Apologies for delay with commissions

Hey guys,

Figured I’d give you guys a bit of an update, mainly for those two still waiting on commissions.

Overall, I’ve been very busy. Between my “final” semester of college, trying to maintain some exercise routine, dealing with family stuff, and trying to maintain some sort of social life…I feel like I have little room to breath. Obviously that leaves me with little time to write; at this point, I’m taking any chance I can get.

I’ve managed to complete one commission already, as you may have noticed in my gallery some time ago, and I’m currently ~1,100 words into my third commission as of this post. I’m still waiting for the first commissioner to pay at least the minimum payment; I have stated I will not continue onto edits until the minimum gets paid in my guidelines. I do admit that I have forgotten many times to send them a reminder and I’m not sure what the holdup is on their end. Yes, this may sound a bit unprofessional of me to call them out on it publicly, but I sincerely hope I didn’t get gypped. Hopefully this will get resolved soon, as I’m not one to easily assume the worst.

Now that Fur Squared is over with, I’m going to try and take steps to get cracking down on my studies and keeping fit.

Speaking of which, I decided to join this boxing club at my college. I did wish there was a wrestling club on campus (the only thing being is to try out for the team, but I don’t want to go competitive), but the closest thing to that is MMA club which I’m not a huge fan of MMA to begin with. So, boxing was my last option; besides, I had a small curiosity about it anyway. It’s been very fun so far! I’m getting a lot of aerobic in, plus I’m learning good fighting techniques. I was surprised at how quickly I picked it up at first; the hard part is maintaining that and improving on it, like my stance and throwing punches. This also got me to start hitting the gym a lot more, along with staying in shape from working so much back home. I’m getting more toned and tightening up my muscles more, and boxing gives me an opportunity to put all that to good use.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling so behind on my studies lately and ended up going somewhere far every weekend since the semester began. That is mostly my fault, especially since I like using the weekends to catch up on things and relax a little. But I’m putting my foot down on that and won’t leave except for Spring Break or if I absolutely need to, such as for my Ornithology project or if there’s a family emergency. Otherwise, I’m probably gonna end up locking myself away in the library and being a hermit, for the most part.

Hopefully you all will understand. For those waiting on commission things, I hope you understand as well. Once I get these last two commissions finished, I’ll keep them closed until I’m in a more “stable” state in my life. Requests and Trades will still always be open, but please read the guidelines for those before messaging me.

Finally, I would like to apologize for my silence. It’s been hard adjusting back to the college life after being gone for the summer and the fall.



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