Projects, Projects, Projects

Hey Guys,

Just a quick-ish update on what I’m planning on doing.

First of all, in case you haven’t noticed on my profile page, I decided to set up a ko-fi profile to try out for a while. It’s a small donation service for people to show support for content creators and give them a little motivation. There’s a link for it at the bottom of the page.

Now onto business.

I’m currently working on one commission, waiting to hear back on a collaboration, and have another commission on deck. I’m going to try and at least finish the draft of the first commission soon, since the payment and editing processes tend to be quick. All I have left on the collab is to send the draft for approval/review and then editing. The second commission I still need to outline and look up a few things for references before I begin the drafting process; this I’m not too worried about as I still have a little over a month before it’s due.

Once I finish these up, I’m thinking of taking some time and going through all of my incomplete personal projects. I’ve had several big ideas stuck in my head for the past three years or so (basically ever since I got into furry back in Dec. 2014) and I felt like I’ve hardly worked on them. I also have a few smaller stories that were either writing exercises, sketches, or were just left unfinished. I’m one who likes feeling a sense of completion, be it a personal project or if I request for a commission (I tend to like getting the highest tier I can afford for art).

With that said, I will be closing commissions and trades once I finish up the projects I’m writing for others. I may take request, but there are exceptions on who I’ll take them from (link for that info is on my profile page).

I do enjoy writing for you guys, but the last personal story I posted was almost a year ago, if I remember correctly. I had to take a hiatus once this past semester started up again; it was the busiest and roughest semester I had yet, and I’m glad it’s done and over with. Just a couple more classes for next semester and I’ll be officially done with college.



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