my apron so my pet could see my fur in all its glory. I brushed his hair aside and rubbed his cheek. “Now have a seat pet.”

He held my paw to his face a moment and headed over to the table to sit. He placed his hands in his lap, waiting patiently for his master.

I’m glad my pet was so prompt; would’ve been a shame if this romantic dinner got cold because of tardiness. It would only hurt a miniscule fraction of me to have to punish my pet on the first night of our weekend together; I admit, I enjoy seeing the whelp under me and knowing his place. But I’m glad that part of him appears to be innate; just makes it easier for me.

I made up our plates and set them at opposite sides of the table, the two, tall, red candles glowing softly in the center. I dimmed the light overhead and hung up my apron before sitting down as well.

Chris looked at me and smiled, his voice a tad shaky when he spoke. “This…T-This is nice Chad. I’ve never had anyone treat me to something like this before.” I noticed a tear glistening on his cheek from the soft lighting in the room.

“Only for you my pet.” I extended my paw out and laid it gently on the table.

He got the message and took it. Kid’s got a tight grip even if he’s trying to be gentle and sweet.

I rubbed my thumb against his hand before letting go. “Now eat pet. We have a long weekend ahead of us.”

Given that we were coworkers, of course we’d always come back to chatting about work during our dinner conversation. We shared a lot over that dinner: goals, dreams, fears, anecdotes, life histories, sex, planning our weekend, an occasional look in each other’s eyes. We ended up polishing off my bottle of wine during out time together, and we still sat there chatting for a while trying to sober up. Let’s just say Chris gets fucking adorable when he’s drunk, and a man who can hold his liquor.

I got up and collected the dishes once we finished dinner. I stumbled as I made my way around the table and to the kitchen sink, high on booze and passionate desire for my pet. After cleaning up and blowing out the candles, I offered a paw for my pet, which he took, and allowed me to help him out of his seat.

I reached to turn off the lights in the kitchen and dining area, leading my pet as I went.

It was dark.

I held him close.

And I kissed him for the first time.

Either Chris was being obedient or was just as madly in love with me as I in him, I couldn’t tell. It didn’t matter in that moment, if our rubbing erections through our undies were any indication.

I broke the kiss before things got too romantic; he needed to know who will be in charge in this relationship. I kept a firm, but kind tone. “Now come. Let me give you a taste of what it will be like to be my pet.”

I think I pulled his arm just a tad too hard when I led him. He yelped and tried to keep up with me as we made our way to my bedroom. Once we did, I kept a firm grip on his hand as I closed the door and turned on my decorative lights. I then yanked him closer to me and looked him dead in the eye. “I hope you’re ready my pet. From this moment on, you will obey my orders or there will be consequences. Understand?”

Chris’ face and his shorts were giving mixed reactions to all this, as if he enjoyed being bullied and manhandled and treated like dirt. He nodded, blushing and gripping my paw tighter. I didn’t know if this was out of fear, comfort, or both. I hope he understood, too, that this part of our relationship will be kept in private. It would kill me if this costed his job.

I grinned, though more villain-like than I intended when I got his response. I gripped his wrist tight and grabbed him by the hair, forcing him on his knees. “Now come my pet,” I motioned over to the cage, “Here is where you’ll be sleeping during your stay.”

I let go of him to open the cage. It was merely a simple dog kennel that didn’t cost me too much, though I still wonder why these are still sold in department stores; I have yet to see a feral dog in my life. But what does it matter? Most of us Humanalia folk are kinky as hell anyway, and apparently most humans too.

My pet didn’t need too much encouragement. He immediately crawled towards the opening on his hands and knees. As soon as he was about to enter, that’s when I noticed he still wore those tacky boxers.

“Hang on pet,” I ordered.

He stopped and turned to face me, kneeling before me. “Yes sir?”

“Take those off will ya? I need to find something that’ll be more…fitting for you.”

His face became beet red as he took a breath. Geeze Chris; it’s not like you got naked in front of me before. He then straightened himself out so he could take off his boxers, but stayed on his knees. Once those were off, he lowered himself again, fully erect to where I can tell he didn’t want to rub it out.

“That’s better,” I said warmly, “Now get to your cage.”

He immediately did so.

I closed and locked the cage door behind him, crouching down to his level. “Now, you will stay in here until I get back. It shouldn’t take me too long but I need to get a few things for this weekend.” I stood up and banged on the cage just for the hell of it. After throwing on some casual clothes and grabbing what I needed, I started heading out of the bedroom.

I stopped just before opening the door. “You be good now my pet. You dirty up your new cage while I’m gone there will be consequences.” I turned off the lights and closed the door behind me. Gonna need to do some last-minute shopping.

About a half an hour later, and our first night is still young. I’m sure my pet heard me rummaging around when I returned home, along with the couple plastic bags I carried. A few simple things, but necessary for a pet.

I headed to the bedroom and opened the door. As soon as I turned on the lights, I growled at what I caught my pet doing.

He noticed me as soon as I opened the door, fumbling around in his cage as he released his dick. “M-Master I’m sorry! I-I just really needed to–”

“No excuses pet!” I barked as I started removing the objects from the bag. “Did you orgasm yet?”

He shook his head, his breath shaking from the shock.

“Hmmph, at least you didn’t go that far.” I grabbed the simple, black collar and a shiny, paw-shaped tag that had the word ‘Pet’ engraved in it in elaborate lettering. I went over to the cage and unlocked and opened it. “Now come,” I said firmly and indicating so.

He obeyed, still shaken at my sudden intrusion on his little fun time. “M-Master I–gahhh!”

I gripped him by the head and showed him the collar. “Know your place.” I caressed his cheek and put the collar on him, making sure the tag faced forward. I then grabbed the simple, black leash, but set that on the bed for now. I then grabbed the three-pack of a multi-colored set of jockstraps, opening the package and pulling the red one. “Put this on. Yes, I made sure it would fit you just fine.”

He took it, his hands shaky, as he looked up at me. “Master? May I stand up to put this on?”

I thought for a moment as I looked down at him, then grabbed the leash and clipped it on the ring of his collar. “Yes, you may.”

He smiled and stood up, seeming to slip on the jockstrap with ease. After adjusting the back straps, he then stood in front of me, his arms crossed in a nervous manner.

I stripped down naked and sat down on the bed, wrapping the leash around my wrist a couple times and tugging. “On your knees pet!” He did so and I soon shoved both my feet in his face. “You know what to do.”

His tender, fleshy hands started to massage my toes and paw pads. I couldn’t help but let out a slight moan, feeling both relaxed and aroused. I gasped once I felt his warm mouth sucking on my toe with the ring on it, along with the others. God I wanted to jerk it right now! Fuck this kid’s good!

After allowing him to play with my toes for a good while, I huffed and tugged on the leash. “That’s enough pet. Now stand up and take a seat on your master’s lap.” I grinned, wiggling my hard cock.

He hopped on top as I positioned my cock between his butt cheeks. I gave one of those a good grope and a firm smack. “Now start grinding!”

He yelped and gripped one of my shoulders, swaying his hips and rubbing my cock with his butt cheeks. “Ooooh Master…take me, please!” he started to moan and whine. I guess it doesn’t take much to get him to start whining like a bitch, and fuck did I love it.

I leaned forward and breathed in his ear, “You want your master’s cock inside your cute butt?” I gave him another firm smack on his butt.

“Nnnggg, yes sir!” He started prodding his butthole over my cockhead.

“Hey, hey, easy now pet. I’m not going in raw.” I reached over for the bottle of lube and greased us both up, letting him ride my cock until we both orgasmed.

We went at it for most of the night. We tried different positions, blowing our loads each time, and I forced him to worship my paws some more. By the end of the night, we were both exhausted. Chris’s ass was a deep red from all the spankings I gave him, and his asshole got so slick from my cum that we stopped using the lube half-way through the night. The kid’s jockstrap became soaking wet with cum, sweat, and lube that I told him to take it off when we were done for the night. I also took the leash off once I knew we were both wiped from all that fucking.

We both laid sprawled on the bed, our groins covered with fluids. Chris snuggled up next to me with an arm flopped on my chest, and I rested my paw on top of his hand, draping my arm around him and resting my head on top of his.

Figuring he was fast asleep by now, I gave him a soft kiss on his head. “You did good tonight Chris; I hope you had fun,” I whispered.

“I did Chad,” I heard him mutter, “For someone so dominating, you’re such a sweet guy.”

I hugged him tight for a moment. “It’s why a lot of folks like me being their boss; just want to show that, yes, I’m in charge, but I also care, you know?”

He grabbed my paw and kissed it. “It’s what I like about you.”

I couldn’t help but tear up at that, but I was so damn exhausted I couldn’t stay awake enough to cry. Before I knew it, I was out light a light; I’m sure Chris passed out too. But my last thought before passing out was a wish; a wish to spend every night like this with this human, this man, that I love and care about so much.

And it’s why I always love being the likeable boss.


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