Tricks and Kicks

The following post contains mature content. Please proceed if you’re comfortable/mature yourself with reading such things. Thank you.

First story commission I’ve written earlier this month. Thankfully the commissioner was easy to work with; they even asked me questions and gave me suggestions on how to go about doing commissions, since I’m new to offering these. This was a lot of fun to write; I even learned a little bit about skateboarding too.

The commissioner wishes I keep them anonymous, but have allowed me to post their story.

Characters © commissioner

Story © yours truly

The summer seemed to last forever. Between my courses, my job, and helping out my parents, I just wanted things to start calming down for a while. Thankfully, there’s one place I could always go to destress for a while, and give myself some eye candy.

The sun was still high in the sky; the air was still warm. Thankfully the weather’s been cooler this time of year, even though it was the high around this time of day. I just got out of my last class for the summer at Uni, and I couldn’t wait to get my curly tail down to the skate park. I usually go there as often as I can; I like watching all the skateboarders do their thing. They move with such fluidity with their jumps and flips, and when they speed up and down on the half pipes and quarter pipes. They kept perfect balance when they perform their holds and grinds on the lips of the pipes and rails. Hell, I give them kudos for being able to stay on their boards; I couldn’t even do that.

You could call me a wannabe, and I don’t blame the other skateboarders if they think that when they see me. They probably think, “Oi! What’s up with this malamute kid hanging around here all the time? Does he even skate?” every time they see me. But I didn’t care; that kind of mannerism is cute. I like wearing a loose t-shirt, one of those rubber wristbands with some charity logo or name on it, my favorite pair of jeans that had a few tears and holes in them, and my newest pair of skater kicks: dark grey DC hi-tops. If I couldn’t be one of the skateboarders, I could at least feel like one.

The skate park itself was the first thing I saw as I walked closer and closer to it. I soon noticed a plethora of cute skater guys and gals there, perfect for eye candy. A few benches lined the outside of the skate park. I sat on the closest one to me, which oversaw the skate park and faced towards a thick line of trees lining one end of the main park. Behind me was the parking lot and the empty field I passed by on my way here, and to my far left across the skate park were the bathrooms.

I sat there a few moments watching the skateboarders. I tried to absently look at my phone, but I couldn’t look away from them. Many of them had thin, fit bodies, and came in a variety of species and colors. Some had long tails that either trailed behind them in the breeze as they sped down a ramp, or kept tight against their back if they performed a certain trick. Their clothes were very casual, typical of my kind of people, but I enjoyed seeing the variety of skater shoes in a variety of colors. Many of these were either white, greys, blacks, or dark reds, like my own, but there was one skater in particular that stood out to me.

Maybe it was his overall pink coat and dark pink spots and head markings, his blue Superman zip-up hoodie, or his light blue-trimmed, grey Osiris hi-tops. The pink Bengal housecat looked like the only one who stood out from the rest; everyone else seemed so muted compared to him. I wanted to focus my attention on him, but I didn’t want to seem like a creeper. I’m always surprised I haven’t been chased out by these guys yet; I came here so often but would never skate. Still trying to avoid attention to myself, I absently checked my phone again.

I wanted to talk to the Bengal, but I could never initiate a conversation. When I looked up from my phone unintentionally, though, I saw him skate up the entry ramp nearest to me. Next thing I knew, he’s approaching me! I quickly turned my head to the side, then buried it back to my phone.

“You know that people usually skate here or watch their cubs when they come over; not sit around and play on their phones.” He sounded serious, but sarcastic at the same time.

I managed to mumble “Sorry,” but my apology came out as a nervous murmur. I put my phone back in my pocket.

He gave me a playful punch on my shoulder. “Ah, just fuckin’ with ya.”

I rubbed the spot where he hit me. When I finally looked up at him, he had a playful grin on his face; I never noticed his purple nose that popped against his pink fur. Cute.

“So what brings you around these parts?” he asked.

“O-Oh, um,” I stuttered, “I-I just like watching you guys.”

“Aw come on! You gotta have a better reason than that!”

“Well…I’ve always wanted to learn to skateboard.”

“Ah, I see.” He crossed his arms and absently move his board back and forth with his foot. “I’ve seen you hang around here a few times, just never got a chance to talk with ya.”

I felt my stomach jitter; one of them is actually talking to me!

“Got a name?” he then asked.


“Smoothie.” He held out his paw.

I went to shake it, but as soon as I took his paw, he pulled me up off the bench; I yelped when he did. I’m glad my white face fur was thick enough, or else he would see me blushing right now.

“So you wanna learn how to ride, huh?”

“Y-Yes. Well, I mean,” I took a deep breath, “I’ve tried to skateboard before, but I could never keep my balance. I don’t know, maybe it wouldn’t be worth it after all.”

He put a paw on my shoulder. “Trust me, you’ll fall a lot if you’re first starting out. Believe me.”

“T-Thanks mate.” He didn’t seem phased by the way I said it. His patient, brown eyes against his pink face seem to look straight into mine, like he wanted to teach me.

We walked over to the parking lot behind the bench I was sitting on; it was the flattest, paved area for me to practice. I told him I didn’t have a board, but he was kind enough to lend me his. He went over using the front foot for balance and the rear foot to power and steer. It took some time for me to figure out which foot was comfortable for which position. I’d get on the board and he’d gently push me, though he did give me a few shoves just to mess with me. I admit, I let this linger on longer than I should; I couldn’t resist his paws against my waist. I soon felt like my balance improved. It may have been that it’s been a while since I’ve been on a board, or that I have this cute bad boy as a teacher.

We then worked on pushing off, jumps, turning, the basics. Smoothie gave me tips along the way or corrected me if I did a technique wrong. There were a few times he stood or lay right in my way and forced me to go around him or jump over him. I usually stopped right before I got to him and he’d just say “I’m just messing with ya” or “You never know when someone’s gonna get in your way.” He would then give me a coy smirk. It was irritating, sure, but I didn’t want to hurt him.

I practiced with him until the sun lowered closer to sunset. The few skateboarders that were with us started dwindling as the late afternoon turned to evening. Drilling the basics began to wear me out, but I didn’t want to leave. I gave him back his board and we went over that same bench to relax.

“I think I’m getting better at balancing on that thing,” I said, pointing to his board.

“Oh Yeah?”

“Yeah! You’ve been a really great teacher.”

He rubbed a paw on the back of his head. “Hehe, thanks, I guess.”

“How long have you skated?”

“Ehh, pretty much all my life really. I always hung around here after school when I was younger, even skipped class a few times.” He chuckled. “A bit like what I’ve noticed a certain malamute doing for some time.”

I felt my face blush when he said that. Have I always been that obvious, or do I just strike his fancy?

He continued. “‘Course my parents didn’t like that too much, but I never let that bother me. I even convinced them to buy me a board when I was in Secondary school. I practiced and practiced until I managed to stay on the damn thing; a few of the older skateboarders helped me get better too.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

“Hehe, yep.”

We sat there for a few moments watching everyone else slowly trickle out of the park. I couldn’t help but look down at his feet. His Osiris hi-tops looked barely used and still held their color; they stood out as beautifully as him. Ignoring the butterflies in my stomach, I chanced to ask him about them.

“H-Hey, how long have you had those shoes?” I asked, casually pointing at his feet.

He leaned forward and looked down. “Oh those? Had ’em for about half a year.”

“They’re nice.”

“Thanks.” He looked down at mine. “You have some nice kicks yourself for someone who doesn’t skate.”

I look down at my DC hi-tops. “Hehe, yeah. I-I just like the style of skater shoes and…they make me feel like one of you guys.”

He smiled. “I get ya. But see, now you know how to stay on a board, so you can be like one of us now.”

I smiled back at him. “Thanks for helping me with that…again.”

“Don’t mention it mate,” he said with a wave of his paw. He then looked straight at me. “In fact…would you like to learn a few tricks?” he asked in a low, sultry tone.

“I-It’s getting dark out though; everyone’s gone.” I felt scared, sure, but I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I could feel myself getting hard in my jeans imagining the various ways we could mess around; I hoped he wouldn’t notice the slight bulge.

“Perfect.” He got up off the bench. “Follow me.”

I did just that.

We were soon behind the bathroom facility at the park. There was a small gap between the back wall and the thick line of trees; it was just enough space for both of us. The only lights on by now were the street lamps, a fair distance away from us, and the light right in front of the bathrooms; none of them shined on our private space. We are alone, no one could spot us, little light shone through the trees, and both of us are horny.

Those paws of his caressed my sides and my chest after he tucked them under my shirt. I couldn’t help but do the same to him after unzipping his hoodie. But I was in luck! He wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath! I could just reach out and touch his bare, pink chest, and trace my fingers along his v-shaped marking. I soon found my paw pads move down to his light pink undercoat on his belly. His whole body felt soft but firm.

As I felt up his muscular frame, I shuddered every time he moved his paws along my body. I could tell from just looking into his soft, brown eyes that he’s dominant, but gentle; he wanted this as much as I, but he wanted me to trust him.

He then shoved my back against the wall of the building. “Turn around and drop your pants,” he commanded, “I wanna see that cute little tush of yours.”

I obliged and undid my jeans, letting them fall to the ground over my shoes. My butt and canid boner exposed to the cool, night air, feeling every tingle of what little breeze got back behind the bathrooms. Before I let him take me, I turned my head toward him and asked, “Do you mind if I take these all the way off but leave my shoes on?”

“Go ahead.”

It’s always a little difficult for me to take off my pants with shoes on, but I wanted to make this moment memorable for us. I’m glad he never asked what turned me on; he might get mad if I get a little spunk on our shoes. Oh well.

After kicking my jeans off to the side, I stuck out my rump with my paws against the wall to let him know I was ready, curly tail wagging. I heard him unzip his jeans and fondle with the, exposing his cock. I glanced a peek behind me to see what it looked like: six inches and human-shaped.


“Yeah?” he asked, stroking his cock to keep it erect.

“Please be gentle; it’s my first time with a guy.”

I could hear his soft purr as he grinded his cock against my rump. “I’ll go easy on ya. Promise.”

I quickly stuck one paw in my mouth to get my fingers wet and reached around to my tailhole. I didn’t want my first time to be dry. Smoothie was doing the same thing with his cock.

“Ready?” he asked.


His head prodded against my tailhole, and I soon felt him beginning to penetrate me. Our combined saliva helped so little, but I never felt much discomfort. He gripped my tail with a paw as he slowly pushed his cock further and further into my ass. I couldn’t help but let out a few moans; the sensation was wonderful! I bet this was turning him on too, now that he now knows I’m a virgin.

“Doing ok?”

“O-O-Oh y-y-yeah.”


He started to thrust against me. I breathed hard. The combination of his cock pumping back and forth in my ass, his body close to mine, us being exposed like this out in public, it was too much to take.

And I’m loving every minute of it.

He thrusted faster and faster. My moans got louder and louder. His hips slapped against my butt as he pounded my ass. I felt his arms wrap around my waste, holding me tight against his body as he fucked me. Pre started leaking out of my cock onto the ground. I quickly grabbed my cock with a paw and angled it down towards my shoes, stroking it. I didn’t know how close Smoothie was to climax, but I could feel his pre leaking into my ass. I wanted him to go all the way and blow his load in me; I wanted his spunk to leak out of my tailhole; I wanted him to use me.

I turned around and asked him, my voice shaky from his thrusts. “How close are ya?”

“Gettin’ close,” he grunted.

“Don’t pull out when you blow.”

He let out a few grunts as he pounded away. “You sure about thaaaaa-AW FUUUUCK!” He thrusted himself in all the way as he came inside me.

I moaned so loud I swore someone would hear us. I felt his seed fill up my asshole and I too began to cum. I pointed my cock down toward my shoes, shooting almost all of my spunk onto them. I felt some of it against my ankles and drip down into my shoes. I felt Smoothie pull out and his cum dripping down my ass crack and down my legs.

We were both breathing hard after having our fun together. I stayed leaned against the wall for a few moments before trying to stand up straight. Smoothie already had his prick put away and gave my rump a little squeeze.

“That’s probably the best looking ass I’ve fucked yet.” He gave me a firm smack across one of my cheeks; I let out a yelp when he did so. “Almost better than a fine piece of ladyass. Almost.” He then looked down at my feet. “Oh shit dude! How’d your kicks get stained?”

I reached for my jeans and started getting them back on, still keeping on my now stained shoes. “I came on them on purpose. It’s…something I like doing once in a while…” I quickly finished putting on my jeans, but I didn’t look at Smoothie.

He walked over to me and lifted my chin up with a finger. “Hey, I get it. You have your kinks, and I have mine. Trust me, I’ve turned down hookups before because the other person was into something that bothered me; sometimes it would even disturb me. Yours is nothing compared to some of the shit I’ve seen.” He let out a chuckle.

I grabbed his paw, looking into his eyes, and smiled. “Thanks.”

He gently let go of my paw. “Hey, don’t get all sappy now. I don’t want us to be a thing.”

“Oh…ok.” I rubbed my arm with a paw. “I-I kind of liked you, actually. It was one reason why I hung out here a lot.”

He paused for a moment, seeming to take in what I just confessed. “I’m not surprised, and I don’t blame ya. I admit, some of the guys that board here are kind of cute, even though I’m more interested in girls. You seem pretty cool Lewis, and you were getting the hang of riding earlier. We should keep in touch.”

My tail wagged, my eyes beamed at him. “Really?”

“Yeah, but nothing serious, ok?”

I nodded.

We exchanged phone numbers and crept from behind the bathrooms, checking if anyone was nearby. It was very dark out by now, and there was no traffic on the nearby street. We were in the clear. After saying goodbye to each other, we both went our separate ways. I could only walk home, but I looked back and noticed Smoothie cruising on his board into the night. I may not have gained a bad boy skater boyfriend like I hoped, but I at least gained a friend.

Thank God it was dark enough for no one to noticed my cum-stained shoes as I walked home; I admit, I enjoyed knowing how it happened. The memory of that romp stayed with me my entire walk, and I couldn’t wait to see the cute, pink Bengal again.


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