A Bit of a Purge

Hey Guys~

I just went through all my online platforms where I’m planning to post my writings, and a couple places took a hit: Weasyl and Furaffinity.

There wasn’t a way for me to delete my Weasyl account, so I cleared everything out, removed my profile picture and info, and logged out forever. I hardly got any bites on it, and it was more or less me trying out different places to post my writings. It’s a good website though, even if it’s still in Beta.

With Furaffinity, I simply won’t be posting stories there anymore. Like with Weasyl, I hardly got any views, favorites, etc. there, and the submission process isn’t all that friendly to writers. It only displays .txt files that you have to copy/paste there, then go through and use BBC code to format anything that’s italicized (which I like using), bolded, or in a bulleted list, not to mention fixing the spacing between paragraphs. Viewers would have to download other text file types in order to read them. It’s a painful process, and I frankly don’t want to deal with it anymore if I’m getting little to no feedback.

Everything else is here to stay. I like how this site works, I like how DeviantArt works, and I like how SoFurry works, even though you can only copy/past text submissions (it keeps formatting as best as possible). Tumblr’s staying simply because I just started back up there again.

This will definitely make things easier for me.



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