More thoughts on writing, COVID-19 pandemic

Through some discussion with others and my own observations and feelings, I think I figured out why I’m in such a slump with writing. On top of getting very much out of my habit of writing frequently and limiting how often I drove due to winter weather earlier this year, the stay at home order for WI limited me further.

Ever since the stay-at-home order was first introduced in late March, obviously a lot of non-essential businesses closed and essential businesses limited themselves to delivery/pick up only (restaurants) or limited how many patrons are inside their business at any given time (Walmart, grocery stores, hardware stores, some gyms). Needless to say, the coffee shops in Madison either limited themselves to delivery/pick up orders only, or closed outright until they’re allowed to reopen again. This includes the on I frequent to chill and do some writing while not being cooped up in the house. As of writing this, this cafe in particular is limiting pick up orders only, for the time being.

By now, the stay-at-home order in WI falls to the county level; some will keep it on, others have outright rejected the order, and some are unsure. My county will keep the order on until May 26, unless stated otherwise.

While most state and city parks in WI have reopened, some public areas will remain closed, regardless of what county they’re in. Even some businesses are still taking precautions to protect their customers and employees. So, despite the stay-at-home order being rejected on the state level, I’m still limited with where I can and can’t go. Best I can do right now is visit one of the city parks, keep my distance, and hope I don’t have to use a tree when I’m out in nature. There’s no coffee shops or libraries open where I’m able to just sit down and write, I can only hike around city parks and that’s all, and forget about going to the gym during a pandemic.

So who knows how long I’ll be able to get out of the house and write or relax elsewhere? I still have my job that I actually have to go to, because I’m an essential employee. But that’s the only time I’m ever out of the house since the order, aside from a few grocery trips, a car repair, and very few gas station stops.

I, like many others, was so ready to change myself for the better, keep that fire burning, grow, hone, and press on through anything that would hinder me.

No one was expecting what we’re dealing with now.

Fuck COVID-19!

Regarding what I said on my Twitter

Hey guys~

A few weeks ago, I posted a few tweets that were more a vent than anything. Usually, when I do this, the feelings I have when venting is more in-the-moment and nothing long-term; they tend to go away within the next few days and I’m fine. But this…this is different: I still feel the same way I felt when I posted those tweets. Even just reading them again has been triggering.

I decided I’d go more in-depth on what I said; I don’t know if this will be therapeutic in anyway or not, but we’ll see. All of these are copy-pasted from my writing account Twitter verbatim and were all posted Apr 13. I didn’t include them as links because I may end up deleting them in the future; again, we’ll see. Continue reading

A Test of Loyalty

Commission for vasquez1986

Story © yours truly

The Lion King & The Jungle Book & associated characters/locations are © Walt Disney Pictures

Another day. Another hot afternoon under the blistering sun. But that never stopped Mufasa from committing to his daily patrol around the Pridelands. Unlike many of his patrols in the past, though, he didn’t make the journey alone anymore. Ever since reuniting with his long-lost friend and brother, Khan, he offered him to join in on the patrols. At first, the tiger hesitated the first few times, preferring to stay behind and hold the fort. Savanna heat was harsher than rainforest heat, and it took him some time to adjust. After some convincing, though, Khan joined Mufasa on his patrols. Over time, he learned the route and how to watch for intruders. In the long-run, this helped Mufasa spend more time with his family and the pride, especially with Sarabi, as he needed to produce an heir for his kingdom. Continue reading

Where Wild Hearts Roam

Commission for Kazuko Northlight. One of my longest stories to date at that.

Characters © kazuko.northlight

Story © yours truly

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The Art of Fluff

Third story commission for Rex Orchid, featuring his boyfriend Zeebra and a cameo by Wolfletech!

…this one’s really weird guys…trust me.

Characters ©
RexOrchid on Twitter
ZeebraATX on Twitter
Wolfletech on Twitter

Story © yours truly

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Commissions Closed & Life Status

Hey guys~

Due to IRL happenings and not making very much progress on my current commissions, I’ve decided to close commissions. I don’t know when or if I’ll open up for them again.

I thought with being in a better spot in my life I’d be able to spend more time and effort on both commissions and writing in general; however, as time went on, things slowly became chaotic on my end. My current job went from being something I can just go to and make some decent money without really needing to stress out about it, to making me dread each day and wondering how much of a shitshow it’ll be. It’s also left me stressed out and drained to the point where I didn’t want to do much of anything productive and barely taking care of myself; knowing I still have six commissions to work on doesn’t help either.

However, things are slowly getting better, I think; the biggest thing is not letting my job get to me too much. Thing is, I want to keep this job for much longer than a year if I can, as well as stay where I’m currently living, both of which have become a bit difficult lately.

I’ve never had much of an opportunity to establish myself since living on my own prior.

I will continue to work on what is currently in my queue as best as I can. After that, I may focus on personal writing for a little while or as I work on commissions; my characters miss me and I miss them.

In the past, I’ve taken commissions as a means to make a little extra cash on the side; while this is still true, I don’t feel as desperate for the money anymore. And while I do treat commissions in a business-like manner, I want these to be a fun experience for both me and the client; they also help me grow as a writer and explore various themes and topics I wouldn’t write about otherwise.

But…I also need to take care of myself first.

With that said, for those of you who’ve already submitted a form and haven’t gotten your story yet, I will get in touch with you to determine if you still want me to do your commission or not. For those who’ve been wanting to commission me, I do apologize sincerely.


Becoming Stronger

Commission for technophile34

This one was interesting to write, as this takes place within his robot doll setting. An infographic he linked me can be found here >>>

DISCLAIMER: The mother/daughter relationship is solely another term for a master/pet relationship and is NOT incest; there is also “gore” in this story as well. However, because they’re both robots and would only be programmed to feel emotions and pain, I do not have an issue writing about these two topics; if the characters were made up of flesh and bone and not metal and wires, this story wouldn’t exist.

Based on a concept by technophile34

Likeness of characters © Nintendo

Story © yours truly

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Another Punishing Spar

This is a trade I did with Nadir, who decided to make some artwork of a few of our friends sparring with his Rathi bull, Daivat; also Bandit can be seen ringside with a med kit on standby. You can find the original submission for the thumbnail used here >>>

Art & Daivat © moonlight502

Ricky © yours truly

Any characters not given explicit copyright information are property of their respective owners

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Hey guys~

Just a quick announcement regarding commissions that I forgot to mention on my last journal about these: I’m thinking of closing the form sometime this weekend, most likely Saturday 5/25 (unsure of time right now, though most likely between 9am and 11am CST).

I’ve already gotten a few entries and a few more interested in getting a commission from me. I’ll be honest, I was not expecting to get more than one or two this quickly, and what I’ve seen so far are all good ideas.

Depending on what happens between now and Saturday, I may leave the form open but only work on three stories at a time. I may, however, cap the number of entries I’ll do to a total of 9 or 12; again, this depends on how many people show interest during the rest of this week.

So, if you’re still interested in getting a commission from me but haven’t filled out the form yet, please see this post here >>>


Commissions Open

Hey guys~

Gonna open up for story commissions (long time, I know). Like always, please read my guidelines first and fill out the Google form before contacting me. Doing so gives me a better idea what you want right away, even if you’re not 100% sure what you want; we can always clear things up later on.

Guidelines –
Form –

There are a few changes I’m making to commissions, however, so please take note of these:

  • prices have increased based on a rate of $0.0075USD per word; this may not sound like much, but it’s significant once you view/calculate prices for each 1K word teir
  • you will be sent a link instead of an invoice when payment is due; this is to make things easier for both of us, hopefully, and I’ve already had a couple people flat-out send me the money before I could send them an invoice
  • if you’re a ko-fi donor, I apologize, but I will not be doing donor discounts on commissions anymore; it’s become a little too difficult for me to keep track of and was more of an incentive for people to donate towards that and not as a tipping service

I will be working on three stories at a time; as commissions complete, that entry will be removed from the total. Once I hit 9 form entries total, it will be closed. However, these are not necessarily first come, first serve; I will need to look at what you want first and see if I’ll be willing to write it or not. (This is where reading the guidelines and form comes into play).

I will show commission progress on my Trello, which can be found here >>>

Thank you to everyone who’s commissioned me in the past and for everyone who enjoys my writing! This has always been a fun, interesting experience for me, despite the stresses it may bring 🙂