Brief Life Update

Hey guys~

I am very sorry for the lack of stories on here. College kept me busy, and once I finished this past semester, job hunting took priority.

However, I now have a job working for the same place I did last summer. While it is full-time, it’s pretty much the only thing keeping my busy right now; I still have plenty of time in the evenings and weekends to write. With that being said, I’m going to try and write more often and get out a new story at least once a month, if not more frequently.

I’m currently working on an updated version of one of my older stories, “Runaways.” All that’s left to do is finish up the final scene and editing/proofreading. Be on the lookout for that in the near future.

Beyond that, I’ve been thinking of writing shorter pieces that only contain one or two scenes and may not necessarily be a “complete” story. Some of these may be very adult in nature; as usual, I will place the disclaimer before them, should you choose to read them.

I would also like to develop my characters a lot more in the background (as in writing out their bios). I’ve created so many by this point that it’s getting harder to come up with new ones for new stories. Some stories each character is featured in may be connected, some may be completely their own thing.

(You also may have noticed many of my stories feature, primarily, anthro characters. I’m a furry. Being a furry has helped me a lot with writing, among other things. You can read my thoughts on being a furry on my personal blog if you’d like.)

I may write more poems, but those are a special case. The last one I wrote was for my boyfriend for our two month anniversary. Life events such as this are when I usually write a poem, or if I generally feel like it. For poems, they happen when they happen.

As far as I know, I’ll be at my job through the summer, but it could be beyond that. Due to financial reasons, I’m currently unable to go back to school and finish my Biology degree. However, due to recent events, this may change depending on if I can get into classes and get some kind of residency for the Fall. Regardless of what happens, I want to try and make a habit of writing at least once a week; if it becomes every day, great!

Writing is something I really enjoy, but I’m still new to it. Writing is a lot more than just “writing,” and I fully understand that. It’s something I want to do my whole life, regardless if I get published or not. So long as people read my work and enjoy it, I’m happy. If there are some who don’t enjoy it but explain what could’ve been better, I’m happy; they at least read it.

Would I like to get paid for writing fiction? You bet your ass I would! But like with a lot of things I want in life, what we all want in life: it happens when it happens.

Have a great summer/winter everyone (depending on where you’re reading this from)!



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