Commission Slots

  1. silver144 on FA (drafting)
  2. guythreepwood on SF (not started)
  3. Toru Caribro on twitter (not started)
  4. OPEN


Hey Guys~

Things seem to be leveling out for me lately, though I’m still a little worried about my financial situation. So, I’m taking another chance at commission work and seeing where that’ll go this time; seems to work out pretty well the first couple times I opened up.

Please keep in mind, I’m working a full-time job, second shift, and am currently finishing up my last semester of college. I won’t always have wifi access, but I’ll try to keep some consistent level of contact with anyone interested. I have other IM platforms, such as Telegram, Skype, and Discord, and I think there are links to those scattered about wherever I’m at. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I can communicate with these through my phone much easier without needing to hunt down wifi.

Despite these limitations, I always strive to keep in touch and make as much progress on commissions as I can. Personally, I don’t want to be one of those artists/writers/etc. who just leaves their customers in the dark on updates, even if it’s something unrelated to the commission, like life situations (usually the case).

With that said, if you’re interested in a commission, look for the “Story Commissions Info” page in the drop-down menu under “About Commissions, Requests, Trades” link.

Please send me a message on here or, if you already have them/can find me on them, hit me up on Telegram, Skype, or Discord if you’re interested! ^^


Posting commission slots

Hey guys~

Since I’m starting to get a bit of a backlog of commissions now, along with wanting to get into a few upcoming furry anthologies, I’m gonna have to start determining slots now.

In the past, I’ve done three slots and that seemed to do well. However, I’m thinking of bumping that up to four slots. Currently, three slots are taken up, so there’s one more left for whoever ends up getting it.

I strive to provide timely updates as best as I can, and these will be updated as such once I get a chance to post who already got what slot on here somewhere. I’ll see if I can create a post I can pin to the top of my blog on here, or I may create a separate page for slots; I’m not sure yet.

I’ll admit, progress has slowed down for me lately but I’m trying to pick up the pace again. I’ve been trying to stay positive about life things as much as I can because I know how detrimental it can be to my work ethic. Also, with Thanksgiving here in the States, winter coming up where I live, the Holidays, and New Years coming up, I don’t doubt I’ll be a tad busier than usual with family things and life things that may pop up. Best thing I can do is take things one day at a time.


Sparring with Youth

My part of a trade/collab with Rioku Zakoi. Depending on how things go, and how I ended the story, I would not be surprised if this becomes a little series, at least regarding the match.

It was quite interesting writing out a match on my own rather than RPing one like I usually do. It was kinda fun and a little different ^^

Go check out the original pic he did, here >>> https://riokuzakoi.deviantart.com/art/Two-Tigers-at-War-712570757

Rioku & art (c) riokuzakoi

Ricky & story (c) yours truly

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Anything you can offer to show your support is much appreciated! ^^

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Trying Out Plan B

Well, finally got around to uploading this one. It’s been a while since I’ve done commission, though I’m pretty happy with how the final piece turned out. Oddly enough, I’m also glad I didn’t go all the way with the sexual stuff in this one; I wanted the focus to be more on the relationship between the characters and not so much the sex (despite one of them having a high libido, probably x3).

Characters © talang43

Story © yours truly

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Why I haven’t been writing lately (I know, I know)

Hey guys~

Yeah…I haven’t been writing a lot lately; a lot of that is due to how fast things have been changing in my life for the past few months. Between starting a new job and starting my last semester in college a few weeks ago, I also got thrown under the bus and was forced to find a new place before my friend moved to Utah (which was today). So, after working a temporary summer job, I had to start a new, full-time job (which is night shifts), start my last semester of college (which is thankfully just two classes), and move to a new place fast. All at the same time. Continue reading

Operation: Flying Fox (A L.O.K. Fanfic)

This started as a story request by my friend, Zeal, for our friend’s birthday (Yarred) and was originally intended to be ~8,000 words long; that was the maximum word count I felt comfortable working with for these types of stories. I was really excited to write this, since it took place in the ATLA/LOK universe and we were all very familiar with the source material. So after brushing up on the source material and planning out the story, I started to write. And write. And write. And write….And write…

Next thing I knew, I had my first story that would be brought to completion that’s over 10K words long! The grand total came out to 11,390 words! After all’s said and done, I’m so happy to have reached that milestone in my writing abilities. I’ll be honest, though, I kinda wanted to keep going with the story, adding more plot lines, characters, locations, etc. But most of the time, the best ending isn’t one that’s wrapped up nice and neat in a little package; things can be left open-ended, whether intentional or not.

Again, to Zeal and Yarred, I apologize that this ended up being a month overdue; I hope you guys still like it, as well as anyone else who decides to read this.

Characters in order of appearance:

Yarred © yarem4

Mike © wolfersoul20

Kye © kyeshep

Ricky © yours truly

Zeal & Bear © bearstone

Ryltohn © ryltohn

Jeb © furrytypist

Devin © derpybro

Jamie © yours truly

Avatar the Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra & associated characters/locations were created and written by Michael Dante DeMartino & Bryan Konietzko and © Viacom International Inc.

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When the Lights Go Out

The following post contains mature content. Please proceed if you’re comfortable/mature yourself with reading such things. Thank you.

FAIR WARNING: This story contains violent, sexual themes. If that bothers you, please do not read this story.

With that said, this is another old story I went back and revised. I’ll admit…this is the darkest story I’ve written so far, yet I like how it turned out in the end (even if it is short). I’ll most likely expand on this with these two characters, most likely staying in the same setting.

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Opening up for commissions, possibly

Hey Guys~

Things have been tight (No…get your mind out of the gutter), financially, and my current job barely pays me enough. I’m living on my own now, so I have ALL THE BILLS to take care of. Someone kill me.

I do want to finish up a commission I’m currently working on, which I would like to finish by the end of this month, if not sooner. Once I’m finished with that, then I’ll open up for commissions, possibly. In other words, I’m still closed for commissions, but I may be opening them back up at a later time. Please don’t ask for a commission until I’m open. However, I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the commission process, pricing, what I’m wiling to write/not write, etc. for future reference.

As much as it can be annoying sometimes, I sincerely enjoy writing stories for you guys!


Frat Cats

If any of you follow Sampsonwoof, you know he likes to write little stories to go along with his personal artwork. I asked him if he’d let me take a stab at it, and he let me 😀

Hope you all enjoy the story, and check out the original upload here –> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23923989/

Art © Sampsonwoof

Story © yours truly

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