An Old Friend

One of three commissions completed, and boy did I enjoy writing this one.

It’s a sequel to “Back for More” and features the same two characters from that story plus a new one. The commissioner wished to remain anonymous, but allowed me to post this to my gallery. Hope you all enjoy!

(I may mark this as “Adult” instead after uploading. It’s not explicitly sexual, but you’ll find out why towards the end.)

Characters © commissioner

Story © yours truly

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that badger. I think it’s been, what, two years or so? I remember chatting with him about my fight with that wolf pup. He does agree with me on the “alpha complex” thing though. But what I didn’t know at the time was that Rolf knew Mase for a while; I think Rolf was the assistant football coach or something, and they just got along well. Small world I guess. Well, it’ll be nice to see the big guy again; it’s gotten a little…lonely since Sol shipped out for the army. I’m proud of him though. The military has toughened him up.

Parking along the curb in front of Rolf’s house, a car I don’t recognize was parked in front of his garage. I thought nothing of it and got out of my beat-up truck, heading straight for the front door. I never get dressed up all that much when I go out; just throw on a pair of jeans and the first shirt I find and I’m good. I rang the doorbell, waited a moment, knocked, and waited some more.

“Hey we’re back here!” yelled a cheery voice.

I headed towards the backyard, opening the gate then closing it behind me. Of course, Rolf was just wearing a pair of basketball shorts and no shirt, letting his taught, fuzzy gut stick out for all to see, bottle of beer in hand, and lounging in one of his lawn chairs.

However, he wasn’t the first person I noticed.

I sighed and crossed my arms. “Guessing that’s your car out front Mase?”

The wolf looked much bigger than what I remember. Bigger arms, bigger chest, hell I’ll give him props for having a bigger midsection from what I can tell under his wifebeater. I’m curious if his legs got any stronger too, but I couldn’t tell because he was wearing loose jeans as well. He too was lounging, beer in hand, but shot up as soon as I spoke. “Yeah, that’s my ride out front. Got a problem with that old man?”

I shook my head. “Just curious.” I looked around the area where the two were sitting. I’m surprised they managed to almost finish off two six packs already, given all the empty bottles scattered about. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rolf pounded down most of them. I turned my attention back to the wolf. “I see you’ve bulked up quite a bit since we last met.”

“Oh yeah?” Mase flexed with his free arm. “Getting it all from working in construction for my dad.” He then pointed at me. “Now I know I can beat you in a fight you fucker.”

“Whoa, hey now, I’m not gonna fight you dude. It’s not my style. What I gave you two years ago was a warning.”

Mase just snickered at me, taking a sip of his beer. “Whatever.” He then pulled out his phone to check the time. “I guess I should get going anyway, now that this asshole showed up.” He got up out of his chair, taking the beer bottle with him.

Rolf chimed in as the wolf was about to leave. “Hey now. You’re just gonna chicken out wolfy boy? Come’on, you got your ass handed to ya by someone older and smaller than you.”

Mase stopped dead in his tracks and looked back at me, tossing the now empty beer bottle aside. Next thing I knew, I was practically muzzle to muzzle with the young wolf, though looking up at him. “You’re such a fucking cheater, you know that?”

“I didn’t cheat. I’m just stronger than you. At least I use my muscles rather than showing them off all the time.”

That seemed to piss him off. “Yeah? Well this time, I’m ready for whatever the fuck you wanna dish out old man!” He backed up some, getting into a stumbling boxer stance.

“Mase, you know I can beat you easily. I fucking destroyed you last time because you don’t have any muscles in your core.” I gestured at his midsection.

Rolf chimed in again. “Nah Duke. It’s just ’cause Mase sucks at fighting,” he chuckled, taking a swig of beer. “That or being queer made him soft.”

I don’t think I’ve seen Mase so pissed off when I last saw him. He stood straight out of his boxer stance and just glared at the badger, like he was going to rip him a new one. Knowing Mase though, he’s just full of hot air and probably won’t make a scratch on Rolf. Still, I admit he may last a while if these two fight; damn that boy bulked up since last time!

“Are you fucking serious dude?” Mase asked Rolf, “So what if I like dudes? Doesn’t make me fucking weak!”

Rolf just sat there and chuckled at the wolf’s anger. “Hey man, I didn’t mean any disrespect. Just stating the obvious about your kind that I’m sure is true.”

“Stating the obvious about my kind?” Mase smacked the bottle of beer out of Rolf’s hand. Seems like Rolf’s used to the boy’s unfiltered anger; he just kept smiling at the wolf. “Am I gonna have to prove us gay guys aren’t as weak as we look to you too?”

With how angry Mase got, they were practically muzzle to muzzle. I swore he was gonna yank the badger out of his chair.

Rolf, as usual, chuckled. “I guess so pretty boy.” He got up from his chair as Mase moved out of the way. This drew me to how big he was…horizontally-speaking, mostly: a bit short and stocky, but nice, big arms and legs, and the ol’ badger’s got a good musclegut on him. He continued. “Tell ya what: you want a fight? I’ll give you one. If you win, I’ll suck you off.”

Mase raised an eyebrow at him and crossed his arms. “Really? A straight guy like you is willing to suck dick?”

“That’s what I’m proposing.”

“Alright.” He then moved his hands to his hips. “And if you win?”

“You have a boyfriend, correct?”

“Yes. I love that boy very much. Why?”

“If I win. I’ll tell him you offered to have someone else suck your cock instead of his foxy muzzle.”

Mase stood there, huffing for a moment. He then gestured for Rolf to come closer as he backed up so they’re both more centered in the back yard. Next thing I knew, Mase nearly tore off his shirt and charged at the badger. He then grabbed Rolf’s head and pulled down while jamming a knee right into his thick gut.

The knee sank in some, the wolf pulling the badger’s upper body downward to help drive it deep.

“Oooof!” cried Rolf.

Mase then spun around the badger and used his thick arms to put him in a side headlock. Man, that boy’s really gotten stronger. He kept the lock in tight, fighting against Rolf’s struggle to wiggle out of it.

Rolf then jammed an elbow right into the wolf’s exposed belly.


Should’ve expected that boy.

Rolf continued to throw elbows right into the wolf’s belly until he let go. Though he only needed one more strike, and he jammed it hard.

“Hnnnnggg!!” Mase let go of the badger and instantly covered his belly with his hands, breathing heavily and somewhat hunched over.

Guess you haven’t gotten strong enough yet pup.

As the wolf was about to straighten up and face his opponent, Rolf speared him to the ground so the wolf was on his back.

The back of Mase’s head ricocheted off the ground. He instantly put his arms up as the badger sat on him; all 200 lbs. or so of muscles and fat crushing the wolf’s midsection.

“Hnnngg! Get off me you fat bastard!” Mase then threw a couple quick jabs at the badger’s gut.

“Ooof…hnnn…mmm.” Well at least one of them can take it like a real man. Apparently that pup’s new muscles really are for show.

“Awww com’on, is that all?” taunted Rolf. He then grabbed at one of the wolf’s wrist, pulling it aside to jab at his chest.


I could’ve sworn I saw some spit fly out of his muzzle with that last hit. Never thought of going for the chest though.

Mase tried to block with his free hand while trying to jab at the badger on top of him. But soon enough, the badger grabbed the wolf’s other wrist. As much as the wolf would try to resist the badger’s strength, Rolf lifted the wolf’s arms over his head while spreading his body on top of the wolf’s. He then put him in a grapevine hold by wrapping his muscular legs around the wolf’s, keeping him flat on the ground.

“Bet you queers like having a big, strong man right on top of ya, huh.”

“Hnnngg, fuck you!” Mase struggled and squirmed to get out from under the heavier badger. You kidding me pup? He’s got you flat as a pancake on the ground; can’t exactly do much in your position right now.

Rolf just grinned as he kept the wolf pinned under him. I could’ve sworn I saw him give the pup a little dry-hump just to tease him, but I could be wrong. I mean, I know Rolf isn’t gay, that’s for sure; but…it is Rolf so…

Next thing both of us knew, Mase headbutted the badger, forcing him to let go of one of the wolf’s wrists.

“Ahhh, you fucker!” Rolf yelped as he rubbed his forehead.

Mase took this opportunity to slug the badger right in the side over and over.


Given the badger’s gut, the blows probably wouldn’t do much. Each smack sounded like they were hitting soft fat rather than hard muscle though. Still, good strategy pup; tire him out while you can.

Mase tried to hip thrust the badger off him now, which he eventually succeeded in doing so. Granted, I’m not surprised because they both look to be about the same weight, with Rolf being a bit stockier. Once the badger was off him, he quickly stood back up, though stumbled a bit when he did.

Rolf took his time to stand back up, trying to rub out that headbutt from earlier. Come on man! Show this pup how a real man fights! I know you’ve boxed before!

And that’s exactly the stance he took after standing up. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Mase seemed to copy the badger’s stance as well, though I admit, it was a little clumsy. I couldn’t tell if the pup’s just inexperienced or he’s just drunk right now.

They began circling each other, inching closer and closer, fists up. Mase made the first move again and attempted to grab for the badger’s head again.

Shouldn’t have done that pup.

Rolf ducked low and slammed a fist right into the wolf’s soft belly.

“Gaaaaahh!” the wolf gasped.

It wasn’t a quick jab either. Rolf let this fist hold for a moment before releasing, letting the impact sink in a little.

Surprisingly, Mase kept his fists up and threw a punch at the badger’s head.

Rolf weaved back and went for a few quick but hard jabs at the wolf’s abs.


I saw some spit fly out of the wolf’s muzzle with that last blow; man, that badger can throw a punch. I also noticed Mase lowering some, but not much; pup’s got a long fight ahead of him still. “Hey how are those abs feeling Rolf? They still soft?” I had to chuckle at that.

Rolf just grinned at my commentary, but kept his focus on his opponent.

Mase began to look a bit woozy. Do I feel bad for him though? Not really. Pup just had to open his big mouth and still has that “alpha complex” going on. Interestingly enough, he decided to go for a few punches at the badger’s gut while he was lowered.


The punches connected, though I doubt Rolf felt them much. Dude’s got that thick layer to absorb anything the wolf could dish out.

He huffed, quickly lowering his paws over his belly before raising them back up again. “Not bad dude. Nearly got me there.” Knowing that Mase was lowered, he darted around to the wolf’s side and quickly put him in a side headlock.

Mase couldn’t react fast enough and found his head locked in the badger’s bulging arm. He grabbed at it as Rolf put pressure on his throat, and soon felt himself being lifted and his abs exposed a little more.

Even though Mase was half as tall as Rolf, I gotta give the badger credit for stretching out the pup’s abs quite a bit. With his free paw, Rolf then balled up a fist and smacked the wolf a few times in his stretched-out abs.


Mase whined and huffed and hissed as each strike smacked against his taut abs. I’m sure air was whooshing out of his lungs as well, or what little is left in them from the chokehold. I’m surprised the pup’s arms haven’t drooped yet from being in this hold and taking this kind of abuse; maybe he has gotten stronger after all. He was really beginning to get pissed off now, though; he gave Rolf this glare like he was gonna kill him or something.

Of course, Rolf just smiled and kept putting pressure around the wolf’s neck. He then did something…odd, to say the least. He gently rubbed his free paw over the wolf’s taut abs, but still kept him tight in the hold. “Com’on dude. We all know you’re secretly enjoying this abuse.” He then gave three firm punches in quick succession to the wolf’s abs.

“Oooooooo!” Damn, I don’t remember the pup whining this much when I fought him. If his belly wasn’t covered in fur, I’m pretty sure his midsection would be a nice, deep red. Still, I bet it’s all nice and tender right now from all the abuse he’s had so far.

I noticed Mase’s legs starting to buckle a bit, with the badger’s hold keeping him upright. Though I’ll have to give him credit for still being able to keep his arms up and pull at the badger’s thick arm around his neck.

But then the wolf did what I could only describe as a stupid maneuver on his part.

He shifted one leg behind the badger’s and tugged at it, trying to trip him up. A fair tactic, I’ll give him that. As he pulled his leg forward, though, Rolf still held onto him and took the wolf with him as he fell backwards.

“Gaaaacckk!!” cried Mase as Rolf unintentionally applied more pressure against the wolf’s throat.

The both slammed hard on the ground with a loud *THUD*. I’m sure Rolf’s thicker frame could handle having a 200lb. wolf land on top of him though.

“A’ight. I think you’ve had enough of that.” The badger eventually released the pup from the hold, shoving his musclebound body off. He quickly rolled himself upward and waited on Mase. Guy’s kind of like me I guess; he does have some honor behind that clowning façade he always has.

Mase gasped and was on his hands and knees, one paw over his throat. He huffed as he struggled to stand up. I was surprised his knees didn’t buckle on him by this point, especially after what Rolf just did to him. He could barely hold his arms up as he got into a wobbly boxer stance.

Rolf egged him on with a paw. “Com’on Mase! I know you’re not done yet!”

Mase staggered towards him and threw a sloppy punch at the badger’s head.

Rolf quickly dodged it and ducked low, striking the wolf’s soft belly with another hard punch.


More spit flew out of the wolf’s muzzle upon impact. He coughed some after the badger’s fist connected with his gut. His extended arm drooped and he began to really stumble this time. He doubled-over but was still standing. It was probably because Rolf kept his fist firm against the wolf’s abs, letting them curl over it. The badger’s beefy arm was the only thing keeping Mase standing up, from what I can tell. Shouldn’t have allowed yourself to be open like that pup.

Rolf rotated his arm a bit as he kept the wolf supported with his fist. I’m sure it was just to taunt him, letting him feel every knuckle rub against his abs. He pulled his arm back. As he did so, Mase just flopped to the ground, sprawled against the grass.

The badger then backed up again, seeing if Mase would get up this time.

Both of us were surprised when he got on all fours again, though I could tell he was really struggling to get up this time. His arms and legs were shaking from holding his own weight. He coughed and grunted as he struggled to get up. I swear it took him a good five minutes before he was fully upright, stumbling even more than before. His stance was barely tight too; pup was way too loose to keep a good defense.

Rolf took advantage of this and circled around Mase. He grabbed the top of his head and pulled it back while getting on one knee. He then arched the wolf’s back over his other knee, putting a paw on the wolf’s chin to keep his head pinned down. He placed his other paw on over the wolf’s legs and, with both arms, pushed down to stretch out those soft abs over his knee. I have to admit, Rolf’s being brutal in this fight. But do I feel bad for the pup? No…No not really.

Mase cried out as he felt his abs being stretched out and his back bending a tad farther back than it should. The badger kept putting pressure on his chin and legs; I swear he’s about to snap him in half.

After stretching out the wolf really good, Rolf raised his paw that was keeping the wolf’s legs down and balled it up into a fist. He then wailed on the wolf’s exposed abs, letting his fist smack them like a hammer.


Rolf kept up his hammer-like assault on the wolf’s abs, alternating between tenderizing them and keeping his legs down. Granted, Mase wasn’t able to do much except grab at the badger’s arm over his chin and whimper in pain. I’m sure his legs feel like jelly now. There’s no way in hell the pup will be able to stand after this.

With one final strike, Rolf slammed his fist hard on the wolf’s taut abs.


He kept his fist on the wolf’s abs for a moment, again, probably to taunt the pup by letting him feel the side of his fist against his taut, tender abs. “I know you’re really enjoying this dude,” he said before tossing the wolf off his knee.

Mase flopped on the grass again. He took much, much longer to even get on all fours this time. He took even much longer to stand up, though in a stumbling, hunched-over position. He breathed heavily and coughed occasionally as he got up. Once standing, he put a paw over his abused abs in an attempt to nurse them a bit. “Is that…Is that all you…got…FUCKER?!” he yelled at Rolf. As much as I would like to show pity on the pup, his attitude is what got him to this point.

Rolf stood there with his paws on his hips, though they looked more like they were on the sides of his belly, with how big he is and all. He chuckled. “Nope. You just can’t take a proper beating in a fight. Guess I’ll just have to–Oooofffff!”

I hardly noticed Mase throw a right hook at the badger’s jaw. His stocky body slammed on the ground upon impact. I noticed Rolf’s mouth started to bleed a little as he rubbed his jaw. But while he was down, nursing his jaw, Mase then gave a swift but sloppy kick to the badger’s gut.


It didn’t look like it did much, but I guess it did. Mase went for another kick to the badger’s exposed gut.


Rolf tried to grab at Mase, but the wolf, surprisingly, managed to flip the badger fully onto his back. He then sat on top of Rolf’s chest while turned towards the badger’s gut. Although he more flopped on it and used his butt to knock the wind out of the big guy.

“Oooooffff! What the–”

Rolf grabbed at Mase’s waist, but instantly let go once the wolf began repeated slamming his fist on the badger’s gut.


Apparently the big guy does have something under all that fat after all. Even though each strike just seemed to make the badger’s belly jiggle, each one must have been doing something to him. He cried out and tried to both grab for the wolf and protect his gut while being pinned down and assaulted like this. Good technique pup; that’ll knock the wind out of him for sure.

The wolf kept wailing on the badger’s bigger gut until he couldn’t keep it up any longer. Rolf grunted and hissed at each strike, crying out in pain if he got the chance to. Once Mase tired himself out, along with the badger it seemed, he got up off of him and stumbled back up, not before giving the badger one last kick to his side.

Rolf laid there, struggling to get himself up. He was able to at least get on all fours, but not before the wolf kicked him in the gut again, knocking him down again.


I put a paw over my eyes and just shook my head. “Pup, you have no fucking honor, do you?” I said to myself. My ears perked up as I heard the sound of someone’s belt being undone. “What the hell?”

It seems like Mase forgot I was straight and not a huge fan of seeing another man’s penis, let alone an erect one. He stood above Rolf, pants down, stroking his cock and growling in pleasure. Fuck, no wonder he wanted to win so bad; he hasn’t had his foxy boy toy around to stick it in.

“I fucking won old man!” He then grabbed the badger’s head to get him on his knees. “Now get sucking!” Jesus, now you’re cock-slapping him?

I needed to stop this. For God’s sake, I thought these two were friends. Maybe it’s the alcohol they’ve been drinking all afternoon. Still, this is where I draw the line. “Hey pup! Now you’re going too far!” I marched over to them.

Mase shot a glare at me. “I’m busy claiming my prize old man! If you want some too, just–OOOOOOOOO!!!” His face went from a horny, death glare, to scrunched up with his eyes rolling back.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Both of us looked down at Mase’s crotch area after he closed up his legs some.

Rolf was on his knees holding a bottle, a satisfied grin on his face. “Remember what happened in our last little fight? Remember when I whacked you so hard with one of these it hurt to piss for a couple days?”

Mase just gritted his teeth and glared at the badger, holding his balls tight, knees shaking like they were about to buckled under him. “F-F-Fucker.” His voice was slightly higher pitched after that. Surprisingly, though only to me it seemed, he was still hard after taking a glass bottle to his bare ball-sack. I’m…quite surprised, actually.

Soon, Rolf jammed the bottle straight into Mase’s unprotected and abused midsection, driving it in deep and jerking the wolf off his feet some. At the same time, I’m sure whatever saliva was left in the wolf’s mouth flew out upon impact, as well as any remaining air in his lungs.


The wolf screamed as he clung to the badger’s wrist now, his only means of supporting him upright by this point. His cock instantly went flaccid and he began to double-over.

But it wasn’t over air.

Rolf kept that bottle firmly in place at the impact point, twisting it and driving it deep into the wolf’s abused belly. I couldn’t tell for sure from my angle, but I would imagine those soft abs were wrapped nice and tight over the bottom of that bottle. With as hunched over as Mase was right now, this wouldn’t surprise me. But eventually, Rolf pulled the wolf even more forward, getting his abs tight around the bottle. I also noticed Mase’s hard-on was gone; his red, canine cock dangling between his legs. I thought wrong…maybe Mase isn’t secretly a masochist after all.

Damn, Rolf must’ve got him really good. Soon enough, the wolf’s paws began to slide off the badger’s wrist, his arms drooping to the sides. It looked like his legs would collapse any minute now, but the bottle was the only thing keeping him up. His head began sagging a bit as well.

Rolf gave one final shove of the bottle into the wolf’s belly, driving the impact deep before releasing the wolf. He quickly stood up and backed away as the wolf collapsed onto the ground, his chin flat on the ground, arms splayed back, and his knees supporting most of his weight. I…did not particularly like the sight of the wolf’s exposed butthole and his swinging junk, especially with it flashing up in the air like it was right now. While I love seeing this wolf get humiliated after being so cocky, this just went too far for me.

Rolf tossed the bottle aside. “Well, time to tell your boyfriend the news then.” He walked around the wolf towards his chair.

I quickly stepped in front of him, putting a paw on his shoulder. “Rolf, don’t.”

He brushed off my paw and chuckled. “I was only kidding Duke. I’m not gonna tell his foxy boy anything.” He then looked at Mase. The wolf shifted slightly, but didn’t make much of any other movement. “Probably shouldn’t leave the kid like that, huh.”

I just shrugged and sighed. “As much as I loved to see you humiliate the pup when he got like that, it was just too much for me once he dropped his pants.”

Rolf hissed. “Yeah, I got a little nervous once he popped that thing out in front of my face like that. And then he started to…eeelllwww.” He shook his head quickly, briefly making a stink face. “I really don’t want to think about that.”

I jerked a thumb towards Mase. “Com’on, help me get this kid covered up, yeah?”

Rolf nodded and followed me towards the wolf. I tugged at the waistband of both his jockstrap and his jeans. “Of course the pup would wear a jockstrap,” I said to myself. I half-assed putting that back over his rump and junk, then lifted up his jeans to they at least covered him a fair amount. I just buttoned them shut, being careful not to touch his flaccid dick in the process. I shuddered as I felt the heat of it brush my fur. “I need to get myself a woman; can’t remember the last time I touched a pretty lady intimately.”

Rolf chuckled as he lifted Mase from his shoulders. “You and me both.”

I then lifted the wolf’s legs, hoping to God his junk doesn’t pop out. Rolf seemed to be able to carry him easily, but I was struggling some. I kept having to remind Rolf to slow down a bit to my pace, as I wasn’t as built as he was. But at least my muscles are practical, rather than the ones on this pup.

We eventually got him inside and gently laid him on Rolf’s couch. He let out a satisfying breath. “Whew, I’m gonna need a beer to forget what I just saw…maybe six. You want any Duke?”

“After that shit? Yeah, I don’t think one beer’s gonna cut it for me either.”

Rolf checked his fridge and came back with two more six packs of bottles. “There’s still a bit from the packs Mase and I were pounding down earlier.”

I nodded. “Well, I don’t mind staying a while until the pup wakes up. Got nothing else better to do today anyway.” I shrugged and began to head back outside, Rolf following me. “Besides, I’d rather be sure he’s ok enough, even though I think he’s a complete douchebag.”

Rolf chuckled. “Same here.”


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