Guest post: “Getting It Done: What Determines a Writing Quota?” by Franklin Leo

I know I need to write as often as I can. Now that I’m a month into my summer break from college, even with a full-time (technically seasonal) job, I honestly have no excuse NOT to write.

I completely agree to not necessarily have a 1,000 word quota, so long as I’ve written something. Reading is something I’ve noticed I’m doing more of now, and that’s something I should continue to do even when I’m back at college (I don’t count textbooks).

Furry Writers’ Guild

Getting It Done: What Determines a Writing Quota?

by Franklin Leo

Writing is hard, and even for the experienced, it continues to be difficult. Whether it’s editing or drafting, there’s always a point when we find ourselves unable to move forward simply because time is such a huge issue.

I’ve instructed and tutored writing to college students for a few years, and I have only recently started to come out more as a furry author, but the number one thing that I hear from other writers or hopeful-writers is that there’s too much going on in their life.

Stephen King says in his memoir On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft that it’s best for one to get around 1,000 words a day down and written into some piece he or she’s working on. That alone is around four pages, and to some, the idea of doing so much so…

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