A Coffee Shop Rump

The following post contains mature content. Please proceed if you’re comfortable/mature yourself with reading such things. Thank you.

This is a story my friend (and sort of maybe probably boyfriend) Keshet Aryot wrote for me a year ago. He wanted to write a story that featured me in it, even though it was a bit NSFW. While I do want to keep Ricky “clean,” I’m ok if I have a few saucy stories or art of him.

After me and him got together, I thought back to this story and wanted to finish it for him. I still kept things mild due to the nature of this story (and I didn’t want to be too explicit with Ricky). Both of us enjoyed this short, little story and I hope you guys do too!

Ty, Samantha, & original story’s conception © Keshet Aryot

Co-writer & Ricky © yours truly

My ears perk up as I hear the bells on the door jingle, signaling that someone has entered the coffee shop. I look up and suppress a purr as a white and green-striped tiger walks through the door.

I give him a smile and walk up to the counter, swishing my tail, and grabbing a large coffee mug. “The usual Ricky?” I ask him placing the large coffee mug in front of him.

He gives me a smile swishing his tail slowly, nodding. He began reaching into his pocket for his wallet. “Yea the usual. Thanks Ty.”

I hold my paw out and gave him a smile. “It’s on me tonight dear, along with free refills.”

I see him give me a shy smile and a little blush as he puts his wallet away. “Thank you Ty,” he says, grabbing the cup and heading towards the coffee pots.

I smile watching him walk away staring at his little rump for maybe a bit too long. Ricky is a usual here at Badger Bros. He stops in after classes to do his homework and unwind some. He’s a young tiger, that’s for sure; you could see it not only in his face but in his eyes. You don’t see too many innocent college students in these parts, not like him anyway. I see Ricky turn around, giving me a smile; I return it before getting back to work cleaning up. I catch myself watching Ricky every free chance I get, blushing at some of the thoughts running through my head.

I started taking a few bags of coffee grinds up front from the back and ran into one of my coworkers, Samantha to be exact. “Hey Ty watch where you’re going!” the cheetah yelled at me.

I turned around and apologized, finishing my trip back to the counter. I filled up the coffee machine and glanced over at Ricky, smiling and purring again. What I would give for a chance to take him for a ride. Several naughty thoughts soon ran through my head. I couldn’t help but stare for a moment, admiring that innocent vibe he gave just from sitting there. Assuming he was a virgin, I hoped to be his first experience.

My dirty thoughts about Ricky cut off suddenly when Samantha called to me from the front. “Hey Ty, boss says you’re good to go. Just make sure you take the trash out first.”

My heart skips a beat at the thought of getting out of here early. This may be my chance to talk to Ricky.

I rush to finish my shift, grabbing my jacket from the back. I then began walking out to the seating area, looking around hoping that Ricky was still here. I blush softly seeing him still at his computer working on homework. If my fur wasn’t so black, my coworkers might have found out about my feelings for him a long time ago; I swear my face felt beet red every time he stopped by. I grab a large cup of coffee and fixed it up as I make my way towards his table.

“Mind if I sit?” I ask him setting my cup down on the table.

He looks up giving a smile, blushing a little as he nods. “Yea go ahead. But, um…aren’t you on the clock?”

I shake my head taking a seat. My heart raced as I realized how cute he looked up close; I couldn’t help but give a soft purr and swish my tail. He wore a winter cap that covered his long hair, which he usually kept in a ponytail. That wasn’t the only pony thing on him though. He wore one of those shirts which depicted a pastel-colored pony character from some little girl’s cartoon; one of his favorite shows I’d imagine. I’ve found he likes to wear shirts of the different characters on them most of the time. But his pants were where the real fun was at, though I couldn’t tell how big he might be through his cargo shorts. Oh well, more surprises for me later.

Apparently, I was looking him over a little longer than I thought. When I looked back up, I noticed he blushed a deep red. “So, um, what made you want to come over and chat Ty?” he asked, caressing the warm mug in his paws.

I smile blushing back and purred. “Well Ricky, you’ve been coming to this café since the beginning of last semester and, well, I’ve always wanted to say hi. Before, I never really got the chance to come on over, but now I do. So here I am, sitting with the cutest tiger I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

He blushed so much that I swore his white fur and green stripes began to change a cherry red; I didn’t think that was possible. He went to sip his coffee as if to try and calm himself. “You think I’m cute?” he stammered.

I nodded.

“Well, you see,” he continued, setting his mug back down on the table, “I think you’re, uh, quite handsome and cute yourself. I-I actually come to this café instead of the one on campus because, um, I get to see you.”

I couldn’t help but give a huge grin. This is going to be easier than I thought. “Is that so?” I asked, “Well tell you what, why don’t you and I go back to the ‘VIP room’ and finish our coffee?” I swish my tail softly as I reach out for his paw, giving him a smile.

I could tell he was hesitant to take my paw at first, but he quickly closed his computer and put it in its bag, slinging it over his shoulder as he got out of his chair. He gingerly took my paw in one, and held his coffee mug with the other. “I didn’t know you had a VIP room here.”

“That we do.” I reply, walking him to the back and up some stairs to my apartment.

Ricky was squeezing my paw as we walked through the doorway. I let it go to turn around and lock the door. When I turn back around I could see that Ricky was nervous. His arms locked close to his body, his tail curled between his legs, and his free paw buried in his pocket.

“Don’t worry Ricky I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.” I motion him towards the kitchen as he takes a seat at the table, “Want me to make you anything?”

He shook his head, still holding onto what is now an empty mug watching me closely.

“You want a refill dear?” I ask him, reaching for the coffee pot filling it up with water.

“Umm, yes please that would be great.” He replies easing up a little.

“How do you like it? Cream? Sugar?” I ask him as I turn on the coffee pot.

He shakes his head blushing deeply, “No thanks. I like my coffee black…just like you.” I blush a little as he adds that last part under his breath.

“I’m going to be straight with you Ricky,” I tell him sitting down as we wait for the coffee, “I didn’t bring you up here just for the coffee.”

I saw him shift in his seat some looking uneasy again, “Th-Then why did you bring me up here?”

I smile moving a foot under the table to gently rub his right leg, “Well like I said, I find you cute.”

He jumps and falls out of his chair as my foot touches his leg. I frown a little. This wasn’t the reaction I was looking for. I get up and hold my paw out again, helping him get off the floor. He was blushing so hard I swear his whole body went red, or those that I could see.

“I’m sorry Ricky. I didn’t mean to scare you…If you want you can go.” I walk back over to the coffee pot and pour some coffee in his mug sitting down again.

Ricky was just standing there with a blank stare on his face.

What is going on in that cute little head of yours kid?

After a few moments passed, Ricky shakes his head as if clearing something away and sits back down. I give off a little purr watching him closely. “Does this mean you will stay?” I ask him.

He nods opening and closing his mouth as if to try and find the right words. “Yes, I am going to stay. Like I mentioned downstairs, you’re the reason I walk a mile just to come to this café. I find you very handsome and well…” He blushes looking down at his mug. “I have often dreamed about the chance to have some alone time with you.”

I smile placing my left paw on his right giving him a smile. “I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

We then discussed what kinks we were into, though I quickly realized how much of a virgin Ricky seemed. Either he was hiding something from me or he’s just fine with straight-up sex. While he did sound inexperienced, he seemed keen on trying just about anything I mentioned. We were soon shooting the breeze as we both finished up the last of the coffee.

After I got up and placed our mugs in the sink and shut the coffee maker off, I motioned for Ricky to follow me. “Shall we?”

He eagerly stood out of his chair and followed, though not before setting his bag on his chair.

We both entered the bedroom. Ricky walked right behind me the entire way; he was so close I swear he brushed a finger against my rump. I didn’t mind. It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance at something like this. And to think it’ll be with a cute, shy tiger who puts on this innocent façade. Guess I’ll find out what he really thinks of me.

After Ricky entered behind me, I maneuvered around him to close the door, though not without giving his rump a little squeeze.

He shuddered at the touch.

With the door closed and after we’ve tossed our shirts aside, I tackled him on the bed as our lust for each other took hold.

Thankfully I stopped by on a Friday, or else I wouldn’t forgive myself for being late for class the next day. Never in my life I’d find myself waking up next to an ebony hunk like Ty. I slowly rubbed his muscular frame, still snuggled up against him, feeling the smooth bumps of his abs and pecs against my paw pads. Oddly enough, out of all the porn I jerked off to, bigger guys always got me hard. Muscular, chubby, it didn’t matter; I’ve always fantasized being dominated by guys of Ty’s physique.

He began to stir and soon opened his eyes. He then turned to look at me with a kind and warm look in his eyes.

“Hey big guy,” I said softly.

“Hey cutie.” He purred deeply, sending small vibrations through my body. “Had fun?”

I felt my cheeks burn and couldn’t help but giggle.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes.'” He then turned his body and wrapped his giant, beefy arms around me, pulling me closer to him.

I felt myself harden again as I buried my face in his chest; I didn’t care if he felt my member rubbing against his groin. For the first time, I felt safe, secure, like Ty would never let anything bad happen to me. His manly figure was a testament to that, like he could take a beating and keep fighting like nothing happened. And damn could he pound my ass like there’s no tomorrow; I wanted him to rut me again right now until I could hardly stand on my own. But I resisted asking; I respect him too much.

But more than ever, I didn’t want to leave this place. I didn’t want to leave him.

I lifted my head towards that gorgeous, handsome face of his. “Ty?”


“I don’t want to leave.”

“I know dear. But we both have responsibilities. You have your studies and I have my job.”

I lowered my head, facing his armored chest.

He then lifted me up into a sitting position as he sat up as well, though my head was still downcast. I felt a gentle claw under my chin, lifting my face to his.

“Maybe we can do this again next weekend, eh?”

I nodded.

“But feel free to stop by the coffee shop any time. If I’m there, I’m there. If I’m not, don’t fret, just focus on your studies.”

I took a deep breath in, then exhaled. I managed to let out a “Yeah” despite my racing heart. “I should probably get going.” I began to let go of him, but he quickly stopped me.

“One more thing.”

I felt his paw on my back and the force of his muscles yank me into a deep kiss. I muffled a yowl, but the taste of his lips calmed my nerves. His tongue soon entered my mouth and mine in his. I could taste every inch of his maw. Roasted coffee. Of course.

We both broke the kiss. Softly. Sweetly.

I bolted off the bed and quickly re-dressed myself, if only to not allow the desire to stay here linger.

Ty maneuvered himself off the bed and began to get dressed himself.

As I shouldered my bag and began to head out the bedroom door, I felt his large paw weigh down on my freed shoulder.

“Hey Ricky?”

I halfway turned my head to face him.

“Y-You seem like a good kid. I-I wouldn’t mind getting to know you more aside from how loud you are with my dick up that cute butt of yours.” He chuckled at that last part.

I couldn’t tell for sure, but I swore he was blushing as he said this. I turned around a bit more, enough to turn my head directly at him. “Y-Yeah…same here.” As I turned to face the door again, I felt his paw slide off my shoulder. He then gave my rump a light pinch.

I opened the door and exited his bedroom. My face was burning and I knew there was a decent-sized bulge in my pants. Hopefully the cooler weather will fix that by the time I get back to campus.


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